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Found 8 results

  1. I am looking to be running 9 LL120 fans with the commander pro. I have been reading up and considered some diagrams but hoping someone could please confirm the best approach. What is in my head: 1) 6 fans into one RGB Fan LED hub, then 3 fans for H150i Pro into a second RGB Fan LED hub. 2) Link both RGB Fan LED hubs into the 2 LED inputs on Com Pro. 3) 6 fans into fan control on com pro and 3 fans off of fan control of H150i Pro. 4) 2 Lighting Node Pros powered from the USB connectors from the Com Pro? Will this work? Or do I need to power / link it differently? Thank you for your time and help with this.
  2. Hey guys, Question about the Corsair 150i pro xt. I believe this AIO is powered by SATA. If I want to have a push pull configuration (so 6 fans) I was thinking about using 3 Y splitters. Does this give enough power. (not sure how much the pump utilize) or can I run into trouble, or other complications? Also I really want to use the QL fans. But the max rpm from those are 1400. And the fans that the ship with has like 2200 a 2400. Not sure how much the difference will be?
  3. hey all, noob here after some advice/help! looking to build my first PC and decided this is the case i want! my only question is could these components fit within the case and actually provide gaming performance cooling together or am i fighting fire with fire? my question is: will a Corsair Hydro Series H150i PRO RGB, 360mm All-In-One Hydro CPU Coolerfit inside the case along with a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Ti AORUS XTREME WATERFORCE either top or bottom fitment for either im not too fussed if they will both fit. ive seen videos where the H150i fits fine but i want some advice that i could get the waterforce fitted in the oposite position? the measurements for them both are (if you need it), AORUS - 240mm Radiator & 2x 120 mm Fan H150i - 360mm Radiator & 3x 120mm Fan now if they WOULD fit, is it a bad idea to have two radiators blocking up two large venting points? or would it be a viable solution for gaming and keeping the GPU and CPU and cool temps? Huge thanks for your Advice and help! cheers. Ollog.
  4. Guten Tag zusammen, ich besitze ein H150i Pro mit 3x LL120 Corsair Lüftern Alles ist korrekt angeschlossen, jedoch habe ich das Problem, dass ich die Lüfter nicht steuern kann. Im iCUE kann man die Temperatur nur auf maximal 60°C einstellen, jedoch schwankt meine Temperatur immer bei ca 30-60°C. Das bedeutet, wenn ich die Lüfter auf ca. 20-40% bei 20-40°C einstelle und 100% bei 60°C drehen die Lüfter andauern auf das Maximum hoch und direkt wieder herunter, wenn man z.B schnell eine Anwendung öffnen und die Temperatur kurzzeitig steigt! Einen anderen Sensor auszuwählen nützt nichts, da bei den anderen Komponenten die Temperatur meist konstant bleibt und die Lüfter meist mit der selben Geschwindigkeit drehen. Jedoch sollte sich die Lüftergeschwindigkeit ja schließlich an der Temperatur des Prozessors orientieren, damit die Lüfter wissen, wann sie mehr und wann sie weniger zu kühlen haben! Bei dem Commander PRO kann man alles perfekt einstellen und dort geht es bis 100°C. Ich habe auch schon versucht, die Lüftergeschwindigkeit im BIOS einzustellen, jedoch funktioniert es dort auch nicht über PWM/DC! Wenn ich etwas umstelle, passiert nichts! Ich denke, da iCUE die Einstellungen überschreibt, bringt es nichts, im BIOS etwas einzustellen. Habe sowohl PWM als auch DC getestet. Mir bleibt also nicht anderes übrig, als mein H150i PRO auf "Leise", "Balanciert" oder "Intensiv" zu stellen, was jedoch sehr ärgerlich ist, da die Lüfter sich dann andauern mit der selben Geschwindigkeit drehen und sich nicht an die Temperatur angleicht, so wie es eigentlich ja auch sein sollte! Gibt es dementsprechend ggf. eine Lösung oder noch besser, ein Update, damit man seinen Wasserkühler auch bis 100°C einstellen kann? Ansonsten wäre dieser Wasserkühler ja nutzlos, wenn man ihn nicht einstellen/richtig nutzen kann, oder etwa nicht? Grüße, DS
  5. Good day everybody, I own a H150i Pro with 3x LL120 Corsair fans Everything is connected correctly, but I have the problem that I can not control the fans. In the iCUE you can set the temperature only to a maximum of 60 ° C, but my temperature always fluctuates at about 30-60 ° C. This means that if I set the fan to about 20-40% at 20-40 ° C and 100% at 60 ° C turn the fans persist to the maximum high and directly down again, if, for example, quickly open an application and the Temperature rises for a short time! Choosing a different sensor is of no use, as the temperature of the other components usually remains constant and the fans usually rotate at the same speed. However, the fan speed should be based on the temperature of the processor, so that the fans know when they have more and less to cool! With the Commander PRO you can set everything perfectly and it goes up to 100 ° C. I have also tried to set the fan speed in the BIOS, but it does not work there via PWM / DC! When I change something, nothing happens! I think, because iCUE overwrites the settings, it does not do anything to adjust anything in the BIOS. I tested both PWM and DC. So I have no choice but to set my H150i PRO to "Quiet", "Balanced" or "Intensive", which is very annoying, as the fans will continue to spin at the same speed and not adjust to the temperature as it should be! Is there, if necessary, a solution or even better, an update, so you can adjust its water cooler to 100 ° C? Otherwise, this water cooler would be useless, if you can not adjust / use properly, or not? Greetings, DS
  6. Hi, I'd like to have a static color on all RGB devices, I have Gigabyte MB, Sapphire GPU & Corsair cooler (h150i) as well as RAM (vengeance pro rgb). Primarly I'm using Mac OS (hackintosh) for my work and there's no iCUE for mac that could control the cooler and the ram RGB. I installed windows and set static colors for all my devices and it works for everything except corsair. In CUE I have created a profile, set static color and it works but after a reboot (even into windows) it gets lost until I run iCUE again and my profile gets applied. After a reboot RAM RGB is turned off and cooler is doing that rainbow effect instead of my effects. Is it somehow possible to set my profile as the default one that would be always used, no matter if iCUE is running or not? Will iCUE on Mac ever support coolers and ram? Note, in vengeance pro rgb I have disabled "Enable full software control" I'm running the newest version of iCUE and firmwares.
  7. So just started my first build. for cooling I bought the Corsair h150i pro as well as 6 LL 120 fans. After installing all of them and doing a test boot the fans and h150 worked. All RGBs were lit and fans spinning. After shutting it down and coming back later to put on the os, the fans spun, but small sections of RGB of 3 fans were lit, the other three were completely dark. The h150 on the other hand showed no rgb and when looking into the bios there was no reading for the AIO Pump. After downloading iCUE and Corsair Link both node and h150 are not detected by my system either. Nor does it show in Device Manager or USBDeview. The 2 USB 2.0 ports the 2 are connected two are fine. I've made sure I've put the cables into the correct port. SATA cables are providing adequate power. I've checked the bios :enabled XHCI, disabled fast boot, legacy is enabled. I've read different forums of people with similar problems and tried the different suggestions to fix it. But to no avail have I figured out the solution. I'm new to the whole pc building and not very knowledgeable, so if anyone has any idea of what I might be doing wrong/what I can fix. Thank you in advance for the help :)
  8. Hi i am looking at the H150i Pro and i have seen on other coolers that you can swap the fans. I can switch the fans on it to the LL120 RGB fans without problems? Also there are the LL120 fans with Lighting Node Pro and some without what is the difference? Besides the price.
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