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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, ICUE had a new update so I clicked the update button but its been hours now and its still stuck on (updating...) loading screen. What do I do? I'm worried that if I restart my computer the pump cooler might stop working and become bricked. I just got cooler this year in march. Is it fixable and can I restart my computer? Please let me know thanks.
  2. Hi I bought last week the h115i and got it setup a few days ago the first day was fine but now it's starting to make strange noises which get worse after 5 minutes gaming I made 2 videos demonstrating the sounds before and after gaming at quiet/balanced/extreme when I just turned pc on:[ame= ] [/ame] After 5 minutes gaming [ame= ] [/ame] Is this normal will it settle itself or is something wrong. Considering going back to air cooling :( Edit: I have tested all other components (turned all fans off and changed graphics cards) to make sure the noise is not coming from them this is definitely from the pump
  3. Hi, im a newbie and this is my first build. Wanted to give it a try to occupy my time during this covid19 time. I have zero knowledge to pc builds and gaming pcs. But wanted to learn more. For my problem, i cant figure out where to plug in the 4pin fan plug from the aio to motherboard. I mounted the radiator to the front of my case since that seemed to be the only option i had. I plugged the 2 fans attached to the radiator to the fan plugs coming off the h115i. I plugged the usb and sata from the h115i as well and was left only with the 3/4pin. Theres no part on my motherboard where i can plug it in. So at the moment I dont have it plugged in. my comp temp is reading 82*F (sorry i cant do celcius). Is that at a reasonable temperature or did i definitely install wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry if i didnt word anything right, im a complete newbie to computer building.
  4. Hello, I see from some days than my H115 turn always to ⁓1000 RPM and he is (when i'm not playing) to 36℃ (96,8℉). It was always like that.... The problem is than when i'm in a game, it's going to 43℃ (109,4℉) and going to ⁓2000 RPM.... I watch my CPU and he still to 50℃ (122℉). Maybe I'm worried about nothing but i would to be sure. I don't know if you understand me because i'm bad for english explication but i hope so. I can give you more informations if you need. Thanks you. Best regards, SkayRexX
  5. Hello, I just got a new H115i Platinum, but it seems that when I hook my Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 fans to it, the controller goes out of whack. More specifically, setting it to any of the default profiles or a custom fan curve causes them to never spin, while setting them to any fixed RPM other than max causes them to spin up and down nonstop. If I plug in the included fans (which are currently installed somewhere else in the case), it seems to work fine. Is this a known issue with the built-in fan controller? Is there something I have to do in iCUE to make it work with the non-default fans? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi Guys, I just built my first rig in a long time and back when I used to build rigs we never had water cooling. I have had a water cooled PC before, as the one that this replaces was an Alienware Aurua R7. That PC had a 120mm liquid cooling AIO installed and part of the reason I wanted to build my own was to get some cool RGB as well as make it quieter. The Alienware would spin up and sound liek a vaccuum cleaner under full CPU load, and when you put full graphics load on it the 2080ti from Dell also spins up super load (oddly it only has a single fan?). Anyway my new rig is as follows: - NZXT H150 Elite - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - Corsair Force Series MP600 1TB - Corsair h115i Platinum 280mm RGB cooler mounted to the front as intake (fan RGB facing out) - Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB memory (2x16GB) - Stock case fans as exhast on back (12mm) and top (140mm) - Corsair Commander Pro connected to stock case fans - Four temp temp sensors in various areas of the case corners - Windows 10 Pro 1909 What I am confused about is exactly how these fans are supposed to be controlled because the case is always super quiet when I run iCUE and the fans are set to the Quiet mode. Which is exactly what I want, but what I don't understand is that when I run the CPU at full load using CPU-Z or Cinebench, the fans never really change speed. They just sit there not changing much, while my old Dell would spin up like crazy. Checking the CPU temps with Ryzen Master I can see that under full load the CPU is getting a little over 80 degrees, but according to iCUE the h115i cooler is not changing much in temp. The cooler sits about 30.30C degrees at idle and the CPU temp is in the very low 40's when doing nothing. I I leave CPU-Z running for a long time the cooler temp will rise a bit, but not much. Maybe 2-3C. Given that, since the cooler temp is not going up much, the fans really dont change in speed. If I create my own custom profile for the cooler and use the quiet mode it's at 30% speed at 31 degrees and goes up to 38% at 34C, but the cooler never really gets that high. I have had it running while posting this and my cooler is now at 33.90 degrees and CPU temp is at 81.59 degrees. But the thing is, if I spin up the fans to and pump to maximum, it does bring the coolant temp and CPU temps down a bit. So my question is, why is the stock fan profile not spinning the fans up much when the CPU is under load? It would seem in my old Dell the cooler fans spun up based on CPU load, but with the h115i they are tied to the cooler temp and I don't see any way to tied it to the CPU temp (the Ryzen 9 sensor does not show up in the list). I now have the fans running at full speed and the cooler temp is now dropping back down to the low 32's and the CPU temp is now 77C, so clearly it makes a difference. But the stock fan profile is not doing a good job of knowing when to spin up the fans? Also the case fans are not really spinning either. Now yesterday I was playing around with overclocking and the CPU was getting up to 90 degrees, but once again the coolant temp was not going up a whole lot, and hence the fans were not spinning. If I manually spin them up to full speed, then the temps on the CPU go down quite a bit. So, my specific questions are: 1. Why is there now way to tie the fan speed of the h115i to the CPU temps, so when I have it at full load they will be keeping it cool? Ryzen 9 is not an option in the drop down for a custom curve. 2. Why does the stock fan profile not really ramp up the speed until the cooler is at 44C, which is a temp my cooler just never seems to ever get close to? If it got that high, my CPU would be frying. 3. What controls the case fans I have attached to my Command Pro in the stock quiet mode profile? Are they attached to the h115 coolant temp, the temp probes I have installed or something else? They also cannot be tied to CPU temps either.
  7. Hello, I've bought a H115i that just arrived yesterday, I've mounted the radiator on the front part of the case, followed accurately the manual that Corsair provided me. When first I turned on the PC: the fans were working, so did the pump and the leds, but when first I opened iCue i noticed that the software hasn't detected the pump while I did connect it with the usb 2.0 header to microUSB as corsair provided me in the box, I checked on drive manager and I found out that the USB was marked with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark with the tag "Device descriptor request failed". I spent hours trying to figure out a way to fix it looking in various forums but zero results. :dunno: Thanks in advance to those willing to help me. It means a lot! (I have 2 other ML120 fans on the top and back of the case and I don't have any USB Hubs such as Commander pro or NZXT Hub)
  8. I did provide individual connection to PSU to sata power but it did not lit the RGB of pump header, so my new theory is it has to do with 3.3volts point in a sata power(5 wires including orange) to 6pin and which I am not able to find anywhere online or at shops, I am curious if people got it working with traditional 4 wire sata power from PSU, what am I missing here? Btw my chipset is msi z370A pro if that has to do with anything, I can see the AIO in my Icue but color changes arent working for pump(its not lighting to begin with) btw The cooling shows that its working properly.
  9. I bought this early 2016. The radiator has formed a hotspot on the end near the tubing when doing simple loads even if my gpu is doing most of the work. It gets worse when my display turns off. It somehow heats up the liquid temp even more yet the fans are still spinning with the temps profile settings. Its not the cpu (less than year old delid 7820x with proper kryonaut application in cold room during winter). I don't have the original packaging and it would be my only cooler so I can't send it out to RMA with all my work in class needing to be done at a consistent rate. So I want to get a new one, so I started looking at the h115i pro and platinum since I don't wanna deal with 120mm fans and the original is slowly discontinuing. Both models are said to have different pumps so I wanted to ask which would technically be better via comparison to mine in terms of pump, noise and cooling with 4 corsair 140ML pro fans in push/pull in a phanteks enthoo luxe?
  10. As the title says: I bought a shiny new H115i Platinum to round out my system refresh and was happy when I first turned the system on to see that the LEDs and the AIO were working well and showing up in the iCue software to control RGB. Fast forward to approx. 2 days later when I turned my system on in the morning, to my surprise, the AIO had vanished from the iCue software AND from Link4... Naturally I'm VERY tilted about this for a few reasons: I spent a good chunk of money on this AIO and I expect it to work because of the investment; I've been trying just about every "fix" listed on the forum here for a week with no success; and I also tried a fix that Corsair support sent me and even this did not remedy my problem to get the AIO showing up in iCue. I'm at wits end here and I just want an RGB AIO that works without having to go through a process of back-end user fixes. I'm tired of the slow responses from Corsair support. I don't want to have to take out the H115i Platinum to RMA or anything of the sort. Please help anyone :[pouts:
  11. Hey Guys joined today cause I'm building a Corsair system this December and I'm choosing my parts. I found that Corsair just announced the H115i Platinum that comes with the ml140 rgb fans and I loved it! But I found that the H115i Platinum's radiators are a little bit longer than the previous H115i Pro's radiators. I'm currently thinking of building inside the Crystal 280x with 2 ml140s at the front and possibly the H115i Platinum at the top. I know that the H115i Pro did fit up top with 2 ml140s at the front but that its quite tight. Would the H115i Platinum fit at the top of the 280x with 2 ml140s at the front? Please help me guys :[pouts: I already chose all my peripherals to match with Corsair and I really want this to work.
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