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Found 16 results

  1. This is how it used to work: This is how it tries to work (and fails): The only way to keep my fans at a reasonable level is using the "custom" cooling, which is just a fixed value (25% in this case). No other software besides iCue can write configurations, so, what can I do?
  2. Hello All! I've just installed the H100i Elite LCD and whilst is looks great etc, the pump has a loud buzzing and I cannot get the RPM of the pump down below 2000rpm to try and stop it. I've installed the radiator up top and on the side and in both configurations the pump noise is the same. Everything is installed properly (I've triple checked). Has anyone else experienced this issue with this AIO? If not I may send back for a replacement. Alternatively, if someone at Corsair see's this, is there any plans for a firmware update to reduce the Quite mode RPM like there was for the previous models of H110i? Thanks! James
  3. Hello fellow Corsair users :): I have had to reinstall Windows due to issues updating. I have begun reinstalling everything when I found that my H110i liquid cooler doesn't show up in iCue or Corsair Link. I am aware that the H110i is incompatible with iCue 4, so I tried iCue 3.38.61 with no luck. I tried Corsair Link 4, and it does not show up there either. It was all working fine before I reinstalled Windows. If anyone is able to help me, I'd appreciate any answers.
  4. Hello everyone. Recently (less than 3 months ago) I bough a H100i RGB SE. All my build has been white since the start and so the RGB from cooler, motherboard, ram etc. But out of nowhere the pump from the cooler turned yellow-ish and right now is full yellow-orange (picture attached). Is this a software problem, windows or what? Thanks for the help!
  5. H110i not being detected in device manager but the pump is working as i can feel vibration in the tubes and my pc is usable and not overhearing. I tried connecting the pump to aio_pump but still not detected in bios (rpm not showing). The fans were constantly running at full speed so i temporarily attach them in cpu_fan instead of connecting it the pump. It also not a usb header issue as i already tested those. Also not a cable issue as i already tested using another. It has sata power cable btw. Could it be a power issue? It used to be being detected from my old motherboard. My new board is asus strix b250f.
  6. My h110i is no longer detected I have checked device manager and nothing is there tried link and icue that doesnt pick it up I have also uninstalled both link and icue and tried siv and siv just says there is no AIO installed can see any usb devices trying to be installed and all installed ones say they are working properly but none of them are corsair products. I have also tried different usb cables plugged in externally and the device still doesnt show up anywhere.
  7. Upgrading my PC this month for my birthday. Going from an i5-4690K to a Ryzen 5 3600, and from an Asus Maximus VII Formula to an MSI B450 Tomahawk. One problem is I managed to somehow misplace the packaging for my H110i (with all the extra hardware in it). Does anybody have a lead on where I could purchase/acquire an AM4 bracket for the H110i? I have proof of purchase still, and I believe the product is under warranty still (not that that matters with lost accessories). This is the normal H110i. Not the GT or the GTX. (The one that came in the black and yellow box with the tubes that come out of the side, not out of the top) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would hate to be stuck using the Wraith cooler that comes in the box with the R5 3600.
  8. Hello! I've done a little research on this but I can't seem to find the right answer.. Basically I was wondering, could I install the H115i Pro RGB into the front of a 450D without losing the HDD bays? Would even the H110i Pro fit without sacrificing them? I wanted to do an intake push configuration from the front but I don't know of any other way to have my Hard Drives installed if I were to do this. If I have to, I could just mount it up top but if there's any other way to install Hard Drives other than the removable bay, I'm all ears. Any tips appreciated! Thanks :)
  9. I have an Obsidian 500D SE RGB case and am wondering which is better: 1) Front mounted H150i Pro RGB that has 3 fans forcing hot air into the case through the radiator. or 2) Top mounted H100i RGB that has 2 fans exhausting hot air out of the case through the radiator. This is perplexing me and it seems that option #2 is more effective. I would appreciate any wisdom I can get on this matter. Thanks
  10. Hi all, So I've had this PC for about 2 years now and during the past year, the water cooling fans have become increasingly louder for no apparent reason. I don't need to be running any intensive applications such as games for this to occur, it happens from simply turning on the PC and leaving it idle. Here's a screenshot of everything I see in Corsair Link: https://i.imgur.com/y3GJxiH.png The profile is also configured to be Quiet although it is far from it... I used to be able to run it at Performance without this issue occurring although through time it's become impossible to do so without hearing a jet engine throughout my entire apartment :sigh!: Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if I need to replace this thing I would happily do so at this point :confused:
  11. Are there any downsides to leaving the pump set to the "Performance" profile indefinitely?
  12. I have seen almost everywhere online that these fans are loud and they are 100% right. I run the Corsair Link software and in silent mode, it is not bad but in balance or performance, they are loud. Everywhere I have looked everyone will give recommendations. I haven't found anyone who gives exact links to the fans they recommend. Some will say Noctua NF-A14 PPC 2000PWM are great. Does Corsair have a recommendation for a fan that is compatible with this cooler & is quieter than the stock ones it came with? Man I would really appreciate it for anyone to please help me out. Trying to start to record videos for YouTube but the back noise is like an aircraft carrier. PLEASE if you can share the link to which one you recommend to purchase.
  13. Zwick

    H110i Issues

    For the past 7-8 months I've been having cooling/temperature issues. Yesterday I replaced my asus z170 deluxe board and i5 6600k cpu with an asus z370-e gaming board and an i7 8700k cpu. When idle(0-5% load), with all the panels off of my phanteks enthoo evolv case and max fan and pump speed, I'll be around 60-70c. I've had the h110i cooler for about 3-4 years now, and I have an h115i cooler coming tomorrow. If its not the cooler, what else could it be? I know for a fact the cooler is running, I can hear and feel the pump working, but I cannot tell if there is any blockage. When gaming a few weeks ago on my old board and i5, I'd be sitting at temps of 85-90c over a 3 hour session, and my cooler would be aroung 60c. Is 60c too hot for an AIO cooler/does it indicate that it is not dissipating heat properly, especially since I have a push pull configuration? I made sure that the cooler is fastened right and is making full contact, I’m using the arctic mx-4 thermal paste too
  14. Hi- I just bought 5 LL140's and a commander pro. Installed and all good in a new Carbide 740, with a H110i. I also have 2x Noctua af 14's installed at the bottom of the case. I was thinking of swapping the Noctua's with two of the LL140's that are on the H110i, due to better radiator performance and because my pc is on a low table, so you don't really see the RGB on the top mounted radiator. The H110i fans are linked to the CPU Fan header, rated at 1amp. The Noctuas' are rated at 0.55 each- .1 over the CPU Fan header rating combined. The question is can i run the Noctuas on the H110i from the commander pro and what would be the drawback from not running the H110i from the CPU fan header?
  15. Hi all, again with stupid question but now the confusing part is delivered by ... corsair and two pages: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/blog/2015/april/corsair-hydro-series-cpu-cooler-decoder-ring-and-case-compatibility-chart According to this one Carbide Air 240 should be able to take 280 cooler solution (there is Corsair Hydro Series H110i GT mentioned). ok I have "smaller" H115i ... then I check product site and we have this: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/carbide-series-air-240-arctic-white-high-airflow-micro-atx-and-mini-itx-pc-case where there is not mentioned H115I or H110i GT (and the max is H100i, H105) what is the answer ? will it fit or not. Note: I have everything - case (new) - too big gtx (will check if it fit) - cooling solution 2x140 steps to be done : buy mobo but not sure if I should stick to my old case (and follow ATX) or this fancy super looking Carbide Air 240 (with mATX) Note: I cannot check it by myself as it's used in server 24/7 solution. Please help me with the cooler information !:)
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