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Found 12 results

  1. I have the corsair h100i pro water cooler that I use with ICUE. When I first installed everything worked no problem. About a week later the water cooler was not showing up in ICUE, I did some trouble shooting and it showed up again. But this problem keeps happening over and over. The trouble shooting is not working this time I have uninstalled and reinstalled ICUE, it works and the water cooler shows again only to disappeared in about a week or so, or after an update. I cant keep uninstalling and reinstalling the soft ware, and spending all this time trying to fix this issue every time there is an update. The soft ware has worked very inconsistently. Is there a solution to this problem, or an alternative method I can use to control my water cooler. because as of right now there is no way for me to control the settings on the cooler. :mad:
  2. Hi everyone, I just put together a mostly new PC, and immediately I could see that one of the fans on the radiator wasn't spinning at all. I checked the connections and it seemed that everything was solid, and both fans were connected. I swapped them at the splitter to see if it was just a bad fan, but after starting the system again I saw that the previously spinning fan was stopped, and the previously stopped fan was now spinning. So to me that seems like either the splitter is bad, or I have a bad connection somewhere else, or I have a psu problem? I was thinking that maybe I need to replace the power supply because it's pretty old. /edit: I think it's a Corsair CSM 750. Attached is a snip of my icue dash. I only just got the PC running so I haven't done any stress testing or anything, but I did have the pc hard reset earlier today while I was playing final fantasy 14 (would not have thought that would push the system much). I had set a notification to turn all my lights yellow if the temps got over 70c and I didn't see that, so IDK if the reset was temps or something else. I also circled the chassis fans in icue because it's showing 3 active fans when I only have two, which i'm a bit confused about. I can check the connections again. I also have some extra fans i could replace to see if it somehow is a problem with the fan. I can check BIOS settings again (set cpu header to full speed / pwm). Would really appreciate any input I can get, sorry in advance for not doing more research or looking around for similar problems but there's a lot of outdated and less relevant info out there and don't want to make it worse.
  3. As the title explains I have my H100i Pro all hooked up for about a month now, works fine as far as I can tell, my CPU has remained cool, however the pump spins in random colors inconsistently. I tried switching out the cord today to see if that was it and it still did nothing. Really at a loss of what to do here.
  4. Hi guys, im currently having an issue with my H100i pro rgb. Since the first time i used my pc the cooling fan on my radiator doesnt turn at the same speed. No matter how i connect them in the splitter there's always one slower. As a matter of fact there's always one half slower than the other. :sigh!: Does anyone ever had that issue? Thanks for the help.
  5. I think I have a defective 120 mm fan, but would appreciate if someone would follow my troubleshooting and let me know if there is something I missed. I recently purchased a H100i pro RGB (CW-9060033-WW) and installed it. The unit is powered by the SATA connector coming off the pump, both fans are connected to the Y adapter coming off the pump/sata power connector, the pump tach is connected to the motherboard CPU fan header, the usb connector is attached to the USB1 header on the mb. The CPU fan speed in the bio is set to 100% full speed. Irregardless of any setting or configuration I have tried, Fan #1 runs at ~2460RPM and that speed cannot be changed. It is very loud :mad: Fan #2 can be controlled by iCue or Corsair Link and runs between 0 RPM (with the ZeroRPM profile) and ~1300 RPM (with the Extreme profile.) The pump runs between ~1110 RPM (Quiet profile) and ~2760 RPM (extreme profile). About my system: Gigabyte B150M-D3H-CF motherboard intel i5 6600k processor window 10 x64 Troubleshooting I have tried -controlling the fan with only iCue installed -controlling the fan with only Corsair link installed -controlling the fan with Gigabyte's SIV while iCue is installed (this doesn't work at all and I have uninstalled SIV) -controlling the fan by changing the bios CPU fan speed (has no effect) -detaching the pump tach from the motherboard CPU (no effect) -removing and reinstalling the Corsair USBXp Driver (no effect) -detaching the fan from the power Y coming off of the pump/Sata power connector (this obviously shuts down the fan completely while it is disconnected.) -swapping the 2 fans on the power Y coming off of the pump/Sata power connector (this causes the problem to be changed to fan #2 operating at full speed while the other fan keeps its 0-1300 RPM range) This ultimately leads me to believe that the fan always operating at high speed is defective. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  6. Bonjour, Depuis une semaine, j'ai un genre de vibration en basse fréquence à un régime de 600-900 tours minute. J'ai l'impression que ma table de bureau vibre ou qu'on refait le bitume de la route dans ma rue. Je les ait fait tourner à 300 rpm en mode manuel, et, ça a bien vibré. J'ai un ventilateur qui n'atteint pas les 2340 rpm qui reste à 2045 rmp. L'autre, tourne maximum 2345 rmp. Que dois-je faire? Retourner chez Tones.be (là où je l'ai acheté)? C'est loin... J'ai presque 100 bornes à refaire plus le retour. Comment ça se passe le Service Après Vente chez Corsair?
  7. Salut j'ai remarqué un certain problème et attention faut suivre. :nodding: je possède un h100i pro platinum et un volant logitech g920 et je remarque que si Icue est en mode minimisé donc pas ouvert, Et quand je branche mon volant, Icue fait un micro freeze et du coup les couleurs sur la pompe et les ventilos se figent et la pompe tourne en extrême et le son de déconnexion USB Windows apparait tout ça que pour 1sec mais il me le fait au moins 5-6 fois mais si Icue est ouvert bah ça le fait pas :bigeyes: J'ai testé en enlevant le logiciel logitech mais non c'est vraiment Icue... :(:: C'est bizarre avec ma souris razer ça ne le fait pas c'est uniquement avec le volant. et je crois que ça me le fait que depuis la MaJ récente d'icue (3.10.125). Avez-vous des idées ? :[pouts:
  8. Hey all. So I recently had the pump kick the bucket in my H100i v2. While I will be seeing if I can get an RMA replacement (it's less than a year old) I figured since the newer model came out in the last year that I'd upgrade it and put the RMA one into another machine when I get it back. So, I was just wondering if anyone knew if the Intel mounting bracket for the 115x socket from the v2 is compatible with and ok to use to mount the PRO RGB? Or do I need to prepare to completely disassemble my Mini ITX box to put in a new mount? From the pictures it looks like the block is still the same basic shape, but figured I'd see if anyone has any previous experience going from the v2 to the PRO RGB while reusing the mount from the v2. Thanks in advance for the info!
  9. So I want to run 3 x LL120's on the front of my case for mad rgb (push) and then mount a h100i Pro and its 2 ML120's (pull) behind the top 2 ll's. (e.g. *pull* <-- ml120 - Rad - ll120 <-- *push*) I have heard that the rpm and CFM difference can hurt the lesser LL120's so I was planning on capping the ML120's top rpm to the same top rpm as the LL120s to lessen the difference and therefore hopefully get their CFM's very similar through the whole rpm curve. Can anyone see any major problem with this? And I only have a 8600k which I have overclocked to 5Ghz on a Noctua NH-U12S so even just the 2 ll120's will be better then that I imagine as i'm not going for any huge numbers.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new around here. I recently bought a H100i Pro RGB (correction from the title) cooler for my build, which I believe you can see in my signature. It works great and is a beauty to behold, except that I can't figure out for the life of me how to get it to save the static color to the device. I know where the 'Save static lighting and performance to Device' Button is and have used it multiple times to no avail. Basically, the moment I hit the power/restart button in Windows 10, the H100 Pro goes back to Rainbow mode. The fan settings, however, are remembered, so that's nice. But basically, on boot and on restart, it forgets the static color I assigned to it, and only regains the color when I log back into windows, and iCue opens up. Is there a workaround to this? Or is there something I'm missing? Other things I've tried: 1. Uninstalling and restarting, reinstalling iCue, restarting, no change 2. Downloading an older version of iCue but that didn't even open 3. Tried using Corsair Link 4 with iCue uninstalled, but Corsair Link wouldn't even see the Pump 4. Looking for that mysterious pref file that you're supposed to switch to read only.. but that doesn't exist anymore. Thanks in advance! :biggrin:
  11. Hi guys, I started my first full build and everything is going fairly well. I'm building in the Crystal 570X Mirror Black, installing a H100i Pro RGB and I'm taking out the existing fans and replacing with 6 LL120's. I also have a Commander Pro and I just have a few questions about some connections: - The H100i Pro RGB has two fan connectors coming from the pump; do they need to be plugged into the LL120's on the radiator or can I tie the cables from the pump out of the way and just plug the rad fans into the Commander Pro? - My mobo only has one internal usb 2.0 port and I need 2; one for the H100i Pro and one for the Commander Pro. I think I can just plug the Commander Pro into the mobo and the pump into one usb port on the Commander Pro but I would just like some confirmation on this. - I plan on having the LL120's plugged into an RGB fan hub and then plugging the hub into an LED port on the Commander Pro and just want to make sure that's the proper way. - The Crystal 570X Mirror Black has RGB Corsair logos on the front and side and I'm just wondering if it will work right if I plug it into the 2nd LED port on the Commander Pro? Whew! I think that's it lol I really appreciate any help :D:
  12. Looking to upgrade my case and cooling. Can the radiator of H100i pro rgb be top mounted in the 460x case? mb is Asus Z370-E and using the Vengeance rgb pro RAM. Will there be enough clearance? Thanks in advance
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