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Found 16 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, Je rencontre des problèmes avec mon AIO H115i platine depuis quelques jours. J'ai constaté que quand la température de mon H115i platinum dépasse les 36-38° il se déconnecte/reconnecte de manière intempestive avec le son windows indiquant qu'un périphérique a été déconnecté. (on voit bien sur l'image jointe les moments ou le H115i se déconnecter et reconnecte ) J'ai effectué des tests suivant sans succès afin de le faire réapparaître : Désinstallation et réinstallation de ICUE 4.18.209 Forçage de la mise à jour du firmware du H115I Platinum Activation/ Désactivation de l'option XHCI Hand-off dans le bios. Désactivez le paramètre de suspension sélective USB Nettoyage du registre Mise a jours des composants et du dernier BIOS la carte mère Est-ce que quelqu'un a déjà rencontré le même problème ? Et si oui, comment l'avez-vous résolu ? Un grand merci d'avance. Config : Carte mère : Rog Crosshair VIII Hero Bios 3904 Processeur : AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Carte vidéo : Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 TI Watercooling : H115I Platine Autre système : Commander Pro Mémoir Ram : Vengeance RGB Pro (4*16 Go)
  2. with the icue software, i connected the cooler fans to the pump but was getting a reading of 0 RPMS all the time, and never heard my fans spinning up during max load such as VR or anything, so i purchased the Commander core XT and plugged those radiator fans into that hub. was just wondering if it still will and works as intened or do the need to be connected to the cooler? i also have 3 other fans connected to the commander core xt, which was the original reason for buying. thanks. CPU: I9 10850k GPU: RTX 2070 super MOB: Asus Tuff gaming Z490-Plus Wifi
  3. Recently I've been having some issues with my cooler. It use to let me change the colours fine and i wouldn't have any issues. About a week again it stopped letting me change the fan and pump colours completely and is just on a rainbow one. Anyone know what could be going on?
  4. Hi there, I have purchased the H115i RGB Platinum (and had a replacement) and the LED's on the pump are not working. The fans and led's on the radiator are working and iQue and see the pump LED's and fan LED's fine. I have watched countless videos to see if I am connecting everything correct and as far as I can tell I am have everything connected correctly. The SATA cable I have from the PSU (Gamemax 650w) is a Y cable and there are no extensions. Tried different USB ports on the motherboard and the USB cable from pump to motherboard has been replaced. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. Cheers, PongleTheDay
  5. Hi all, I have been using my Corsair H115i RGB Platinum cooler for about 9 months now. However, for some reason, when I set the fan speed to "extreme" in iCue, it only goes to around 840 RPM. The description of this product says the fan speed may reach 2000 RPM. (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Liquid-Cooling/Dual-Radiator-Liquid-Coolers/Hydro-Series%E2%84%A2-RGB-Platinum/p/CW-9060038-WW#tab-tech-specs) I have seen it reach closer to 2000 RPM before but it has since stopped reaching that point. None of my settings have changed to my knowledge, including BiOS settings. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)
  6. Hey guys, Just looking to get some advice on my H115i AIO tubes. I have a micro ATX case and am struggling to run the tubes in a way that doesn’t rub/push on the back of the gpu. Can anyone let me know if they think this tubing run will be ok or is it too twisted? (Image attached!)
  7. Hi I bought last week the h115i and got it setup a few days ago the first day was fine but now it's starting to make strange noises which get worse after 5 minutes gaming I made 2 videos demonstrating the sounds before and after gaming at quiet/balanced/extreme when I just turned pc on:[ame= ] [/ame] After 5 minutes gaming [ame= ] [/ame] Is this normal will it settle itself or is something wrong. Considering going back to air cooling :( Edit: I have tested all other components (turned all fans off and changed graphics cards) to make sure the noise is not coming from them this is definitely from the pump
  8. Hi, I get this error after I update icue to latest version since yesterday ''firmware update fail to load to h115i platinum'' any solution? Thanks!!!
  9. Hello. I need a help regarding H115i. Where should I connect it AIO_Pump header or CPU_Fan on the motherboard (rog strix Z390-h gaming) ? Read a lot of opinions if connect to AIO_Pump then pump will work 100% and it's not possible to configure it. Is it right? If connect to CPU_Fan then need to do some configuration in BIOS? Which solution is better? I guess if motherboard has AIO_Pump header then it should be connected there? Sorry. This is my the first liquid cooling system. Thanks for help in advance
  10. Does the H115i Platinum not work with 3rd party fans? I can't really imagine why this would be, but that's what i'm observing. I just built a new system and bought an H115i RGB Platinum cooler. No matter what I do I cannot get the pump to recognize my radiator fans. The pump (mostly) reports the rpm of the stock ML fans if I connect them. When I connect other PWM fans the rpm is always 0rpm in iCue. I've tried pairs of Aer RGB 2's, Silent Wings 3 PWM, and AER F140s and none show rpm in iCue. If I set a fixed RPM% with a custom setting in iCue I can hear the fans slow down and speed up, so it's outputting PWM signals, but it seems to be ignoring the tach from anything except the corsair fans. I've verified they all work correctly when connected directly to my mobo. I'd prefer to go with the pump hookup so I can set them against the cooler temp.
  11. Hi guys, I've been having serious problems with my AIO for a while now. The pump has been running for several months without problems, only RGB is not working properly. I keep getting red to orange artifacts when the light turns to white. After a Windows reinstallation which I did it ran again for a short time until I got HWinfo. I closed iCue and deactivated the sensors of the AIO and in the settings I set the hook for Corsair and Asatek support. Even removing the driver from hwinfo did not bring any improvement. Any ideas? Thanks for your help and excuse my English.
  12. Hallo, Mir ist in letzer Zeit öfters aufgefallen das ich nach einiger Zeit Artefakte bekomme an der Pumpe bekomme. Aber was am schlimmsten ist das meine Pumpe kein weiß kann. Es ist Orange und flackert. Dann abundzu ist sie dann weiß und flackert dann wieder. Manche Grün oder Blautöne sehen auch anders aus als bei meinen Dominator RGB was jetzt nicht schlimm ist aber doch bei so einen Preis etwas stört. Zusätzlich habe ich noch Probleme das meine K95 Shortcuts macht die ich nicht eingestellt habe, wie z.B das auf F1 das besc*** Dragoncenter von MSI aufgeht und mein Browser! Ist Ingame echt cool. Aber dazu sollte ich wahrscheinlich ein extra Thread aufmachen? Evtl hat ja jmd ne Ahnung woran das liegt.
  13. Hello, I see from some days than my H115 turn always to ⁓1000 RPM and he is (when i'm not playing) to 36℃ (96,8℉). It was always like that.... The problem is than when i'm in a game, it's going to 43℃ (109,4℉) and going to ⁓2000 RPM.... I watch my CPU and he still to 50℃ (122℉). Maybe I'm worried about nothing but i would to be sure. I don't know if you understand me because i'm bad for english explication but i hope so. I can give you more informations if you need. Thanks you. Best regards, SkayRexX
  14. My video cards are 304.7mm long and my PSU is ATX, any suggestions? Thank you. :biggrin:
  15. Hi, sorry if i post in wrong section or something similar i am not use to forums. As title my h115i when stress testing my cpu i9 9900 sometimes turns off. I guess it cos during the test i hear the usb unplug sound of window and i can see through my case glass that the rgb of the pump turns off. This last for few seconds than the lights turn on again. During this temps dont change. Is my h115i to change? or some other problem?
  16. Hallo Liebe Community ich habe vor 2 Tagen mir einen neuen PC zusammengebaut. Aber nach ein paar Hardwareüberprüfungen funktionieren ein paar Komponenten nicht so wie ich es mir Vorstelle bzw. die Corsair iCUE Software es vorgibt. Und Zwar wir bei mir der Commander pro in der iCUE Software mit 12V mit 0V angezeigt, 5V - 0V und 3,3V - 0V https://prnt.sc/ojor8r . Laut HW Info hat er die Spannung https://prnt.sc/ojorlu . Auch in der iCUE Software wird mit die AIO H115i RGB Platinum auch nicht angezeigt https://prnt.sc/ojorwf . Der rest Funktioniert soweit ganz gut. Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen. LG Jumpy
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