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Found 5 results

  1. Howdy Ya'll, I recently purchased an iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooler; however, I've been having several problems with it--specifically with the pump. After diagnosing most of these problems myself, I'm stuck with iCUE reading the pump RPM as 0. As a result, it's giving me a "Pump Failure" warning. However, the pump is functioning perfectly fine. Not only is the CPU temperature below 30°C on idle, but BIOS reports a non-zero pump RPM. I've tried unplugging and replugging most every connection there is between the pump, the commander pro, and the motherboard and nothing's changed. I've gone into BIOS to set the CPU_FAN to full speed and nothing's changed. I've tried force updating the firmware for the device in iCUE, but the pump reads 0 rpm still. At this point, I'm wondering if there's any fix whatsoever or if I should just replace it because it's driving me crazy listening to my fans run at 100% all the time.
  2. Hey everyone, With the summer heat around the corner, we're bringing a new cooler to make sure your CPU stays chilly ❄️. Sporting new fans and a radiant lighting aesthetic, the iCUE RGB ELITE coolers are making their presence known. Here’s a few quick highlights: Features 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs and a contemporary pump head design that'll highlight your build with its unique luminescence. Equipped with our new, sleek AF120 ELITE fans, providing absolutely powerful cooling performance to keep your Intel or AMD CPU running at peak performance. Keep noise to an absolute minimum with these coolers' specialized cooling modes in iCUE, which enable Zero RPM fan and Variable Pump Speed modes when your system is running at idle or light work loads. Click on the following for more information: H100i (240mm), H115i (280mm), H150i (360mm). We’ve put together a quick FAQ below. Q: Is this cooler compatible with Intel's 12th-gen CPUs? A: Yep! The LGA1700 standoffs, along with the Intel mounting bracket, are included in the packaging. Q: Can I swap out the fans for RGB fans? A: Sure. The fans themselves will connect to the cooler's fan harness, while the RGB connectors would require a separate lighting controller such as our Lighting Node CORE or COMMANDER CORE XT. It is also worth noting that swapping fans out may affect cooling performance. Can't wait to see you guys build with this cooler! Let us know what your thoughts are or if you have any questions!
  3. Bonjour, j'ai monté pour la première fois ma configuration et j'ai un soucis dans le logiciel iCue, il y a un échec de mise à jour 1.6.135 en m'indiquant "Assurez-vous que votre périphérique est directement branché à votre système et non à un hub USB.". Pourtant j'ai installé comme il se doit mon H100i Elite Capellix, avec le câble de la pompe relié au CPU Fan (j'ai également essayé sur le CPU OPT mais pareil) et l'autre relié au Commander Core (où tous les ventilateurs sont reliés ainsi que leurs câbles RGB) qui lui même est alimenté par SATA et le câble USB relié sur un USB interne sur ma carte mère Aorus B550 Gaming Pro AC (j'ai évidemment essayé sur l'autre USB interne mais pas de changement). Bref normalement il est bien installé comme dans la vidéo explicative de Corsair. Donc je ne comprends pas d'où vient le problème, j'ai ouvert un ticket avant ce post et les réponses que j'ai eu étaient de désinstaller le logiciel iCue ainsi que tout les dossiers/drivers Corsair sur mon PC et ensuite de réinstaller, ça n'a rien changer... Je vous laisse une capture d'écran de l'échec de mise à jour. Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
  4. So I upgraded my pc yesterday new motherboard msi mpg z490 gaming carbon New processor Intel i7 10700k Also purchased the corsair h100i elite for cooling I used my original boot ssd from my old motherboard When I booted the pc up all working ok windows opened straight away The h100i lights on looked great After a few minutes it started blinking red on the fans and on the corsair badge on the processor Now when I boot up the pc after 1 minutes fans work up to full speed and no lights I looked on the motherboard info and the h100i is not recognized on the board just says unknown Also in icue it will not pick up the cooler at all no matter what i do Giving me crazy head ache now been trying for hours and hours Can anyone help please Thanks
  5. Background information: Corsair 570X case 6 LL120 fans 4x8 GB Vengence Pro 4000MHZ H100i Elite AIO cooler msi mpg x570 gaming edge I recently purchased 6 LL120 RGB fans and had the desire of installing all the fans and controlling them all on the iCue software. I succeeded, but in the event of swapping the SP120s for the LL120s, I had to use the Commander Core instead of the RGB Hub and the SP lighting controller that came with the 570X case. After swapping hubs, my CPU cooler makes a constant whirring noise on quiet mode. This sound was never present when I ran the setup with the SP120s and the RGB hub instead of the LL120s and the CoCore. Wiring info: CPU cooler is in CPU_FAN All fans including the lighting cables are on the Commander Core. The RGB hub is not being use as well as the SP lighting controller but they are still installed, but I feel as though that would not contribute to the CPU cooler being loud. Everything works and looks fine, its just the CPU cooler whirring louder than before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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