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Found 9 results

  1. New build using the Corsair H100i Elite Capellix AIO. The AIO cooler worked properly for one day before having issues. Although I thought my cpu temperatures on idle was a bit high at 45c before the trouble began. The issue: Upon booting the computer indicates there is no cpu fan connected. Then indicates high cpu temperature warning. “Press F1 to go into BIOS”. Once into BIOS the cpu_fan no longer registers the pump rpm. BIOS indicates NA for the CPU_Fan. CPU temperature ramps up to 86 c within 30 seconds on POSTing. All the fans and cooler RGB lights flash red. The cooler fans ramp to max rpm. I did install Corsair iCue software and played around with fans speeds and lighting configurations. Not sure if that’s a factor. But I thought I’d add it here. I can’t boot into Windows due to CPU high temperatures. I triple checked all connections. In researching the issue, I’ve found other builders have had this issue but haven't seen a solution. _____________________ Computer specs: Intel i7-13700k Corsair H100i Elite Capellix 240mm AIO CPU Cooler Asus TUF Z790 Mother Board 32 g Corsair DD4 RAM Corsair 850 PSU Samsung 1 T m.2 Window 10Pro Corsair iCUE
  2. I recently connected all of my fans to the Commander Core that came with my H100i Elite Capellix and none of my fan speeds are able to be controlled with iCue. I have 5 fans, 2 are not PWM so I don't expect those to be controlled however 2 of my fans are the RGB ML120s that came with the AIO and one is a SP120. The RGB ML120s lighting is able to be controlled and all fans are reporting rpms to iCue including the non PWM ones which inaccurately show 60k to 61k rpm. The RGB ML120s idle around 1200 rpm and do ramp up to about 2350 rpm under load with the SP120 one topping out at 2000 rpm no matter what fan setting I use. I have tried setting custom fan curves in iCue, removing all other monitoring software (HWinfo/CPU-ID) and checked that my BiOS is not controlling them. If anymore info is needed let me know.
  3. i have the h100i elite capellix cooler first time i got it worked fine then installed one more ssd card and for some reason it wouldn't turn on took it to several places to see if they could figure out what's wrong had to return it get a new one but with this new one. i am having a different problem pumps work, but the rgb on the pump head don't work if unplug the pump cord from the command block and plug it back in, it will flash a color and turn black.
  4. Hello, I have a h100i and I am using the commander core that came with it to control all my fans. I got 2x ml140 on the radiator and 4x sp120 as case fans. The rgb controlling is working really well but the fan speed isn't. The sp120s doesn't change fan speed, even with fixed rpm. Only the ml140s on the radiator. Please help me fix this issue before the noise from the sp120s has killed my ears. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey, ich habe heute in meinen pc eine H100I Elite Capellix eingebaut. Jedesmal wenn ich meinen pc jetzt starte läuft alles gut für 30 sek und dann fängt es an rot zu blinken. Es ist soweit ich weiß alles richtig angeschlossen. in der ICUE App kann ich aber auch nichts ändern und anklicken und es wird angezeigt das ein Pumpenfehler vorliegt. ich hab echt keine Ahnung mehr was ich machen soll. Kann mir irgendjemand da weiterhelfen ?
  6. So I have a Corsair H100i Elite Capellix. It worked fine for a while, aside from the motherboard complaining about a CPU Fan Error even though the Tach cable was properly connected to the CPU_FAN header. I just ignored this issue though, as otherwise the unit was fully functional. Worked upon startup, fully controllable in iCue. There were a few times where the RGB block wouldn't be recognized for a little bit after I disconnected it while in use, but that would fix itself. At least for a while. At some point, I disconnected it once again while in use accidentally while trying to swap the face plate. It once again wasn't detected after being disconnected and reconnected while in use, but I figured it would resolve itself like the times before. But it didn't. But everything else was fully functional, I just couldn't control the RGB block anymore. And then the next day, the Commander Core also wasn't recognized. Fans weren't spinning. The pump wasn't running. At that point, I had to effectively jump-start the unit by disconnecting and reconnecting SATA power. As a result of this, everything connected to the Commander Core would run at full speed, no matter what the temps were. I tried all the normal steps, fully uninstalling all Corsair software, uninstalling Aura Sync, reinstalling iCue, but to no avail. The unit wasn't detected. It wouldn't start up with my system- I had to jump-start it. I looked for another solution, which led me to the "Bluetooth and other devices" panel of Windows. The unit is supposed to show up there, but it didn't. I powered off the system once again, and reseated *every* connection multiple times. This also didn't help at all. I still can't control anything, and the RGB is still either forced to my hardware profile (RGB OFF) or just doesn't work. I don't know which. I then decide to look at Device Manager. I see the Corsair USBxp driver, and decide to uninstall it. Maybe it was corrupted somehow. I uninstall everything Corsair once again, and reinstall iCue. Still nothing. Not detected anywhere. Unit still doesn't start up with my system. Not even with a fresh OS or in the BIOS. Just doesn't work without jump starting it. I suspect it's an issue with the Commander Core, and as I can't afford to RMA as I don't have a replacement cooler on hand and need my PC daily, I plan to just buy a replacement Commander Core. However, they haven't been in stock so I haven't been able to do so. However, if anyone has any other suggestions, PLEASE. For now I've opted to have the fans connected to my motherboard and that sort of works, but it's not ideal. I shouldn't have to do this. EDIT: Also tried: Different PSU header, Different SATA power plug, the other USB 2.0 header, different fan headers for the pump tach cable.
  7. I seem to be having problems trying to put an rgb effect my new Corsair iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX and iCUE SP120 RGB PRO fans they are all connect to the commander core and in the new iCUE 4 it comes upas unknow device but if click on to it says commander core. all The leds are working because they are flashing red which I have researched and it apparently means that ether the pump isn't working or it overheating. Now I did have a problem when i first installed it with other heating because I put the fans on the wrong way but now I have sorted that and the pump is definitely working and I am not having any heating issues so I was wondering why the leds are still flashing red and why I can't change the rgb on them. I have tried uninstalling and re installing hence the newest version of iCUE. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. I'm currently having an issue with one of my six LL120 fans. They are all hooked up to the same Commander Core that came with my H100i Elite Capellix. I tried unplugging the fan from the header on the controller, and plugged it back in and got no changes, as well as swapping it to a different header and the fan still wouldn't light up. All fans were working earlier and all still work fine except the one. Also in iCUE, I can see six fans under the performance tab, but once I switch to lighting effects, I only see five. My iCUE software is version is 3.38.61. Thank you in advance.
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