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Found 16 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, Voilà depuis quelques jours il m'est impossible d'obtenir une température convenable sur mon processeur qui est un I7 5930K en fréquence stock. Il s'avère que je suis obliger de laisser les réglages de la pompe et des ventilateurs en Extrême sinon il grimpe complètement en température. Les températures de liquide atteigne les 54°C et mon processeur en mode repos sur le bureau avec uniquement Corsair Link ou Corsair iCue atteinds les 85°C pourtant je n'ai rien changer à la configuration depuis 3 ans outres le remplacement de la pate thermique tous les 6 mois lors du dépoussiérage des ventilateurs et du radiateur. J'utilise de la pate thermique de chez Arctic depuis l'assemblage de la configuration. J'ai donc pris soin de me rendre sur le Service RMA de Corsair mais je n'arrive pas du tout à voir le suivi pour savoir si quelque chose aurait commencer. Mon numéro de ticket est le 2003912468 donc j'aimerais que quelque chose avance aussi de ce côté car il m'est impossible de faire quoique ce soit avec mon PC alors que je l'utilise pratiquement tous les jours pour le travail et le plaisir. Merci de vos réponses.
  2. Bonjour, J'ai un gros probleme avec mon H100i v2. Les 2 ventilateurs brancher au watercooling ne tourne pas, la pompe aussi ne tourne pas je pense. Sur ICUE, la pompe et le ventilateur sont à 0 RPM. Mon CPU est à 60°C constamment même si je ne fait rien (si je reste sur le bureau il est quand même à 60°C). Lors que je met en mode PWN dans le bios le Cpu_Fan, la pompe et les ventilateurs tournes. La il est en mode auto, et les ventilateurs ne tournent pas et la pompe tourne de temps en temps. Dans le BIOS j'ai 3 mode pour la prise CPU_Fan: DC mode, PWN mode et Auto Mode. Je précise que la température affiché sur ICue n'est pas la vraie, j'ai mis en pièce jointe la température selon Ryzen Master. Cooler : Corsair H100i V2 CPU : Ryzen 5 2600x MB : MSI x470 Gaming Pro J'aurai besoin d'aide svp. Bien cordialement, RIDLEY7
  3. I am hoping someone can help. I have had my current system since December 2016 with no problems to speak of outside of some software glitches. Spec is in my profile. I had a problem a week ago where the system would not boot past BIOS as the CPU fan was not functioning. I have a H100i V2 watercooler on the CPU and plugged in the CPU fan header. I took the side of the case off and the fans were running. I left it a while and rebooted to find everything working fine, but then the CPU temp rapidly climbed to 99 Celsius, but I had no system shutdown and the system seems stable. I have had occasional grinding/scratching sounds from the water pump but it seems to be working although the sensor generally settling between 45 celsius and 55 celsius. Neither of the tubes in and out of the waterblock are particularly hot. All the case fans are going nuts at times, rapidly changing from whisper quiet to full power and then back again. I have contacted Scan who I bought the system off for help, but they are closed due to Covid 19 and already have a rapidly growing waiting list of tickets for maintenance requests. I thought about buying a replacement H100i, but am unsure if it is this that is starting to fail. A problem with the CPU or just a temp sensor that is causing errors? I have no spare parts to swap out the CPU or watercooler to check if they are functioning.
  4. Hey everybody. So I jut built my new PC, everything went fine until I get an error during boot. The error said "CPU Fan speed error detected". I've browsed this forum for a while and tried a number of suggested solutions, but nothing seems to work. My H100i v2 is installed per manual instructions, so the AIO pump is connected to the CPU_FAN header, which is set to run at 100% in BIOS, but I keep getting the error. Temperatures are with 46 - 58C (Max temp recorded while running Rainbow Six Siege), on idle it stays around 46-50C. Thing is, neither Corsair Link v4 or Corsair iCue detect the AIO, looking at Device Manager and Devices and Printers the water cooler is not listed in those either and it doesn't light up. The AIO was working properly in my previous build, which I disassembled last Thursday. Any help identifying and solving this issue is highly appreciated.
  5. I noticed yesterday when I went in to iCUE that my H100i v2 was not showing up at all. I plugged it in to the MB directly ( I run it through a commander pro normally ) and it still did not show up. Did a quick google search and found that my drivers where the problem. So I remove them and windows reinstall them and after that my H100i v2 is back in iCUE. But now the fan RPM is showing 0RMP. So I reinstall iCUE. I remove all the old paths in the registry, and still nothing. After reinstalling, rebooting 2-3 times Im stuck. I did try installing link ( with iCUE not installed on my system ) but it's the same there. I can see the h100i v2 but the RPM is getting reported as 0. And yes, the fans are spinning and if I run them through the commander pro they report back there speed. I also have tried to change the RPM in iCUE on the H100i v2 it does not change the speed of the fans so it's not a UI bug. I have zero control over it. My Commander pro and Scimitar pro RGB works without problems in iCUE. Before I reinstall Windows to really exclude that it is a software problem. Do anyone know what more I can try or have a fix for this?
  6. So recently I've built a new gaming PC, first time using an AIO cooler. I replaced all fans in my case with ML 120 fans (5 RGB and 2 Non-RGB). I've set up the h100iv2 as a push/pull intake (2 pull fans connected to the PWM strip coming out of the pump and 2 push fans connected to a Silverstone PWM fan hub that has all other fans connected to CHA_FAN1). **This issue happened with just a push setup with stock fans and all case fans connected to MOBO fan slots** H100iv2 is connected to the CPU_Fan which is set to full speed in the bios and q-fan control is disabled. I mainly play Fortnite (Custom for locked 165fps) or Destiny 2 (high settings) in 2k. While I game my temps seem okay pending the game and setting I use for the game: CPU: 45-60 c GPU: 60-78 c H100iv2: 35-41c RAM: 45-50c But even after upgrading the fans, the system is still very loud and the h100iv2 ramps up to 2500 RPMs randomly and starts throttling, don't know why it tried to go that high when the ML120 can only go 2000 RPMs. I have tried my own custom curve (still does it) or use the quit curve (does the same). The pump is set to Quiet since the only two sets I can set it to is Quit or Extreme, I cannot set it to balance. And when I set it to extreme the Fans for the h100iv2 read 0 RPM in iCUE but the fans still spin. The only thing that seems to have worked is setting a fixed RPM for the fans and then a fixed RPM for my case fans, usually do 1400 for all fans. Just I would like to use a custom curve so it can be more if a set it and forget and I don't have to keep watching temps while I game or changing fans speeds. One thing I was wondering was not controlling the h100iv2 from iCUE at all and connecting the pump to my motherboard AIO_Pump header then getting 2 Y-Splitters and connecting my push/pull fans to CPU_Fan and CPU_Opt and controlling everything in Asus Fan Xpert. As this experiencing with iCUE has been a headache (especially when it randomly flatlines and all temps just read the same). Sorry for the long post. Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. My computer has not been posting for the past few days. All of the lights come on and the fans spin up, but then, a few seconds later, everything restarts. I opened up my PC and noticed that one of the cables on the splitter attached to the H100i v2 is broken (not the fan cable, but one of the cables that plugs into the unit itself). I was wondering if there is some login within the unit that tells the computer to automatically shut down if there is no current between one of the PWM cables as a safe measure. As a test, I stripped back some of the wire and tried my best to tie the two ends of the wire together and put some electrical tape over it. I still had the same problem, but I'm not the best handyman, and I'm not sure if the connection is good (I don't have a multimeter). Additionally, I noticed that when I try to boot, the two fans connected to the unit spin up for a second and then stop (while the case fans continue spinning). Is this normal behaviour pre-post since not too much cooling is required at that point. Also, if the problem lies elsewhere (motherboard, ram etc) would I be able to use a PWM splitter and put both fans into one of the inputs on the unit, knowing that I would only be able to control the fans as one unit?
  8. Moin, hab mir vor einer Woche die H100iv2 für mein ITX System geholt. System: Asus ROG Strix Z270I i5 7600K 16 GB GSkill Trident Z RGB H100iv2 GTX 1070Ti Folgendes Problem bestand: zum steuern der Pumpe und der Lüfter bräuchte man einen freien USB 2 Hub. Nun hab ich auf meinen Board nur einen USB 3 und der ist für die Front besetzt. Also hab ich auf einen USB Port verzichtet und einen Adapter geholt um es hinten anschließen. Adapter: https://www.amazon.de/Akasa-Externes-Internes-USB-Kabel/dp/B003BCDYI4/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1518170256&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=akasa+usbextern+zu+intern Alles Angeschlossen und Corsair Link runtergeladen doch nichts. LED blinkt nur kurz beim Systemstart das wars. Link erkennt nichts, Geräte Manager auch nicht. Dachte es liege vlt am Kabel hab ein anderes USb Gerät angeschlossen wird erkannt im GM und funktioniert auch. Habe das Kabel vom besagten USB Gerät mal an der Pumpe angeschlossen, funktioniert auch nicht. Was könnte defekten sein oder muss die Pumpe umbedingt direkt am MB per USB Header angeschlossen werden? Kennt sich da einer aus? Danke im Vorraus MfG zafr
  9. Astraeus

    H100i V2 LED

    Hi Guys. I need some help please. I just got a Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard with a 8700k GPU. Connected to it I have my trusty h100i v2. Since connecting it to he new MB the LED light on the AIO keep fading. Every now and then i dims like 2 levels and its never at full brightness like it used to. Any ideas what is causing this? Everything else seems to be fine with it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi I’ve just bought coolermaster Mastercase Pro 5 and an Asus hero IX mb and wanted to install the h100i v2. I was wondering if anybody had any advice for most efficient placement for mounting of the cooler. I’ve heard different schools of thought about either mounting it as an exhaust on top of the case or as an intake on the front and am undecided which way to go after hearing arguments for both. I would any input as to which direction you think I should go bearing in mind the case I have. Thanks Von
  11. Hi Guys, I'm new to this forum and just recently purchased H100i v2. So I'm having a bit trouble here with my H100i v2 as the device was recognized by the device manager but with status as I quoted below: "Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)" Which in result, the H100i v2 was not detected by Corsair Link. I tried to look-up to the registry where H100i v2 USB was located and tried to look at the Device Parameters to see whether there's any fix I can make, however, the Device Parameters was empty. Nothing. Just (Default) with value not set. I tried the SIV as well, looking up to USB Bus, and the H100i v2 was detected but the Device Information says "I/O Error 31 A device attached to the system is not functioning". Anyone else experienced same problems and found a fix? Any help will be much appreciated. Btw, the fans are working just fine. I can configure the fans from the BIOS. My specs are (if relevant): MB: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Aura GPU: Palit Gamerock GTX 1070 8GB CPU: i5 6600k [uPDATE] The problem was fixed using older Corsair Link. But, I'm still curious why the latest Corsair Link software was causing the trouble.... [uPDATE 2] Referring to replies below, was suggested to look more at the forums and solved! :D
  12. Hi all, recently completed a new build with a 7700K CPU on an MSI Z270 Krait Gaming mobo with an H100i V2 cooling the proc. my previous build had the original i7 920 with an H80 cooler, which worked really well even with a fairly serious oc in place. On the new rig the cooling doesn't seem to be as efficient so I've checked setup (CPU fan set to manual 100% power, Corsair link is running and shows pump and fan speeds. CPU block is screwed in correctly and seems tight). So have tested today giving about half an hour for the system to reach a stable idle temperature then used the prime 95 small FTTs (max heat) and large FTTs (max power) for over 30 minutes each and found that on max power test the package temp stabilised at around 70C with the coolant at around 30C, on the max heat test it stabilised at around 82C with coolant at around 31C. Just wondering if this is 'normal' from other experience or if this seems like a bad contact and a reseat, maybe with some washers on the back (which has been suggested in a couple of places)? Would be grateful for any thoughts on this.
  13. Hi, I am planning a PC build with the Corsair 570X RGB And the h100i v2. I am planning to replace the stock h100i fans with rgb ones. Which ones should I use and how what do I have to do/buy to get all of the corsair RGB fans in my case synced(SP and HD)? Thanks, David
  14. Hello everyone Tonight I replaced my H100i v2 stocks fans with the SP120s. However, I have seen a significant rise in temperature after doing so. 35c to 65c while idle. And 45c to 75c while gaming. Anyone have any ideas why this could be?
  15. Just did a new build specs will be listed below. I'm having an issue with temperature spikes. I'm using Aida64 for stress testing and on stock speeds I'm getting 62 degree averages but spikes/max temps of 80 degrees at about 1.26v. From about 45mins of stress testing. I bought this with OCing in mind so I did a small OC of 4.6ghz with averages of 69 and max of 89 at around 1.28v. These spikes are a bit concerning. I haven't seen these kind of large spikes before on mine or friends builds. Real time temps sometimes have jumps of 25+ degrees. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? I can post Aida64 test pics later if needed. I'm aware the cooler Corsair software doesn't support Kaby Lake right now but that would seem crazy to be causing this. Specs: Intel 7700k H100i V2 w/ Artic Silver5 Asus z270 Prime-AR 32gb Corsair vengeance DDR4 960 Evo 250gb m.2 MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 EVGA SuperNova 650W Corsair 500r w/ 6-ML 120 PRO's 4x on case 2x on Rad
  16. NoboThatHobo

    H100i v2

    I've heard that Corsair's customer service is great and would love to buy one the H100i v2 to replace my current cpu cooler but I have a few worries. 1) If I buy the product locally (in Malaysia), will I have to go to the store that I bought it from for support and service or do I go to corsair International? 2) In the event (Hopefully never), that the cooler just happens to leak onto my components, do I submit a ticket to corsair International or do I have to go back to the store that I bought it from again? I would buy from Amazon if it means getting support from corsair. Thanks in advance!
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