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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, i've recently changed the stock fans of my h115i pro, with two Silent Wings 3 140mm PW (because i've moved the radiator in a new position and i needed a more "slim" fan) and after that, the icue 3.7 (and 4.x too) pimp the fan speed at 100% in all the profiles, if i set the personal instead, with rpm the fan spin at 450 with no control whatsoever (changing the cursor for the rpm). The pump is connected as manual says with the cpu fan over the motherboard. How can i solve this situation for having mor control of my fans? the temps are ok but i would have the fans to change velocity the the temps Many thanks!
  2. I am using a H115i Pro to cool my CPU and my Fans have been stuck at 900rpm at 100%. ICUE shows that my curve at 100% only goes up to 900rpm and the fixed RPM mode doesn't seem to do anything. I plugged in my fan cables to the Corsair splitter, connected the micro usb to the USB 2.0 in my motherboard, and connected the SATA power. In terms of cables, it was set up as instructed. I originally used Corsair Link until I was told that ICUE is better. Some checks done: - H115i Pro Firmware [up to date] - ICUE Update [up to date] - MB Firmware [up to date]
  3. Hello everyone my wife for Christmas bought me a H115i pro, it will not fit in my current case Carbide 400R, and I was wondering if Corsair makes a mod sized case that will accommodate the cooler, my mobo (Asus Strix Z370-H), and has at least 1 optical drive bay? If not mid a full size tower is ok. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Recently upgraded to a 3900 that is currently being cooled by an H80i V2(2*ML120), however while boosting, it is getting slightly troublesome to keep liquid temps in check while also maintaining a decent noise level. I have been looking at picking up a new 280mm AIO in order to deal with this, my primary concern is performance at low noise level, but i am unsure which of the two listed products would be the best way of achieving this. Thanks for listening! :D:
  5. Hi all I've got a question about setting up my H115i Pro and case fans. In my Corsair Air 540 I've got 2 front 140mm fans, the H115i Pro as top exhaust and a 140mm rear exhaust. The way I think of it is that the top front intake and rear exhaust are there to assist the H115i pro in cooling the CPU plus also cooling the VRM and RAM. And the bottom intake is primarily there to cool the GPU. My question is what the optimal fan setup is for powering and controlling all the fans. I was thinking: - H115i Pro fans connected to the cooler per the instructions and controlled by coolant temp. - Top intake and rear exhaust connected to the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT slots on my motherboard to be controlled by CPU temperature. - Bottom intake to be connected to CHA_FAN slot on motherboard to be controlled by general system temp (or GPU temp specifically if the Asus software allows that). Questions: 1) Does that make sense? Should I be setting up the fans differently? 2) If I set the fans up like that do I plug in the 3-pin cable from the H115i Pro to the AIO_PUMP slot on my motherboard? I'm guessing I just leave it unplugged based on the answer below from the FAQ. Thanks Daniel
  6. I bought this early 2016. The radiator has formed a hotspot on the end near the tubing when doing simple loads even if my gpu is doing most of the work. It gets worse when my display turns off. It somehow heats up the liquid temp even more yet the fans are still spinning with the temps profile settings. Its not the cpu (less than year old delid 7820x with proper kryonaut application in cold room during winter). I don't have the original packaging and it would be my only cooler so I can't send it out to RMA with all my work in class needing to be done at a consistent rate. So I want to get a new one, so I started looking at the h115i pro and platinum since I don't wanna deal with 120mm fans and the original is slowly discontinuing. Both models are said to have different pumps so I wanted to ask which would technically be better via comparison to mine in terms of pump, noise and cooling with 4 corsair 140ML pro fans in push/pull in a phanteks enthoo luxe?
  7. Hi guys, I have a doubt and I would appreciate any help given, as the title says, It's possible to use the H115i Pro with the Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC-2000 fans? There will be no problems with the fan static pressure? Because in the specifications says that the fan static pressure is 1.27 mm-H2O, I don't see anywhere the limit for it https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Liquid-Cooling/Hydro-Series%E2%84%A2-H115i-PRO-RGB-280mm-Liquid-CPU-Cooler/p/CW-9060032-WW The Noctua NF-A14 industrialPPC-2000 have a fan static pressure of 4,18 mm-H2O https://noctua.at/es/products/fan
  8. Hey Guys/Girls. So i have a Problem regarding the icue software with my corsair h115i pro. The Sensor on which i base the fanspeed of the cooler of off switches everytime the program is started. i have set it to the processors package temp, but it resets everytime to the coolant temp of the cooler. does anyone have the same issue and maybe a fix to it? Thanks in advance
  9. Hello, I just recently upgraded my old H115i to the Pro model. I did so because my new case is shorter than before and didn't allow the thicker tubes on the old model to fit inside and bend to the CPU socket. Along with installing the new AIO, I downloaded the iCUE software to go along with it. I created a custom profile in iCUE with a fan curve identical to the one I was using with the older H115i with Corsair Link, and I mapped the graph to correspond with the CPU package temperature. Here's where the problems arise. Whenever my processor comes under an intensive load, the fan speed shoots up way above the limitations I set on my fan curve. For the temperature my processor was at, the fan speed should've been around 1000rpm and instead it was around 1600rpm. The first time that happened I double checked the curve in the software to make sure it saved, which it did. The second time, I abandoned my custom curve to try a default one, specifically the quiet preset, and the problem still persists. After a few times of trying different profiles in iCUE and getting the same results I finally set the fans to a fixed RPM, which did work. Funny enough, fixed speed percentage doesn't work. I tried setting my fans to 10% and the RPM again shot up to 1800 rpm. So after no luck with the profiles in iCUE, I thought maybe Corsair Link would fix the fan curve problems. Unfortunately, the exact same issues happened with the exact same profiles regardless of which software was being used. So I don't know where to go from here, the reason I posted this thread in the cooling section and not with iCUE threads is because the only component I haven't troubleshooted that must be the problem here is the AIO itself. I don't know if I have a case to RMA the unit and get a new one, or if there is a magic switch somewhere in the software that I'm not seeing that will clear up my problems instantly. Also, the fans I'm using with the H115i are a pair of ML 140 pros. They are the same fans I used with the older H115i so I can't imagine they're the cause of the problem, but in case they are that's them. I appreciate any help you guys can give me, thanks.
  10. Bustle

    H115i pro help

    Hello so I'm new to using an AIO and I'm unsure if I have something installed wrong or if it's just the fact I'm using an overcooked 8700k that's not deluded. I am getting very high temps hitting 80c on a stress test on gpuz after about 30min and 95c in aida64 after only 5-10 minute runs. My cpu is running 5.0ghz at 1.370v kinda high and if my mobo didn't vdroop so much even on llc 6 I could probably go a little lower but that's irrelevant. So specs for my h115i pro starts at 24.5-25c. Ambient is about 22-23c Installed in the front of my 750d case as an intake with upgraded fans there performance version of the fans that come with the cooler so they can ramp up to high rpms At a full load after about 15 mins the cooler temp goes up to 30-31c normally stays there even after 30mins So I'm not sure if this is normal to be that much lower on the AIO then the cpu. I have reset the pump on the cpu and reapplied the tim 4 or 5 times and temps are always the same. I have read that it's normal for the back plate to be loose before the pump is installed I did use some washers which did help my temps a little at that point. I really just want to make sure that my temps are normal on the AIO before I go the way of sending my cpu to silicon lottery to be delidded. Thanks for any advice on the matter!
  11. Hi, I have a H115i Pro RGB and set up a static colour for the CPU block. However this colour only stays as long as the iCue software is running. If I close it completely then it reverts to rainbow. I have tried "Save Static Lighting and Performance to Device" but it doesn't help, although I do think it is saving the fan curve as they don't spin up, but the lighting is not saving (a bit of confirmation feedback after pressing that button would be nice too). I like to kill off iCue completely as I found that it can cause crashes when running other hardware monitoring software. If I use Link then the save to device works just fine. Any ideas? Thanks Russ
  12. So last night got ready to get my fans and new cooler setup in the new case and everything was going smoothly. Then... power up on the new water cooler and issue showed up. High temp on 1 core. After a few attempts of re-seating, adjusting the back plate and failing to bring my i7 6700k temps down I'm figuring there is an issue. Core 0,2,3 all nice and low around 18-20C idle. Core 1 was sitting about 10-15C higher, and then would spike into the 80, 90 and even 100... So I knew there was a contact issue going on. After 4 attempts to take everything apart, reseat the block still getting similar results, actually last attempt Core 3 was sitting about 5-10C higher than it was previously. I see that the back plate is loose on a lot of people's boards, I got that too but the thing that is odd is I can fully tighten the screws for the block all the way down by hand! So I know there is to much slack between the back plate and motherboard to get proper, full contact. I know it works fine with other peoples boards no issue so I'm thinking that my motherboard might actually be thinner than others. That being said curious what people come up with for a solution to help get more clamping pressure? Was thinking of using washers as I've used that with other type of installs before. Either using the ones they got from the kit or purchased some. I got some used plastic ones I've used on my previous heatsink that I might try or run to the store quick and get some plastic ones to use since it looks like I got a few traces around a few of the holes on the backside and probably shouldn't use metal ones.
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