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  1. Hier bin ich mal wieder! ^^ Diesmal geht es (hauptsächlich) um den Commander Pro des 500D SE RGB der schon seit dem kauf (28.10.2020) faxen macht... Das Options Fenster des Commanders verschwindet unregelmäßig von selbst und taucht manchmal ganz kurz wieder auf, dadurch kann ich die Gehäuselüfter nicht vernünftig steuern/auslesen. Erst dachte ich das liegt an dem Kompatibilitätsproblem des Commander Pros mit x570 Boards aber da es sich heute mit der Installation eines Internen USB-Hubs (NZXT) nicht gebessert hat und ich bemerkte das die LED nicht leuchtet denke ich das der Commander defekt ist... Beleuchtungssteuerung funktioniert ganz normal. Ebenso ist der 2te USB Port soweit ich sagen kann tot... Auch die RPM der H100i v2 werden nicht ausgelesen die Lüfter sind aber steuerbar, die pumpe wird jedoch normal erkannt. Außerdem funktioniert nur der rechte USB Port des Front-I/Os. Angeschlossen sind aktuell: die 3x LL120 der Front das verbaute RGB Hub die h100i v2 das AX1200i hängt gerade am NZXT hub (da USB Port am Commander tot) und funktioniert wie gewollt. Das ganze ist recht ärgerlich da ich diesmal full Corsair RGB bling bling gehen wollte und eig die Lüfter noch gegen 6 QLs austauschen wollte... (wobei mich das Kabelmanagement jz schon fertig macht ^^)
  2. Hi everyone, odd issue experiencing here. This is my third day using a new H100i v2 (Brand new system build), less than 10 hours up time. For some reason today I kept on getting a USB Connect/Disconnect notification. Got a Plug and Play monitor program as Windows Event logging didn't tell me anything. Tracked it down to the cooler. I have Corsair Link set to Performance with my PSU. The issue so far is that about every 10 seconds the USB plug and play sound triggers. During the "removed phase" The LED no longer light up, and the fans connected to the cooler stops. During the "plugged in" phase, LED lights up, fans spins. I googled around and found that if I updated the firmware might help. (Post from 2013). Another suggested to Disabled "USB selective suspend setting". I couldn't track down a new firmware, so I opted for the latter. No improvements with the issue. Playing around with FanXpert 4 (current setting set to Silent) and noticed that if I set it higher than Slient (Standard, Turbo, Full Speed) issue goes away. USB plugged in soun, LED lights up, fan spins. Setting it back to slient, the USB disconnect sound, LED turns off, fans stops. So What am I doing wrong? Please help. There isn't a spolier/hidden tag to hide the long post is there? Plug and Play Log:
  3. I just updated my iCUE software from version 3.15.XX to 3.23.66. Now my H100i V2 cooler doesn't show up in iCUE at all. I have tried restarting the software and restarting my computer, but it still doesn't show up. The cooler RGB still works and the fans are still spinning.
  4. For quite some time my Corsair H100i V2 and CPU have been overheating (55+c and 75-80c, respectively), generally while under heavy load like gaming, but also occasionally while doing simple tasks like running file explorer and Google Chrome. I installed my H100i V2 on 12/26/2016, and until recently it cooled my processor very well, averaging about 50-60c while playing games like Overwatch in 4k (max settings). But for the past 3 months or so, I have been getting 75-80c and even higher on my CPU (FX8350) and 45-55c on my cooler which has been causing my PC to freeze and even shut down without warning (no shutting down... windows message). I already replaced the power supply, so this is not a power/voltage issue. On Corsair Link, it says my pumps and fans are running fine (2700rpm and 2040rpm, respectively). But whenever I launch software or games my temperatures immediately spike and the corsair light on my cooler turns solid red. For a while, I can play games while getting around 80c on my CPU and around 50c on my cooler, but eventually it will cause my PC to freeze. If it's of any relevance, one of the tubes on my cooler is rather warm and the other is cold while running. I assumed this is normal but maybe not. Also, I installed the fans so that they would intake air from the top of my case and blow air down into my case, towards the ground. Perhaps there is a better way? Though, this setup was working great for a while, so I don't believe it's a problem with installation, rather something is failing on me, and I don't believe it's the pump or fans. I've used an air compressor to dust out the radiator (though, I haven't taken it apart for a clean yet), and I've made sure that all the cords are plugged into the motherboard and cooling unit. I've never tried overclocking on my CPU. Thank you very much in advance, any information on the matter is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, First time building a system, my only issue is getting the pump to run. Receiving power from CPU_FAN, the Corsair logo is illuminated and the stock fans attached to the pump run based on the fan curve in the bios. I can hear the pump start for less than a second during boot, but it stops before it loads into Windows. Temps climb quickly to 80 C and above. I've tried every header on the mobo and tried setting it to 100% fan speed on both PWM and DC in the bios. It also doesn't show up in Corsair Link 4. I tried both versions and showed my storage temps while didn't, not sure what that means. In device manager, it comes up as "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)" and in properties, it has Code 43 Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, I’m looking for clarification on whether the coolant temperature on my H100i v2 is in the normal range while conducting a stress test on my 8700K, the details are listed below. I have no reference point of whether the coolant temps are normal or out of range (hence this post), but to me the coolant temperature seems very low given the CPU temp even with when considering the poor die/IHS heat conductivity. I conducted this specific test twice, once after finishing the OC process and again after having repasted and reseated the cooler. -Test: Prime95 (v29.3) Small FFT (no AVX), temp readings taken after 2 hours. -CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K 4.9 GHz @ 1.312 V (1.31 V in Link). -CPU Max package temp: 89 degrees C. -H100i v2 max coolant temp: 34.1 C (idle temp 27.6 C). -Ambient room temp: ~24 C. -GPU temp during test: 30-34 C. -H100i v2 pump speed: 2900 RPM (Performance mode). -SP120L speed: 2700 RPM (Max). -Case/Fan arrangement: Cooler Master HAF 922 with 2x 200mm fan intake (front and side), top mounted radiator (exhaust, fans pushing) and 1x 120mm rear exhaust. Changing the pump setting to “Quiet” (1280 RPM) or reducing the fan speed to 50% only sees a coolant temperature increase of 1 C over the listed settings above. A touch test of the radiator and the air coming out of the radiator were both luke warm at best. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Unsure if I am missing something or just gone overkill, I installed a H100i V2 for the cpu - works fantastic then since my GPU gets 70-80 I bought a NZXT mount and installed another Hv100i V2 - yeah yeah probably overkill, but heres my problem the LINK software doesn't pick up that I have 2 separate H100i has anyone done something similar and if so how did you get around it I need to be able to set custom fan/pump for each cooler - is it possible? What am i missing - TIA
  8. Hey all. So I recently had the pump kick the bucket in my H100i v2. While I will be seeing if I can get an RMA replacement (it's less than a year old) I figured since the newer model came out in the last year that I'd upgrade it and put the RMA one into another machine when I get it back. So, I was just wondering if anyone knew if the Intel mounting bracket for the 115x socket from the v2 is compatible with and ok to use to mount the PRO RGB? Or do I need to prepare to completely disassemble my Mini ITX box to put in a new mount? From the pictures it looks like the block is still the same basic shape, but figured I'd see if anyone has any previous experience going from the v2 to the PRO RGB while reusing the mount from the v2. Thanks in advance for the info!
  9. So I've had my pump and fans for about 5 months now and in the past 2 weeks, I've been able to hear a buzzing/humming noise come from the pump/case. It has become more apparent while I am just browsing the web or doing work. Clearly, while I am gaming I do not notice it. I am not sure if this is something normal with the pump over time or if something faulty is happening. Also, my pump sometimes comes up twice in iCue software (will say h100i v2 and h100i v2(1)) And one would be stuck on whatever RPM it was on and the (1) will be the functioning profile. Now in iCue my h100i v2 is listed as h100i v2(1) and the regular h100i v2 is gone. Along with that my push/pull config on the radiator seems to be making more noise than normal as well. Video: [ame= ] [/ame] My setup H100i V2 front mounted Radiator Push/Pull Push: 2 ML120s Pull: 2 ML120s RGB Pro Case fans: 3 ML 120 RGB Pro Connections: h100i v2 connected to CPU_FAN. Set to 100% in BIOS. 2 ML120s & 2 ML120 Pro (Push/Pull) connected to Silverstone fan hub that gets SATA power then the fan hub is connected to 4 PIN header of the Pump fan splitter. 3 ML 120 RGB Pro connected to Deepcool 4 fan hub then that is plugged into CHA_FAN 1 All fans are connected to lighting node pro as well. Is this normal or something I can do to test the noise. Could the Silverstone Fan hub be causing an issue and I should connect to CPU_OPT and use BIOS to control those?
  10. i am looking to upgrade my PC and i also want to get the Corsair H100i V2 but I am wondering if it comes with the AMD AM4 bracket right out of the box or will i have to order it separate .
  11. EDIT: see latest post Since the update to the newest version, whenever I cycle through my profiles (I have a button on my mouse dedicated to that), my mouse/keyboard/fans/LED-strips instantly change color, while my Vengeance RGB RAM and H100i v2 take 2 seconds to switch their profile. Previously, they changed instantly. Same thing happens with instant lighting: everything changes instantly, except for the RAM lagging 2sec behind and the H100i v2 turning off its LED after 2sec. This delay needs to be fixed, it used to be instant. Sidenote: I still can not disable the LED on my H100i v2 manually in a profile. There used to be a LED on/off switch for it in Corsair LINK, please add that to iCUE. Even if I set the color to 0/0/0, it still has a faint grey backlight for some reason (used to be black/off in LINK). Right now the only way to turn it off is to apply some instant lighting - which is an ok workaround for my usecase, since the reason why I want the LED to turn off is for my all-black/turned-off "watching movies" profile, and instant black lighting takes care of that, although I would like to have that option in my mouse-button-profile-cycle so that I don't have to open up iCUE for that.
  12. Hi! I have Cooler Master 690 advanced case (the first one not II or III). Here is link to the spces: http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower/cm-690/ I'm upgrading my PC right now and I want to try this cool liquid things. As I understand from CM specs: it have place the top: 120 or 140 mm fan x 2 (optional) for two coolers. It looks like this: http://assets.coolermaster.com/global/uploadfile/fileproduct_list/P1302180179a8fb/PRDPIC/f7fe608abda56808b512d873185b5c4a_1361408255.jpg So, as I understand I can use two-fan hydro systems. But what size? As I understand all liquid coolers are "square". So if I choose 280mm two-fan system it will be 140x140 + 140x140. If yes, then it will not fit into my case. Maybe I have to choose 240mm? In that case I'll get 120x120 + 120x120 It fits in width, but length will be 240mm while case have 280mm total length. So, my question is: what system I have to choose to fit into my case? Thank you and sorry for my bad english )
  13. I have a H100i v2 cooling system, and it has been working perfectly with Corsair Link 4 Software. Also, I own a K65 lux RGB keyboard working with Corsair Utility Engine 2 Software. The problem comes when I updated Corsair Utility 2 to ICUE 3.6.109. When starting the program, the H100i v2 fans speed up to 2700 rpm and the temperature starts rising, it doesnt matter wich profile I click or If I'm using a curve. Even If I close ICUE, without using any other program nor app, the fans keep spining at 2700 rpm until I shut down the computer. If I start the computer without running ICUE, the cooling system works perfectly speeding up the fans when needed, but obviously, I can't use the keyboard features such as lights. I tried re-installing the program, deleting all profiles but it hasn't worked. And now, if im running my pc without ICUE, and I restart the system, the H100i v2 fans do the same, 2700 rpm before BIOS screen. I dont know If it has anything to do with this but, inside ICUE, in the settings tab, shows this message: "H100i v2 has not been configured", even though It shows the temperature and the rpm of the pump and the fans. I dont know what I can do, I hope you all can help me solving this problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
  14. First of all, this is my first post here and I want to apologise If I make any mistake. I have a H100i v2 cooling system, and it has been working perfectly with Corsair Link 4 Software. Also, I own a K65 lux RGB keyboard working with Corsair Utility Engine 2 Software. The problem comes when I updated Corsair Utility 2 to ICUE 3.6.109. When starting the program, the H100i v2 fans speed up to 2700 rpm and the temperature starts rising, it doesnt matter wich profile I click or If I'm using a curve. Even If I close ICUE, without using any other program nor app, the fans keep spining at 2700 rpm until I shut down the computer. If I start the computer without running ICUE, the cooling system works perfectly speeding up the fans when needed, but obviously, I can't use the keyboard features such as lights. I tried re-installing the program, deleting all profiles but it hasn't worked. I dont know If it has anything to do with this but, inside ICUE, in the settings tab, shows this message: "H100i v2 has not been configured", even though It shows the temperature and the rpm of the pump and the fans. I dont know what I can do, I hope you all can help me solving this problem. Thank you very much. :biggrin:
  15. I will be building a new setup on a Maximus VIII Hero Alpha with an overclocked i7-6700k cooled with an H100i v2. The thing is that I do not intend to use Corsair Link. What is the optimal setup for this? The motherboard has three separate 4-pin headers labeled "W_PUMP", "CPU_FAN", and "CPU_OPT". The way I see it I have two options: I could connect the pump's power cable to W_PUMP and then the radiator's two 120mms to CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT. I could connect the pump's power cable to CPU_FAN and then connect the radiator's two 120mms to the pump. The H100i v2 manual says to go with option 2, but remember I will not be using Corsair Link for anything other than changing the LEDs. After that it will be uninstalled. Would this still give me optimal performance if I do not wish to manually control the fans, or would option 1 be better? What exactly would the differences be, performance wise, between these two options? After uninstalling Corsair Link, the RGB LED stays put. Is there a particular preset I should choose, and would that stay put too after uninstalling? If nothing is changed except the RGB LED, would the H100i v2 just perform at its default preset? And will this remain after uninstalling Corsair Link? Is the default preset any good? I don't want my system to be noisy, but I also plan on overclocking a little.
  16. Hey Everyone, I am editing my old post since I think I was being a little to vague. As the title says, I am new to overclocking and I just finished building my first rig. I listed all my system specs in the profile but not the h100i v2. Could not find a place for it. I have read through the whole Liquid Cooler FAQ Guide from DevBiker and have tried my best to follow the troubleshooting scenarios that he has described. I followed Boosted Media's Overclocking Guide for the 8700K and mismatched some settings from der8auer to help with my overclocking. I should mention that I am only trying to go as high as 4.8 GHZ at the moment until I fully understand more of the principles of this fine art. I do have some questions on how I can use my AIO Pump to its full capability: 1.) The forums mention that the pump has to run on full 12V for it to operate properly. Devbiker says to put the CPU Fan Speed at 100% in the BIOS. I tried finding this option on the Asus Prime z370-A BIOS and I could not locate it. The only this I could find was the Q-Fan Control. Is this the same thing? Should I disable this or does anyone know where I can turn the CPU Fan speed to 100%? 2.) If I am understanding correctly, this model of AIO only runs in 2 modes. Quiet and Performance. There is an option for Balance but it wont allow me to select the Pump only the fans. I am using the ICUE to control my Corsair RGB and the Pump as well. When I look at the RPM for the Fans on the H100i it says 0 RPM. Is this something to do with my BIOS Settings? 3.) How do Fan curves work on this ICUE system? I am trying to keep my temps as low as possible in idle and full load but I dont know what temp averages I should be seeing. I live in Long Beach, CA where weather right now is at 26C - 31C. I will not be gaming on this computer as I am a console person, sorry guys and gals, this system will be used for Visual Effects, editing, 3D Modeling, texturing, compositing, etc. Sorry for the rant but I am just trying to learn as much as I can and pass the knowledge on.
  17. I am currently using a Corsair H100i v2, four SP120 RGBs, two ML120 Pros and a Commander Pro. I only recently brought the Commander Pro, as I wanted more control over my case fans and extra RGB options for the SP120s. So I installed it, plugging in my four SP120s into the fan ports and plugging the SP120 RGB unit into the RGB port. However, when I booted up my system and loaded iCUE, the Commander Pro did not display any active fans, it only displayed 3 voltages and 4 temps (2 fans will occasionally appear and display random RPM numbers and then disappear). Furthermore, I have plugged in all 4 temperature nodes into the Commander Pro, but iCUE is showing all four temps as 0 degrees. I am able to change the RGB for all four SP120s, but I have no control over fan RPM what so ever. Furthermore, I am having a similar problem with my H100i v2. I have my 2 ML120 Pros plugged directly into my H100i v2 and have its USB connector plugged into my motherboard. However, within iCUE the H100i v2 is only showing 1 fan and it is saying it is at 0 RPM, when I can clearly see both fans spinning in my case. I have also noticed that the SP120s, plugged into the Commander Pro, and possibly also the ML120 Pros, plugged into the H100i v2, rapidly change their RPM every 10 to 20 seconds or so (I can hear them speeding up and slowing down). It seems like they are following some kind of pre-defined fan curve, but like I mentioned iCUE is not letting me control any of my fans, so I have no idea why they are doing this? I have attached my view of iCUE I hope someone can help, Thanks!
  18. Hey All, Came across this strange behavior today and was wondering if anyone else had experienced it. First though my setup Commander Pro, H100i V2, 6x LL 120mm 2x ML Red LED 6 LL 120's are controlled via the Commander Pro. The 2 ML reds plug into the slitter on the H100i V2 and that is connected to the header on the Mobo that is set to full power. The Issue I was encoding video using handbrake, and due to this my CPU was maxed out hovering between 95%-100% as per task manager and the dashboard in iCUE. Due to the high CPU usage, my profile set my fans to all run on max. The encode took about 2 hours and once it finished handbrake shutdown. Task manager updated and reported the correct CPU usage, however iCUE continued to read the load as 95% and the temps as high. This meant the fans still were spinning on max. The only way to stop this was restarting the Corsair Service. Closing and reopening iCUE didn't make a difference, the temps/load still reported as high. To continue testing I rebooted, checked the iCUE was reporting the correct Temps and load and than ran another super heavy handbrake encode, however this time of a very short clip. The encode took about 15 minutes, this time however iCUE reported the temps and load correctly after the encode finished. Forone final test I rebooted and set up another heavy encode on a full length movie. After it finished iCUE once again got stuck on the high temps and CPU load after handbrake finished and closed. It looks like the amount of time the readings are high has something to do with this issue. Any other opinions, input or experience with this type of behavior is appreciated. Thanks, Telling
  19. So i recently bought 3 LL120 fans for the front of my case and a commander pro and this is where the problem started. After installing the three fans and the commander pro I opened icue to change light settings and noticed that my H100I V2 had vanished after not touching it, could this be because it still has the stock fans on it ? or because I haven't connected the fans to the commander pro ?
  20. I Recently Purchased new components to build myself a new PC and have had quite some trouble with this cooler. PC Specs: Mobo: MSI Z370A-Pro CPU: Intel I5-8700k Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz (2x4gb sticks) PSU: 750w Gold rated Modular The issue I've ran into is firstly the Fans and pump are running however, i can't seem to get them to show up in corsair link which lead me to check if it was displaying in the device manager, which i found is showing as an error code 43(USB Device Descriptor Failed) I've tried switching the cooler's USB port to the secondary, tried uninstalling the device, rebooting, uninstall Corsair link then reinstall, Move the Fan from CPU_Header to Pump_Header but none of these have changed anything. I have also gone into the bios to disable Smart Fan control on the CPU as well as enabling Legacy USB and the Dx?H?(i forgot the name of this) thingy which still did not work. Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hello everyone! I have recently got the H100i V2 for my pc and the default fan curve on Corsair Link seems to be too loud for me. I have my radiator at the top of my case with the fans blowing outwards (pretty sure it blows outwards, the logos on the fans are facing inwards). I have a intel 8700k and a 1080 ti (if that helps). I am just curious what fan curve people would recommend for sorta intense games (like PUBG and stuff).
  22. I've been having this issue for about 2 months now - I use Corsair Link, and the fan RPM on my H100i v2 will constantly have a very minor up-and-down hum, seemingly changing in tandem with the CPU load. The RPM fluctuates very small amounts, 1260-1320 sometimes to 1380. It occurs this way with the fans set to 'Fixed %', and will even fluctuate if I set a fan curve, regardless of its range. Regardless of settings, the pump will even fluctuate small amounts; 1950-1980 RPM, etc. I've done a small bit of troubleshooting the last few days, and have tried; Making sure the Fans/Pump are associated with the appropriate cooling group in LINK, which I believe should be 'H100i V2 Temp' group -- correct me if I'm wrong. Disabling any other fan softwares that don't play well with LINK. I don't use another software aside from MSI Afterburner which I use to set my GPU fan curve. Even then, I closed Afterburner using the Task Manager and then checked my fan RPMs, the problem persisted. Using the Task Manager to close LINK, then using HWMonitor to check if the fan RPMs were still fluctuating; they were. (I don't actively run/use HWMonitor; it was just for this test.) Rolling LINK back to a previous version (, then back to current version, as previous version didn't solve the issue.) Double checking my BIOS to make sure Q-fan control was set to off. And as I've mentioned, it seems to be associated with even a slight increase in CPU activity. The fans will have an increased hum, going up and down every few seconds with CPU load even at fixed %. I don't want to assume it's associated with the pump going bad, as my CPU temps are totally fine. (GIF of LINK display of temps, rpms, and CPU activity) https://gyazo.com/5e7e5713139ddd0ca5cf1818addd22ed I did read a much older post about an identical issue, which leads me to believe there might be a fix. Though, their fix isn't applicable to me unfortunately, as I don't use any form of software like that. (http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=837906) Is this a common occurrence, is it normal, or am I simply overlooking something? Any assistance is greatly appreciated! (Apologies if this post would be better suited to the LINK section of the forums, but I wasn't sure where to post.)
  23. HI guys, so I built my first PC yesterday and after booting up, installing app, windows, etc, everything was perfectly fine and working as intended except for my cooler and the temp. I followed the instruction, the cooler is lighting up inside my case but the cooler fans aren't turning and my pc temp Hit 67C while I was installing some low data apps like spotify or skype.... Also, I keep hearing the windows device connect/disconnect notification sound each 10 seconds, so I looked up in my devices and I kept seeing the corsair USB appearing and disappearing, is this because of the corsair link usb cable ? ( the link app was showing me my CPU was at 120C LOL which is impossible...) So I was wondering if I installed my cooler the wrong way ? I will step back what I did: - installed the cooler on top of my ryzen 2600x with the AM4 socket since I have a x470 gaming plus ( I reapplied thermal paste and cleaned the one that was pre applied) - installed the radiator and the 2x fans as exhaust on top of my case - now it's where im not 100% sure, I connected the cooler power cable to the CPU_FAN. After there is a "Y" cable that comes off the Corsair cooler, So I connected 2x cooler fans to the Y cable. I even looked the manual and everything seem to be in order, but I looked at my fans when I was installing apps and the case fans were working fine ( 1 intake installed on the SYS_FAN2 and 1 exhaust installed in te SYS_FAN4) but the 2x cooler fans were not turning at all and I kept hearing the annoying device connect/disconnect sound... Need your help on this!! thanks a lot :) HERE is a video of what EXACTLY is happening [ame= ] [/ame]
  24. Bonjour, j'ai fais l'acquisition d'un corsair H100i v2 pour ma nouvelle config que j'ai monté aujourd'hui d'ailleurs, seulement j'ai un petit soucis en effet, au démarrage du PC je me retrouve dans le BIOS, ce qui est normal, mais je reçois une alerte comme quoi le "CPU_FAN" n'est pas détecté ( La ou est branché mon watercooling ), et quand je regarde les écrans de monitoring dans le BIOS je m'aperçois que mon CPU monte, monte, monte en température sans s'arrêter, alors évidemment par sécurité je l'éteint avant les 90°C. Les ventilos tournent impec sur mon radiateur, par contre je n'ai pas l'impression que la pompe fonctionne, je n'entend pas vraiment de bruit, seulement un sifflement assez strident, voilà j'éspère avoir donné assez de détail, si jamais quelqu'un a une piste qu'il me la fasse parvenir au plus vite :sigh!: Merci d'avance. ( Config : i7 6700K / Corsair HX850i / Corsair H100i v2 / Asus Z170 Sabertooth mark 1 / 16Go DDR4 2666Mhz HyperX / 2x STRIX 1080 )
  25. I wonder if anyone else has this but the only profiles available for my H100i v2's Pump are 'Quiet' and 'Extreme'. I cannot set it to Balanced or any other custom profile that I create.
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