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Found 12 results

  1. So I have a brand new build that is a few days old. The issues I'm having are with USB disconnect sounds followed by my H100i SE lighting frozen and fan lighting flickering. I have an H100i SE hooked up to my copro USB and a lighting node core on the second USB passthrough on the copro. After the random USB disconnect sound, the RGB on the H100i freezes and fans hooked up to the Node Core start glitching. The fan PWM freezes on-screen but I can still apply different fan curves to the fans and I can hear them ramping up so I know the RPM signal works. It's just an issue with the RGB and it's very annoying. Seems to be an issue with just the CoPro as I checked all the connections such as CoPro USB passthrough, MoBo USB header, SATA power connections, fan RGB connections, and nothing seems to be malfunctioning. Seems like a software problem to me because if I leave my computer on it almost never has this issue. Maybe iCUE conflicts with other software or I have a weird setting on my BIOS or iCUE? please let me know. Specifications The RGB and PWM of the two fans on the H100i radiator are hooked up to the cables from the pump. The pump cable is connected to the Mobo CPU PUMP header and set to constant 100% Two QL120 in the front of the case hooked up to CoPro for PWM and Node Core for RGB Two QL140 on the bottom of the case hooked up to CoPro for PWM and Node Core for RGB Vengeance Ram is working fine.
  2. Hi, I´m thinking to buy the H100i normal edition (black) and then swap the ML fans to LL fans. My question is, if the RGB effects on the bomb are the same no matter what edition is? For example I saw the ARC profile on Corsair web, it looks awesome on SE (white), but I see it a bit different in normal edition (black). Is that because are just different fans or bomb? I would love if the H100i normal edition with LL fans looks awesome just like the SE with the same RGB effects on the bomb. Hope someone can help me!
  3. Bonjour / bonsoir, J'ai construis mon pc aujourd'hui (20/06) et je me suis tout de suite rendu compte que la pompe ne s'allumait pas au démarrage. Cependant, celle-ci fonctionne car le cpu a une température respectable (35°C au repos). Le soucis étant le bruit monstrueux occasionné par mes deux fans ML120 incluses avec ce water cooling. Elles tournent à 1500RPM (sauf erreur de ma part) et elles sont impossibles à contrôler. Je ne peux évidemment pas les contrôler via iCUE car celui-ci ne détecte pas la pompe. Si vous avez besoin d'informations complémentaires n'hésitez pas à me les demander et je vous les donnerais dans la limite du possible. Merci d'avance pour votre précieuse aide, j'en ai besoin.
  4. I recently installed a new H100i Platinum and the quiet mode is very loud. I've seen some other posts regarding this issue and some suggested to have it run overnight. I did this but the noise is still there. Interestingly enough, when I tilt the case back, the noise disappears. I've attached 2 videos, one where the case is upright and one where it is tilted. Do I have a bad pump? Is air just trapped in? Should I RMA? Any suggestions/fixes would be appreciated! Case upright, pump in "Quiet" mode: [ame] [/ame] Case tilted back, pump in "Quiet" mode. No noise!: [ame] [/ame]
  5. Hey all you cool cats and kittens, I'll be getting the last few parts delivered in about a week, then I get to start building this thing! I have some experience building, but I'm scared of messing something up, especially as I'm completely new to the Corsair ecosystem (I know I'll need to completely disable Mystic Light, at least). I'm trying to visualize everything before I start. Does this look correct? 6 LL120, 4 RGB LED strips, and 1 H100i Platinum. Am I missing any connections? In iCue - where would the H100i fans be in the order?
  6. For months now, I have been having this issue with my corsair H100I platinum radiator ML fan that came with the unit. One of the fans makes a loud grinding noise when spinning and is much harder to spin than the other. If I spin it by hand, as shown in the video attached, one fan spins freely and smoothly while the other only spins for a second and quickly halts whilst also making the mentioned grinding noise, even at very slow speeds. It seems to be the motor as the blades are not coming into contact with anything. Does anyone have a solution to this that doesn't require sending the entire unit back? https://imgur.com/OKRKJf9
  7. I have a problem with my Corsair H100i Platinum. After having disassembled it and reconnected to the motherboard, one of the two fans, precisely the one connected to the cable with the writing "1" no longer works, the fan remains off at 0 rpm. The second fan, connected instead to the cable that I assume is "2" (since there is no adhesive on) works correctly. If I invert the fans, the behavior remains that, the one connected to n.1 does not work, while the one connected to n.2 works. A sign that it is not the fan that is defective but the cable that goes from the waterblock on the CPU to the connector. I noticed that if I try to only partially remove the connector and push it slightly upwards, the fan works, but at maximum rpm. If I no longer apply pressure to the connector with my finger, the fan stops working. I checked the connector but it doesn't seem to have any pins out of place or in an abnormal position, it doesn't seem to be damaged at all. I know it seems obvious, but do you think the problem is the connector or something else? And if it were the connector, how could I fix it? I was thinking of connecting it directly to the motherboard, or taking a Y splitter, to connect everything on connector 2. But at this point I could not independently manage the two fans. At this point I thought, since less than a year has passed to send it as a guarantee? Recommend me.
  8. Hello, I intend to change my box for the 465x rgb, but I am not sure that my AIO h100i and my ram corsair vengeance pro rgb fit on top, does anyone have any idea if I could mount such a configuration ?, Any suggestion of a box that fits this configuration?, I come from the 780t and I would like a box a little smaller, thanks.
  9. Do you absolutely need to plug the 140mm fans into the H100i pump, or can they go in the Commander Pro and RGB hub? I plugged the fans in the latter and it’s next to impossible to get them out again.
  10. Hi there! Is there a way to have the RGB of a third ML120 fan synchronize with the other 2 fans from the H100i Platinum AIO CPU cooler? The Situation: I have a new setup in a Spec-Omega RGB case. I'm using an H100i Platinum cooler and have bought an addition HD120 fan and a ML120 fan. I am using iCUE to synch all the RGB The Plan: have three HD120 fans in the rear and top of the case on the same RGB channel have the two ML120 fans that come with the H100i cooler on the front of the case with a third additional fan below them all on the same channel The Problem: The case only comes with one hub and lightning node pro This means there is only one spare channel in iCUE for ALL the fans which aren't associated with a peripheral (the other channel is used by the spec omega's front LEDs) Having two types of fans on one channel means I have to set them ALL to HD120s in iCUE which makes the third ML120 look strange next to the two from the cooler. What's the most cost-efficient way to just get the front three fans to match each other? I don't really want to splurge on a commander pro. I was wondering if it was possible to get a splitter for the RGB channels of the H100i platinum fans and just slap the third ML120 into so it becomes part of the H100i RGB channel (almost like an H150i but with a shorter radiator). Or perhaps a hub can be used for them?
  11. Hello, So i got my H100i Platinum connected to my MSI b450 Gaming Pro Carbon with USB and CPU Fan Header. What ever i do i can only "Control" the Fan #2. Fan #1 sits all the time at 2700 RPM no matter what Settings i use. Is that normal? I also got Corsair Link but that didn't help either. My bios Version is E7B85AMS.170 and my bios Settings are posted below, i thinks they could cause the Problem too. The CPU (r5 3600) jumps sometimes from 37° to 47°. However i would prefer having both fans at 1200 RPM, at the moment its extremly noisy.
  12. Hello, I bought a Corsair H100i Platinum, and built it into my PC. But since I've installed Corsair iCUE, the lightning is getting crazy. When I start the computer, the LEDs flash a bit, then the Windows Sound for a USB device (when plugged in & out) plays multiple times, then the lightning is off. If I put the lighning to one colour, it lasts ~5 minutes till the LEDs go out. I tried to update the Firmware, but it failed always. Can somebody help me please?!
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