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Found 4 results

  1. Hello I've just installed the H150i Elite LCD AIO. Unfortunately, the pump doesn't run and iCue only shows the commander core. (The display also doesn't work and shows a red exclamation mark. The fans/RGB on the other hand work fine.) I've already tried the following troubleshooting steps: "Cold Start" (shut down, reboval of power, etc.) Checking all cable connections (USB header, CPU fan, power, and the 20-pin connector to the commander core) Updating/Checking if the commander core is up to date. Thank you for your help in advance!
  2. Bonjour je viens de monter mon nouveau PC et comme water-cooling j'ai pris le: Corsair icue h150i elite lcd Cependant quand j'allume mon PC tout s'allume mais le PC monte en température jusqu'à s'éteindre. Sur l'écran LCD du water-cooling il y a un symbole (!) Mais d'après ce que j'ai lu celà a une incidence uniquement sur l'écran LCD et non pas sur la pompe en elle même. J'ai changé la pâte thermique deux fois et bien visé. J'ai vraiment besoin d'aide...
  3. I have got to be completely honest here. This is going to be a combination of a rant, an expression of frustration and request for a solution ASAP. Firstly, some background. I recently spent $10,000 AUD purchasing components and peripherals for an ASUS x Corsair High Performance Gaming/Dev PC Build. I built the PC, everything was working fine for a few hours and then I get a red exclamation point on my H150i Elite LCD AIO Cooler. All firmware is up to date, however I forced an update and this temporarily fixed the issue but it reverted back to that same damned exclamation point not an hour later. I lookeded through and tried every single solution/piece of advice I could find on this issue and nothing worked. I ensured that from the pump: the 20 pin cable was properly seated and connected into the Commander Core controller the 3 pin was connected to the CPU_FAN port on the Motherboard. I ensured that from the fans: the PWM (fan) cables were connected to the controller correctly and in order (as advised by CORSAIR support) the RGB control cables were connected to the controller correctly and in order, matching their respective PWM/Fan ports (as advised by CORSAIR support) I ensured that from the CCore: the SATA power was to connected correctly to the PSU SATA cable the USB 2.0 cable was connected via the splitter correctly and no connection was loose. I reseated the LCD screen I did a clean uninstall/reinstall of iCUE I removed the Y-Splitter and had the LCD and CCore plugged separately into the two USB headers on the Mobo (Z690 Hero) None of these "solutions" worked, at least for me (and from what I can see a lot of other people). I ended up receiving a replacement unit through the reseller I purchased it from and low and behold the same issue is still occurring with completely new hardware. This is beyond a joke now. I understand these things happen, but we can't keep flogging a dead horse. I need to use this PC for work and I'm unable to do so and instead have to continue using my outdated, slow laptop which is almost impossible. I shouldn't be expected to outlay more money to purchase a new laptop in the interim, not that anyone is suggesting I do, but realistically, at this point, what other options are there? Corsair doesn't seem to have a solution to fix this issue which has been prevalent for over a year now. So I ask you Corsair, what can be done about this? Will you provide me with a full refund so I can purchase a competitors product or have you recently come up with a solution that will actually rectify the issue?
  4. Hello, First of all, I want to apologize for my language, but I don't speak English. To start, I want to say that I have built a new PC using an "Asus ROG STRIX B660-A GAMING WIFI D4" motherboard on a 7000X chassis to which I have added an "H150i elite LCD" cooling. The way to connect it is as follows: To the motherboard, the H150i LCD package splitter. To the first connector of this, the commander core TX of the chassis and to the male of the commander core the pump of the H150i LCD. To the other dual connector I have connected the refrigeration commander core. I have tried to connect my devices with various alternatives, but when I connect the PC to the power, the warning triangle appears on the LCD screen. The motherboard has a single 9-pin and one 5-pin USB 2.0 connector. With the hardware connected in this way, I see that everything works correctly, except that the LCD screen configuration section does not appear in icue. I am using the most recent firmware and app versions to date, 4.25.155. Does anyone know the solution so that I can configure the LCD screen?
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