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Found 15 results

  1. Hallo, bei mir gehen seit einiger zeit einfach mal die Leds der H150i pro und der LL120 Lüfter aus. meistens während dem spielen gleichzeitig bzw. kurz davor drehen auch die Lüfter unerklärlicherweise extrem hoch für so ca. 5-10 Sekunden. Ich hoffe mir kann jemand seine Hilfe anbieten um das Problem zu beheben. Vielen Dank Grüße
  2. Hi everyone, I've turned on my first ever build and it seems to be working and sending me into the BIOS correctly :D :D :D :D. However I have a query before proceeding. I have a Corsair H150i RGB Pro XT installed as a side intake on my Lian Li 011D XL. As instructed by the manual it's connected to the CPU_FAN header and I'd like to keep it this way as according to DevBiker's Cooling post this will allow for a warning to occur if the pump does end up failing. My motherboard is Maximus XI Hero and on BIOS 1401 I understand that the Q-fan control must be disabled or should be set to constant 100% speed so that the pump operates correctly (or is this irrelevant with the Pro series??) My Q is, is it fine to change these fan settings before installing Windows? Sorry if this is a silly Q, just wanna make sure as I'm complete beginner with this. Thanks for any help!
  3. So I´ve recently built myself a new rig. Everything is working fine except for the fact that one of the fans on the cooler is stuck on a high rpm. This has made the rig quite loud, and I'm worried it will shorten the life span of the fan. I have tried updating the iCue software, and making a custom fan curve. But none of these things worked. I can adjust fan 1 and 3 just fine. Number 2, just ignores all orders from iCue. I have double-checked that all the cables are plugged into the right places and everything. Unsure what to do now. Any ideas?
  4. Ich habe mir die H150i gekauft und sie mit allen kabeln verbunden die Wasserkühlung wird auch bei icue erkannt aber die pumpe leuchtet nicht alles andere funktioniert also in icue wird alles angezeigt und sie kühlt auch, da ansonten alles funktioniert weiß ich nicht woran es liegen könnte.
  5. Hello, Ten days ago on MSI X570 GAMING PRO CARBON with H150i PRO installed with LINK sees every device connected on MoBo. Today with ASUS ROG X570 STRIX-E won't see CPU temp (do no exist on devices scanned) and all the other devices are see as MB Temp... What is wrong? Thanks
  6. Ich habe heutemein vorhandenes System von dem Sharkoon TG5 in das Corsair 680x eingebaut. Dazu habe ich mir noch 3 LL 120mm Lüfter geholt. 2 davon Oben ans Gehäuse und einen Unten. Die Lüfter Vorne habe ich dran gelassen, und an die meinen Radiator von der H150i RGB befestigt. Die RGB-Kabel der 3 Lüfter hab ich an den Header gemacht, und die 3 Verbindungskabel der Lüfter an dem Lüfteranschluss von dem Kühler der CPU geschlossen. Mein Problem nun ist, die Lüfter gehen nicht an und leuchten auch nicht. Den Header hab ich per USB aAnschluss ans MB und mit SATA an Strom befestigt. Wieso funktionieren die Lüfter nicht? Oder muss ich die direkt ans Mainboard schließen? Das geht nicht, weil ich die CPU FAN Stecker schon belegt habe und dann die WaKü keine Lüfter erkennt?
  7. Hi all, I recently built a new PC, and for the first time used an AIO cooler (the H150i Pro RGB) having previously used air coolers. I've installed iCue and on the dashboard, it's showing the middle fan isn't running (0rpm). I had a look inside the case and it is indeed still whereas the other two (fans #1 and #3) are running at c.780-790 rpm. I turned off the PC, checked all the connections and rebooted. The middle fan was spinning fine. I've just checked iCue again about 10 minutes later though and second fan is back to 0rpm (see attached screenshot). Any idea why this might be? All three radiator fans are plugged into the splitter from the h150i cooler itself as per the instructions. I have 3 x separate case fans which are plugged into my Fractal Design 7's Nexus fan hub (they are not PWM). Thanks in advance for your help! P.S. I need to sort my RAM out too - it's 3200Mhz but iCue says it's only running at 1596.5MHz - I thought I'd enabled XMP but will check in the BIOS.
  8. Because of former brands I used, their pump heads had instructions about the positions the pump head could and could not be placed in. Corsair Manual: I could not find any indications in the manual about the pump head orientation positions that could or could not be used. My H150i pump head installation orientation position issues: ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme Encore x299 motherboard If I install the pump head onto the CPU with the tubes on the right side, the tubes will contact the RAM memory and exert pressure on the closest one. If I install the pump head onto the CPU with the tubes on the bottom, the twist in the tubes in that position exert pressure on the pump head so as to cause it to release from the mounting bracket. If I install the pump head onto the CPU with the tubes on the top, there is no twist in the tubes problem, nor does it rest in the way or on anything. Can the pump head function with the tubes on top to without creating a water circulation problem or issue with cooling?
  9. I'm building a new desktop system and have the Corsair H150i Pro RGB cooler. This is my first water cooling unit. According to the documentation, it references to connect the 3 pin CPU Fan connector to the CPU_FAN Header on your motherboard. That's easy enough, but the part that confuses me is that this wire connection coming off the cooling block is only a 'single' wire. It has a 3 pin connector at the end, but it's just the 1 wire running to it. Is that correct? I guess I would have expected 3 wires going to the 3 pin connector, which in turn plugs into the 3 pin CPU_FAN Header on the motherboard. As it is, there just a single wired going to be plugged in. Is that all it really needs or is this a manufacturing error and I would need to send back this cooling unit? Thank you.
  10. 1) What is the temperature difference between the PRO RGB and PRO XT versions? 2) I assume the XT has the fan passthrough, but it never hurts to check. Does it?
  11. I have maximus extreme z390 motherboard with h150i pro cpu cooler. I have 9 fans (ll120) + commander pro . I have bios qfan controll with all fans dc mode. It was comin with stock bios settings. If I download ICUE, I need change dc mode to pmw? And controll with ICUE program? I mean my h150i connected with usb to commander and commander connect to the psu and motherboard so if I wanna use icue I need change in bios dc to pmw yes ?
  12. First of all, Happy New Year 2020 Everyone!! & Thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong section since I'm not sure which it would belong to and this might be repetitive thread but this should clear things up for upcoming members I am about to upgrade into 9 fans in total in my Lian Li 011 case. Currently using H150i pro cooling which I do want to replace the included 3 fans. I have read the Zotty's RGB Guide and threads and came across many threads/comments but they were in words so I just need to clarify my understand with this diagram I borrowed/made adjustment before I can make the right purchase. If my diagram is correct, my purchase will be 2 packs of 3x ml120, 3 individual ml120 fans AND 1 Commander Pro Thanks again and sorry for my bad English, they are my second language. :[pouts:
  13. If I were to use the lian li 011 dynamic razer with 6 rgb fans plus the h150i pro rgb aio how would i set up all the fans and rgb?
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible to mount the H150i Pro RGB on the front of an Antec P110 silent ? From the specs, that case is compatible with 360mm radiators, but I'm worried about the length of the tube to reach the cpu ?
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