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Found 9 results

  1. This is new build with Asus prime Z390-A and i7 processor. When I installed H100i Pro, it is getting detected under human interface device in device manager and at the same time under USB error 43 displayed. Also it's not detected in Link software( Version provided by Customer support team). My computer is completely missing the VID_1B1C&PID_0C04 entry in registry What i tried so far 1. Change USB ports. restart PC. 2. Try connecting to external USB ports. 3. removing ALL USB devices to ensure no conflict. 4. Uninstalled conflicting software's. Any other pointers?
  2. My Corsair H100i Pro is not being detected in iCUE, I have installed the micro USB header to both USB headers on my Commander Pro and still no detection from iCUE. I even tried to connect the USB 2.0 to the spare connection on my motherboard and still no detection from iCUE. Is my cable faulty or do I need to replace the entire AIO? My device manager is detecting an unknown USB Drive as connected, is this the cooler?
  3. Hi, I'm stripping a DELL Poweredge r630 from CPU:s, memory etc. for a Supermicro X10DRH-I-O. This motherboard has support for 2 Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 v3, and 16 memory slots (gonna throw in 512GB on those). My hope is to make a system with a more comfortable noise level, preferrable in my living room. I'm gonna use it mainly for experimantal endeavours, and software development. Running virtualization using XCP-ng. The supermicro motherboard has a E-ATX formfactor. 1. Does the Obsidian 750D fit two AIO coolers with 3 fan radiators? Preferrable, two h100i pro. 2. Supermicro has an extreme latency, in answering support questions, but hopefully someone of you can answer this. Does the h100i AIO coolers need dedicated AIO connectors on the motherboard, and does this Supermicro mother board have those? 3. What sound/noise level is expected with such a configuration aprox?
  4. Hello , excuse me for bothering you but i bought corsair h100i pro 1 year ago and i had an intel processor now i change to AMD but i lost bracket for AM4 cooling provided in the h100i PRO box. Is there any bracket compatible with the H100i PRO for sale in the market?
  5. So here's the thing. I posted on Reddit a couple of days ago about an issue with my Ryzen 2700x CPU. The temp would fluctuate from 40C all up to 54C while on idle. I had a few responses which one told me my pump might be bad. Now my question is how would I know if it's bad. Is there a way to check? While putting the comp under load, I reached temps of 100C. I did overclock it to 4.1 Ghz however I had to Underclock it to keep temperatures down to 85C underload. I used Prime 95 and AIDA 64 to stress test it and used Ryzen Master to check temps.
  6. Hello everyone! This is my first forum post here so please keep that in mind. My recently purchased H100i PRO watercooler doesn't show up in iCUE. It is plugged in and working but I cannot change the lighting. It is set at a default of color shift. I have tried many things but none have worked. Thanks in advance. :biggrin:
  7. Hi all! I've been googling and digging in this forum for days and I can't find a solution to my problem. I have a ryzen 3900X that heats up at around 85-86 degrees ALWAYS when under load. It usually stays in the range of 40-50 degrees and goes down to 35's very limited seconds during the day. Now, while the pump seems to be working, it does not pop up in either corsair link or iCue. I downloaded USBDeview and here something strange happens. In the beginning it was not even showing up, but after diconnecting it and reconnecting again, it shows up but offline all the time: http://imgur.com/tD0waQ4 In device manager it does not even show up at all. I removed the cable and connected an external USB cable to the back of the case. Then it showed up perfectly in iCue and I could check everything, but once I put it back to the original cable in the USB_Header (not the black one), it dissapeared again. I checked the BIOS (it's all default at this moment) and USB legacy is active. The pump is connected to the CPU_FAN and the fans are connected to the pump. As said, it all works and while I know Ryzen 2 works with higher temps, I can still not change anything as it's not showing up in the system. What options do I have? I sent an email to support days ago and got no response after filling in all the info of the questionnaire. TL:DR Pump does not show up in iCue Pump is connected to USB_Header correctly and CPU_FAN. Pump works when connected to the USB at the back of the case. Temps of 86 degrees while other people report 70 degrees on the same system and while the case has 3 extra fans pumping the heat out of the system. Any suggestion before I try an RMA?
  8. Hey all. Long-time reader, first time poster and I am in need of some cooling help or advice. Long story short, I built my own rig about 2+ years ago and have had minimal problems to date with cooling. My first CPU cooler was the Corsair H100i V2. After about a year, though, the pump crapped out on me and I went with a CryoRig H7 fan. It was a somewhat decent fix for the time being. Up until about two weeks ago, the fan was working alright, but I noticed my CPU temps were starting in the BIOS around 45 degrees and then would sometimes spike over 82+ degrees when under load or in a game. This seemed unusual. So I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to the H100i Pro and also purchased three additional Corsair ML 120 RBG fans. Unfortunately, though, my CPU temps still idle around 43-45 degrees and will spike over 78 degrees when under load. I know this is nothing alarming, but I have a buddy with the almost exact same specs/hardware and his idle CPU temps are in the low 30s and high 50s under load. I have reseated the cooler twice with my own thermal paste, downloaded every possible driver and checked about every possible setting in Windows and the BIOS. I'm doing push and pull on my 240 MM radiator, with exhaust fans on the top and on the back of my case. My ambient room temperature is around 75 degrees F. This seems a little alarming to me that my temps are a whole 10-15 degrees higher at idle and under load than my buddy's and frankly, I am at the end of my rope with this. I feel like I've tried everything and don't really know where else to go with this. Please help! Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. My specs are: NZXT S340 Elite Intel i7 7700K ASUS Strix ROG Z270E Gaming Corsair Dominator Platinum 16 GB (8 GB x 2) DDR4 3000 Samsung 970 EVO M.2 1000 GB Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SSD WD Black 2 TB HDD Corsair CS-M Series 750CS 750 W 80+ Gold
  9. So basically I have the h100i pro, it used to work fine, I was able to control it with Icue. It's pretty much on and off after Icue updates sometimes it shows up and sometimes it does not. After the most recent update It will not show up in Icue at all. I have did all the trouble shooting and read the FAQ nothing worked or helped. I have been using this water cooler since November 2018 and I have had this problem the entire time.Sometimes things work for like a month then they go back to the same old story. I am not using any kind of hardware Monitor or anything like that. This problem has grown to be very exhausting . The cooler does not show in device manager or USBdeview, I get the message "Device Descriptor Request Failed". I have uninstalled and reinstalled Icue and residual files, numerous times. My guess is this is related to the" Corsair USBXp Driver" which does't show up for me. uninstalling and reinstalling Icue did not reactive the driver. I also cannot update, it doesn't look like the computer recognized the device at all. The fans spin, but i cannot control the device. I am not confident it is properly cooling my PC. If anyone has a solution please help, as of right now i cannot control my cooler at all. I'm probably going to call customer service tomorrow or when i get the chance.
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