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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, With the summer heat around the corner, we're bringing a new cooler to make sure your CPU stays chilly ❄️. Sporting new fans and a radiant lighting aesthetic, the iCUE RGB ELITE coolers are making their presence known. Here’s a few quick highlights: Features 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs and a contemporary pump head design that'll highlight your build with its unique luminescence. Equipped with our new, sleek AF120 ELITE fans, providing absolutely powerful cooling performance to keep your Intel or AMD CPU running at peak performance. Keep noise to an absolute minimum with these coolers' specialized cooling modes in iCUE, which enable Zero RPM fan and Variable Pump Speed modes when your system is running at idle or light work loads. Click on the following for more information: H100i (240mm), H115i (280mm), H150i (360mm). We’ve put together a quick FAQ below. Q: Is this cooler compatible with Intel's 12th-gen CPUs? A: Yep! The LGA1700 standoffs, along with the Intel mounting bracket, are included in the packaging. Q: Can I swap out the fans for RGB fans? A: Sure. The fans themselves will connect to the cooler's fan harness, while the RGB connectors would require a separate lighting controller such as our Lighting Node CORE or COMMANDER CORE XT. It is also worth noting that swapping fans out may affect cooling performance. Can't wait to see you guys build with this cooler! Let us know what your thoughts are or if you have any questions!
  2. Bourse, je viens de monter mon pc : ryzen 7 5800x, asus rog dtrix b550 a gamain et le water colli g h150i elite capelix. Je vais pour démarrer mon pc, la pompe clignote en rouge avec les ventilateur et ils tournent à une vitesse énorme. Je vais dans le bios mon processeur est à 80 ° on peut m'aider svp. Merci
  3. Almost one year ago exactly I built a new computer with the 360mm H150i Elite Capellix and it worked great minus abnormally loud pump noise. Curiously, the pump noise is quieter when on the extreme profile than balanced and quiet. Anyways, lately I have noticed it keeps disappearing from ICUE randomly, for days at a time. I have 4 LL120 fans and they are all hooked up through the commander core that came with the cooler. I have a Christmas RGB profile that it is just about time to use so I am desperately looking for a solution to this problem and am grateful for any assistance. Some things worth noting: 1) I have performed many clean installs of ICUE including different versions of v3 and v4. 2) I am currently still running V3 because I hate the UI on v4. 3) Last time I was able to see it, the firmware was up to date. As it is on all other ICUE devices 4) I was swapping out GPUs the other day and I was rearranging cables and tightening the screws on the GPU after the system was back on, and I noticed the CPU cooler flickered and appeared in ICUE as I did that. This made me think there was a loose connection (I had just shipped the PC to Bellevue, Washington for the Summer and back to Mississippi in the span of 4 months) so next time it disappeared I took the case panels off and confirmed every connection was stable, wiggled them around for extra effect lol. Could not get a reaction after 30 minutes of doing this. Unplugged the USB 2.0 headers from the commander core and lightning node pro (not related, I use the node pro for corsair RGB strips) on the motherboard and plugged them back in, then restarted the device, to still not see them. I also think this happened to be a coincidence because it often disappears without so much as a light vibration touching the computer. 5) Probably most importantly, I am not using any other RGB or monitoring software. The most I have done with any other software is HW monitor to check temps in stress tests and I installed MSI Mystic light a year ago to set the on board motherboard lighting to green/red. I have since uninstalled Mystic light and I have not used HW monitor in a hot minute. ICUE has never had any problem with my keyboard, RAM, or RGB strips through lighting node pro. PC Specs: CPU- 5800X I RAM- 32GB Corsair RGB Vengeance Pro I Motherboard - MSI B550 Carbon Gaming Wifi I PSU- Corsair RM 750X I Storage - 1TB Corsair Mp600 gen 4 and 2 TB of Adata XPG SX8200 gen3 I GPU- At the moment an MSI 1070 Gaming X
  4. I have a 9900k overclocked to 5.1Ghz with a H150 Elite Capellix. Coolant temp hits 56c and my cooler and attached fans start flashing read. Errors in iCue says Overheating: THe device is working in the Fail-Safe Mode. At 56c??? So I set a custom alert for coolant temp at 90c to trigger red LEDs. Still does this alert at 56c. This did not happen prior to iCue 4.14. I have updated to 4.15 and it still happens. This is annoying. Please fix this
  5. Hello everybody, I'm dealing with a small issue in my brand new build. I have an H150i Elite CPU AIO (in addition to RAM, Keyboard, Mouse, and other Peripherals) running on the iCue software. The issue is that the middle fan on the radiator has stopped being detected by the iCue software and will not spin. The LED's on it work fine and update with the iCue lighting controls, but when I switch to the performance tab, the fan just isn't there. My build is just two days old and the fan was operating normally up until today and it did show up in iCue as excepted. Now, only the LED controls for the fan show up in the H150's LED control tab. I read some posts I found on here of slightly similar issue, many people claimed this was a hardware issue with the fan or the controller. However, If I disable iCue, the fan starts right back up again. Furthermore, if I enable "limit software control" under the settings menu for the H150, the fan runs normally again. Given that even without the middle fan running, the H150 cools my 10900K just fine. And that I can get it working simply by enabling the limited software control option. As mentioned earlier, I've had this rig up and running for 3 days and this issue seemed to come out of nowhere today after a restart. This is not a huge issue for me at the moment. However, with the price I paid for the H150 (along with rest of my corsair products) I would very much like if it worked as intended.
  6. Just got the H150I Elite and upon first boot up the lighting worked on both the fans and the pump but after one restart the pump lights wont turn on at all and the fans lighting and ICUE software only works after unplugging the 24 pin connector on the commander core and re-plugging it every time I turn on and off pc.
  7. Hi everyone, new on the forum but have been reading a lot about icue rgb since Im building a new PC that I am trying to make 100% icue compatible. Im going for a STRIX mbo and gfx which will hopefully be compatible with icue, as well as corsair ram, and AIO. I am ordering the h150i Elite Capellix and as I understand, the ML fans are not compatible with QL fans. As I have ordered 6 QLs my original plan was to replace the 3 MLs with QL and use the other 3 QLs as case fans, all of them connected to the Commander CORE. However, in the meantime, I have also ordered the Commander PRO because I plan to connect the LianLi Strimer plus to it (using a cable adapter). Nothing is delivered yet but in the next few weeks I should have a Commander CORE, Lighting node CORE, Commander PRO, 3x ML120, 6x QL120. I presume the "not compatible" refers to the ML and QL being connected to the same channel or am I wrong? Originally I wanted to sell the MLs but now I am thinking the following: 6xQLs connected to the Commander CORE, both rgb and pwm (3 on AIO radiator, 3 as case fans), Commander CORE connected to Commander PRO 3xMLs connected to the Lighting node CORE rgb, Lighting Node CORE connected to the Commander PRO, and ML pwm connected to the Commander PRO. Strimer plus connected to Commander PRO rgb strip port. Is there anything I am missing as why this wouldn't work? Also, is it advisable to use the Commander CORE pwm to power both case and radiator fans, or will they all be controlled as AIO fans if connected like that? I presume it would be better to connect QLs to Node CORE and Com. PRO as case fans and leave MLs as AIO radiator fans on the Commander CORE but I want to use the MLs in the bottom of the case where they are less visible. I know similar questions have been asked a lot on the forum but I read so much contradicting information and even got completely false and misleading info from Corsair support that I just want to get someone's input on my exact case scenario. Thank you all!
  8. Hey so I'm upgrading my fans/rgb setup and so far I've gotten 6 Corsair ML-120 rgb fans and I am getting a Corsair H150i ELITE CAPELLIX AIO. With that AIO I saw that it comes with a commander core inside but I don't think its going to have enough space to fit the 9 total fans. It it possible for me to do this setup with just the commander core + 2 Lighting Node Cores that came with my fans or do I need to buy the commander node pro as well?
  9. So I have a 570x case and I am now building a new system with i 9 10900k and i want to oc it to 5.1ghz and after digging up I’ve found the h150i xt and the elite AIO coolers. I already have 1 hd120 fan in the rear case, 2 140hd in the top and 3 120hd in front. I want to do a push and pull config with the 3 fans that come with the cooler and with my 3 hd120 fans. Also I own two fan hubs, one lighting node pro and one commander pro. The thing is after seeing a lot of reviews i really am confused about all of the cables and to where each one goes, so if someone can help me I have few questions. 1) with which one should i go, the elite or the xt version? Who would have better cooling performance? If they are the same, then i would just go with the elite due to the rgb fans. 2) If i go with the elite, i saw it comes with the commander core. So that is where i should connect the 3 ML’s fans and rgb connectors to, and the other 6 hd fans to an hub which goes right to the commander pro? 3) is the ML fans on the pull config have smart rpm set? I mean that they can see the cpu temp and the icue would choose automatically the best rpm from 0-2400. I know I’m asking for a lot but i really want to sort thing out in my head before i purchase anything so it wont turn on me later. If someone can please explain to me where i connect each and every cable to so that everything will be synced and connected well in iCue, i will appreciate it.
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