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  1. Hey all. I have an H150i Pro AIO that I am managing (among other things) with iCue (at v4.20.169 at time of writing.) I normally run the fans on the cooler at 1,150RPM fixed, enough to keep the case well exhausted of heat, while also not being noisy. It's worked well for over 2 years now but recently, I noticed components running hotter and it seems that iCUE is not respecting my chosen speed anymore. If you look at the attached screenshot, you'll see what I mean. Deleting and recreating the profile didn't help. More perplexingly, the other stock profiles like Extreme and Zero RPM, work fine when I switch to those. It just doesn't want to respect my custom, flat RPM that I've set. Anyone else run into this and manage to fix it? I'm at a bit of a loss. Thanks!
  2. Hey all. Forgive me if this comes across as a noob question here but I couldn't find an answer. I have an H150i Pro that's being controlled by iCUE. Is there any way to manually control the fan RPM. On the Quiet profile, I don't feel like it's venting enough heat but on Balanced, the fans are too loud. I'd like to manually set a middle ground between the two profiles but can't find a way to do that. Is there? Thanks!
  3. Hey this is just a better be than sorry kind of question. Im having difficulties fitting my H150i pro on the top section of my case (o-11 XL) due to using push pull. It was a very tight squeeze last time I did it. So I was thinking of switching the stock fans I got out with Noctua NF-A12x15 So my question is. If I use those normal long screws for 2.5 cm fans would there be a risk of me ruining my aio?
  4. Hi guys, I have just accomplished (after many videos and lots of advice) building my first gaming pc. I used the corsair 500D SE case as it fitted the bill perfectly the main thing was keeping it flashy but not too over the top and a reasonably small size as I don't have my own room for it at the moment so I have it in my front room. However, from my pc description you can see that I have an I9 9900K cooled by a H150i. This had to be front mounted to allow for the 360mm rad. This is obviously obstructing the intake of cold/cold air into my case and I find my GPU (gigabyte aorus RTX 2080TI) getting rather hot at approximately 74 degrees just gamigg. After reseaching it seems that card does operate rather warm touching 80 degrees at times from what I have read. My question is to this if you that have a similar set up what is the best way you have found to get as much air flow through the case as possible? I have played about a bit with the set up but at the moment I am running the three LL120 fans that come with the case in a push configuration through the rad and using 2 of the ML fans that come with the rad as exhaust fans. I did it this was as wanted the RGB fans on show on the front of the case and had read that it would make minimal difference running them compared to the ML that come with the rad. I am now thinking I may invest in a 3 pack of LL120 fans to use as exhaust fans on the top and rear and then using the standard ML 120 fans that come with the rad as a pull configuration on the back of the rad. Thanks for any help and taking the time to read my long question I wanted to provide as much information as possible for you guys. Also some pictures of my first build let me know how I did try to be kind 😂 Nathan
  5. Hi, So i'm building my first PC and decided to go all out and build my dream PC and I need a little assistance. My case is a Lian-Li PC-O11D XL and it can support 10 120mm fans. I'm planning to buy 10 QL120 fans and I want to put 1 on the rear, 3 on my h150i PRO (top), 3 on the side and 3 on the bottom. I'm buying 3x QL120 triple packs so I will have 3 Lighting Node Cores and I purchased a Commander Pro. So now that I got the basic details out of the way, I have absolutely no idea how to set these all up and I was really hoping someone could give me a hand because I've never done this before, let alone BUILT a pc before. I saw another forum with someone asking for help with a 9 LL120+H150I PRO setup and someone drew them a diagram ( https://imgur.com/dMbVSoz ) and if I could get a visual aid like that it would be so helpful. Any advice and help is appreciated and sorry if this entire post sounds really stupid but it's out of pure desperation at this point. Thank you! :biggrin:
  6. Hi! I have finished building my first computer and used Corsair Hydro H150i PRO as a CPU cooler but with 3x NF-F12 iPPC-3000. Maybe overkill but hey - first computer I built myself (and with myself I mean my neighbor and I) :laughing: In the program Corsair Link 4 I have been able to start the fans at 100% (2880RPM reported by Link 4) but as soon as I trying to get anything below 100% the fans stops. I have tried all the profiles, including custom. Only the radiator (with the pump at around 2000RPM) manages to keep my CPU at below 50C in Aida64extreme (runtime 47m) but i would like to have my fans running anyway... All fans are connected to the included hub. But because the hub is only 3-pin this isn´t connected to the motherboard. (But as i understand it this shouldn't be an issue as the computer starts anyway (the Fractal fan-hub that was included in the chassi is connected to CPU_FAN)) Does anyone has any idea how to fix this?
  7. I have upgraded from H115i Pro to H15i Pro and currently the iCue software isn't detecting the new cooler, although Windows detects it as "H150i Platinum". - LED is working. - Fans are spinning. - SATA is connected. - USB is connected. - Fans cables are connected. I tried to change the USB to an external. I plugged my previous H115i USB and tried also with my phone USB cable and connected it to an external. All these ways didn't work. Although even If i use the original cable / H115i Pro cable / cellphone cable, I get the cooler detected in Device Manager as "H15i Platinum". When I open up iCUE (latest version), it doesn't show H150i PRO. It did work with my old H115i Pro and showed it correctly. But this new cooler, it didn't work with it. I have tried to restart, plug the pump in AIO instead of CPU_FAN, with/without the USB to see if something goes wrong, different USB header, all has the same result. It's not showing up in the software. Furthermore, I'm getting this error in iCUE "ICUE macro execution is not working properly". I have tried to repair the installation, the message kept popping. When I install both iCUE & Link, Link states that "H15i Pro" is being controlled by iCUE. When I open iCUE to check, I can't see the cooler! It's really irritating. I'm completely frustrated. I have been connecting my 3-pack ML fans and new cooler and I'm only experiencing this issue from software side. I have the latest Windows 10 and iCUE installed. ** After uninstalling and installing again (latest version from Corsair.com downloads, the driver "H150i Platinum" has a yellow triangle. After trying to update/install the drivers, I'm getting the following error: "Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them" I did try reinstall Windows 10 Pro 64x. I'm still experiencing the same issue. Currently, the drivers cannot be updated and cannot be seen in Corsair Link. I have uninstalled everything and reinstalled the latest version of Corsair iCUE. The driver is "Unknown device" and marked as "H150i Platinum". Using USBDeview, the H150i Platinum has "1b1c" as VendorID and "0c12" as ProductID. It also shows that the type is "Unknown". I'm not seeing "Corsair USBdriver" too (or anything related to Corsair in the Device Manager). ML120 & RAM are still working fine and can be controlled via iCUE.
  8. Azreeno

    Fans setup

    Hello, I recently got a H150I PRO and I do not really know where I should connect my fans. I have a 570x and i've kept the 3x120mm SP fans at the front and mounted the radiator behind them. I mounted the 3 fans included with the h150i at the top and the back of the case as out take. I connected them to a Fan hub connected to CPU_OPT and I've connected my SP fans to the 3 fan connectors of the AIO. The problem is that my 3fans connected to the hub are running at 600rpm while the fans connected to the AIO are running at 2000rpm. Should I connect the 3 fans included with the H150i to the fans connector of the AIO even if they are not mounted on the radiator and connect the SP fans who are not PWM to the mobo?
  9. Writing this because my temps seems to be really high... I have a 2700x not overclocked and a h150i pro RGB (push pull) and idle temps on the fore are about 60 and under load stay around 83c.... something doesn’t seem right. HELP lol
  10. Hi Guys, I am building a new system and have some concerns. I am planning on getting the Corsair 500D RGB SE Case for my build and plan on using the Zotac 2080Ti AMP Extreme Gfx card. My concern over here is, will the case be sufficient in providing enough air flow for this card? i ask this because i have been hearing that the card runs hot as it is around 80+ on full load and everyone is recommending for a good airflow case. I am going to use the H150i pro on the front using the fans that come with the cooler + the existing 3 LL fans in the front in a push pull config; additional 2 LL on the top for exhaust and 1 in the back as a exhaust. I will also be vertically mounting the GPU, will there be enough space for the GFX card to pull in air between the glass panel ? Do you think this config will cause any heating issue? i want the card to run as cool as possible as i will not be upgrading in the near future.
  11. I have 9 LL120 fans (three 3x packs), 3 of those being attached to the radiator for my H150i Pro. I also have 2 RGB Fan LED Hubs and a Commander Pro. The 6 fans that aren't attached to the AIO are all plugged into the same RGB Hub, and the 3 AIO fans are plugged into the other RGB Hub, with both Hubs being plugged into the Commander Pro. The problem is that the hub with the 6 fans works perfectly fine and lights up while the hub with the 3 AIO fans doesn't. The fans still run, just with no RGB lighting. I did notice that the 2 cables connecting the hubs to the CoPro were slightly different. They both look like 3-pin cables, but the cable for the working hub has 3 wires while the non-working cable only has 2, and one of the pins is sort of hollowed out. I found another cable that matches the non-working cable, but I can't find another cable that matches the working one. I'm not sure if I need to get another cable somehow or if I'm just doing something wrong. Was my CoPro or fan packs supposed to come with an extra LED cable, or am I just not plugging in the fans properly? Thank you in advance!
  12. Hallo liebes Forum, ich besitze die H150i Pro und habe folgendes Problem: Die Schrauben für den Radiator passen nicht mit meinem Staubfilter zusammen. Mein Gehäuse ist ein Fractal Define R6. Kurz gesagt: Der „Kopf“ der Schraube ist zu groß und ich benötige andere Schrauben, die einen flacheren Kopf haben (auch platt). Ich weiß jedoch nicht, was dies für eine Größe ist. In der Bedienungsanleitung steht nichts genaueres. Welche Größeneinheit haben die kleinen Schrauben für den Radiator beim H150i Pro? (Sind wahrscheinlich auch die selben Schrauben für H115i usw.) Danke im Voraus
  13. I have my i7-7700k overclocked to 4.8GHz, so I was expecting a bit more heat from the CPU, but I'm averaging 40 degrees whilst only iCue is open, nothing else. Also there is a loud rattling noise which is constantly present, less noticeable on Quiet, but on Balanced and Performance, you can hear it very distinctly, even above my fans at 100% speed. I've tried shaking the radiator in case of air bubbles, re-applying the thermal paste (Arctic MX-4 2019 Edition), remounting the block onto the CPU, and even making sure that the bracket was firmly tight against my motherboard on both sides at the end of installation. Any suggestions? Or should I get a new one? Here is a video showcasing the issue: [ame= ] [/ame]
  14. I have an Obsidian 500D SE RGB case and am wondering which is better: 1) Front mounted H150i Pro RGB that has 3 fans forcing hot air into the case through the radiator. or 2) Top mounted H100i RGB that has 2 fans exhausting hot air out of the case through the radiator. This is perplexing me and it seems that option #2 is more effective. I would appreciate any wisdom I can get on this matter. Thanks
  15. Hello, I am new to the Corsair products and have purchased: - Obsidian 500D RGB SE case (Has Commander Pro). - H150i PRO RGB Cooler. - 3 LL120 RGB 120mm Fans. So there are 6 fans total (3 intake on radiator and 3 exhaust). I am wondering if I am better off connecting the 3 radiator fans to the H150i Pro RGB connectors or should I connect all 6 fans to the Commander Pro? Pro's or Con's? It also sounds like the "Link" software is no longer recommended and I should use the iCue software...Is this correct? Thanks
  16. Guten Tag zusammen, ich habe mir eine H150i Pro RGB Wasserkühlung zugelegt und in einem Video auf Youtube (Bild angehängt) gesehen, das dort 6 Lüfter (drei vorne am Kühlkörper und drei hinten) verbaut sind. Nun wollte ich mal eure Meinung zu dieser Bauweise hören, da es mit 6 LL120 Lüfter eine hübschen RGB Optik hergibt und ??Eventuell einen besseren und schnellen Flow gibt?? Dies würde dann in einem Corsair Crystal 460X RGB Gehäuse verbaut werden und meinen Intel i9 9900K kühlen. Bin gespannt auf eure Meinungen und bedanke mich im Vorfeld.
  17. Hello, I’m getting ready to start my first build in 8 years. Here are the build specs: i5-9600k Asus Strix z390-E mobo Samsung 970 Evo 500GB H150i Pro AIO Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM 32GB 3200 (4x8) Asus Strix RTX 2070-OC Corsair AX860 PSU Corsair 570x Case (black) Corsair LL 120 fans (x6) Win10 Pro 64bit This is the first time I’ll be using an AIO Cooler (H150i Pro) and the commander pro. I’ve searched up a few threads and saw a few diagrams in regard to wiring up the fans and to the commander pro, so I think I should have that covered. My question are: 1. Should I plug the H150i into the CPU_Fan header or AIO_header on the motherboard? Some threads and vids I’ve seen state that the AIO_Header makes the pump run at 100% at all times. Would that decrease the longevity of the pump? I also saw that if it is not plugged into CPU_fan header, it may not boot because the system would think there is nothing there to cool the CPU. I plan on replacing the stock fans in the front of the 570x case with 3 of the LL 120s with the radiator mounted behind them. 2 more on top, and one for exhaust. I don’t plan on powering the radiator fans through the pump power cables, I will power them through the Commander Pro and the RGB cables to the RGB hub that comes with the case. Does that sound correct? 2. The USB cable that plugs into the pump head, what is the better solution? Plugging it into one of the commander pro’s USB headers, or one of the headers on the motherboard? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!
  18. I just bought the H150i pro with a commander pro, 2 140mm LL fans, and 4 120mm LL fans so everything matches. I have a large PSU (HX850i) so my drive cage is close to the front, and I may have trouble with a push/pull configuration. I've no clue whether it's better to use push or use pull, but I was wondering if I could mount the radiator inside the case and the LL fans just in front (but still under the front panel) as they fit. Would that be okay? Would in this case be a push configuration. Also, I bought the commander pro as a hub to use icue as my central system, to control my PSU, cooler, and fans. Possibly light strips aswell, which I will use my Lighting Node Pro for since I have 2. But I was wondering how I would connect this up. Would all 3 fans connect to my fan hub and commander pro or directly into the cooler? And does the pump need to connect to the commander ( I assume it does because there's a mini USB or micro USB there) Sorry for loads of questions, but I went from nothing corsair to a corsair keyboard, case, cooler and fans, and it's pretty confusing at the start. Thanks.
  19. Hey everyone, I’m planning to use the H150i Pro in a push/pull config and I don’t know if I need any extra parts like longer screws instead of the ones that come out of the box? I also don’t know how to mount it so any help on the procedure would be appreciated.
  20. Hey guys building my 2nd Gaming computer after 6 years. I decided to go full RGB with my build and wondering what is the best solution for 4 140mm LL RGB fans (Case cooling), 6 120mm ML RGB fans (Corsair H150i PRO), and later expansion for 2 RGB LED strips (lighting node pro).
  21. Hi All Just updated the board and now nothing is detected from the cooling system. There is light on the block, but I can't tell if the pump is working or not, the fans are not. I'm using the original connectors that came with the system and it did work on the previous board(asus z97-c). M Board:ROG Z390-F Tested: Reinstall/try different versions of Link, iCUE, BIOS -> none can detect the cooler Change SATA power to different plug-in and line. Swapped with hard drive. Manually changed the driver and we went from not detected to: This device cannot start. (Code 10) A USB port reset request failed. Changed the USB slots on the motherboard BIOS: no fast boot, XHCI hand-eff enabled, legacy USB support enabled edit: tested with external usb drive, no effect so it's not the usb cable. But now I'm clueless how to continue, any help is appreciated.
  22. Very quick question can you turn off the lighting on the H150i Pro? I don't really want RGB for a build i am going to make.
  23. Hello, I ordered the Corsair H150i Pro and I can't get it to show up anywhere i have tested it on corsair link and Icue and nothing. The device manager also doesn't have that USBxp thing in there either. I also used a micro usb and plugged the usb into the 2.0 headers in the back of pc and nothing. when I have the 3 pin pump on the cpu header I get no cpu fan detected in the bios. So what I did was change the cpu header fan with a different normal fan and the 3pin pump on a pump header on my motherboard and still doesn't detect the pump. the aio also only has 1 or 2 fans spinning which are connected to its 3 fan splitter. Another issue is that the light on the pump logo is very low or dim. I have the micro usb connected to the pump and the 2.0 pin on the 2.0 header on the motherboard. The aio is powered by a sata cable and I have tried all of my sata cables on it. I feel like it's a power issue since it is the 2nd one. I sent back a new one the same day I got it because I thought it was bad but now I am still getting the same problem after getting another new one. The temp on my cpu on idle is around the 20s to 30s and gaming 40's to 50s in celsius. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  24. For example, I have my fan speeds, and alerts set up for the H150i Pro & the Commander Pro. But as we all know by now using another hardware monitor(s) - in my case HWInfo64, will cause the fans to "disappear" from the iCUE software detection. So my question is, once I have everything set up in iCUE the way I want it - will running HWInfo64 disable those fan settings in the Commander Pro/H150i Pro firmware? Or will those settings persist - but I cant see them due to the two softwares conflicting?
  25. Hi, three days ago i bought a H150i Pro, it is correct connected to the mainboard and the power adapter. I think the pump is working, but the fans stand still. They do nothing. I can´t find them in the Bios. I can´t find them in iCUE. The cpu cooler shines through white. I have the Asus WS x299 SAGE motherboard, without a usb header. So i just try to connect it with conventional micro usb to the frontusb of my case. But Windows can´t do anything with this... Is there a possibility to fix that problem? Should i complain? Thank you for your quick reply, Ludwig Stengel
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