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Found 17 results

  1. I also have this cooler but it got bricked after firmware update. Anyone of you have his cooler and can send me a specific file? Just search for a H100_Platinum on your C drive and you should a file like this: H100_Platinum(VersionNumber).hex If you have it, can you give me it please, i lost mine bur i wanna fix my AIO.
  2. Hi, I am new here and, although I occasionally use Corsair kit for my desktop tower, I am asking the following in respect of supporting a friend. I have said friend’s computer which was not powering up. The computer, based around an ASUS Sabertooth X79 motherboard (I’m guessing it’s around ten years old) with an i7 3930K, is water-cooled using a Corsair H100 unit. My friend never consulted anyone when purchasing the unit and it is clearly an older gaming system, completely inappropriate for someone of his age (now 80 or so) and computer usage (just standard stuff). I assume he just believed the advertising blurb and though “good computer” or some such. The computer was powering up then switching off quickly which, knowing his home as I do, I put down to dust i.e. an overheating issue. Messages in the BIOS confirmed the system’s CPU was overheating and, since I know nothing about water-cooled PC maintenance, my solution was to buy a fan to that would cool it in line with his usage (he simply doesn’t need a PC, even one this old, of that spec). I bought a fan from Amazon which is where my problems started. I can’t remove the CPU cooler; it appears to be stuck solid. I’ve removed the screws for it but the construction of the fan support is such that I can’t do what was suggested on YouTube i.e. heat the paste up on the CPU by running the machine, then effectively gently wiggling the thing until the paste (now hotter) allows it to come free. So now I am after advice … how do I remove the CPU cooler so I can replace it with a fan unit? Thanks 🙂 James
  3. Hallo zusammen, ich wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ich mir weiter helfen könntet :sigh!: Mein Setup was ich anschließen will besteht aus: Commader Pro + H100 RGB Platinum + Lighting Node PRO + 1 Lüfter LL120 RGB Im Anhang ist das Foto um es besser zu erkennen. Wie ich es zurzeit angeschlossen haben: Türkis = LED Kabel von den drei Lüftern an den RGB HUB Lila = Der Strom für die Lüfter an den Commander Pro Grün = Die LED Streifen(4Stück) Grün2 =Den RGB Hub mit dem Commander auf LED Steckplatz Blau = Den USB vom H100 Cpu Kühler an den Commander Pro Rot = Habe ich glaube ich doppelt gemacht ist der USB von H100 :D: Wenn ich es wie beschreiben anschließe erscheint die H100 nicht unter den USB Geräten und ein Lüfter leuchtet nur halb. Und ein LED streifen spielt ganz verrückt. Ich habe gefühlt alles schon ausprobiert und komme zu keinem Richtigen Ergebnis. Danke für die Hilfe im voraus:biggrin:
  4. Hi! I'm doing an RMA on my H100, after the controller died. (no light, not driving fans on the four fan-connectors, and no RPM-signal on the CPU-fan connector) I need to enter a serial-number on the RMA-form. Where can I find that number? It also need the LOT-no, which I found on the box. I have the feeling I'll be feeling really stupid after getting an answer to this, but I'll have to live with that. Hopefully this will help someone else later.. :)
  5. Hello Corsair community, So for a week now my AIO keeps disconnecting for no reason. Dont know if i had any ICUE updates or something. So the disconnects seem to be inconsistent because sometimes it doesnt disconnect at all, sometimes it disconnects after 20 minutes but bostly it disconnects after boot. I cannot control the Fans or RGB afterwards and the AIO doesnt appear in ICUE at all. I also just wasted a whole day for a Windows clean install and it didnt change anything.
  6. Hi, I've recently noticed something interesting about my H100i that I bought about 3 or 4 years ago. I've been having relatively high temperature for a while, so I've blown out all the dust, reapplied thermal paste, and made sure the cooler is mounted properly, but my temps are still relatively high for my i7-4790k. However, I recently noticed something that brings my temps down. I noticed that by physically hitting the top of my case close to where the radiator is mounted a few times, my temps drop instantly. A few light pats seems to do the trick, and I'm just so confused as to how this is even working. The effect is dramatic, I notice my package temps drop more than 20-30c instantly. The image below shows my temps right after I hit it. I have to do this at least once a day since the temps rise back up after a few hours. Is this just an issue of my H100i being old and needing to be replaced due to blockage and buildup? Is there anything I can do so I don't have to keep abusing my poor PC? Thank you for the help. https://imgur.com/a/aq1EC7i
  7. I recently completed my new pc build, and everything seems to be working well, but my h100i doesn't appear in iCUE. My Vengeance pro ram and commander pro both appear and can be configured, but the h100i doesn't appear. I have the h100i's usb plugged into one of the usb slots in the commander pro, because my motherboard only has one usb header. I made sure that the cooler was set up properly, and have tried numerous fixes that I've seen on this forum and elsewhere, but nothing seems to help. I would appreciate any assistance with this issue. Thanks.
  8. We are trying to install an H100i v2 onto a Ryzen 5 2600 CPU mounted on a Gigabyte Aorus X470 Ultra Gaming mainboard. The AMD bracket supplied with the H100 does not fit. The bracket appears to be a bit wider and longer than the mounting holes in the mainboard. :(: The stock AMD cooler fits the mainboard without any issues. Is there a bracket available to use this cooler on this mainboard, or do we need to find another cooling solution? :confused: Thanks!
  9. I've had my H100 for 4 years now and had no problems with it. I replaced my thermal paste so I: - cleaned old thermal paste off the H100 backplate using paper towel and 70% alcohol - did the same to processor - put back the H100 - plugged the 3pin fan connector to H100 power slot in the wrong position Reference image of H100 controller, not actual: http://i.imgur.com/mwhKtjL.jpg Correct positioning of 3pin fan connector: o x x x What I did was: x x x o x: used pin o: unused pin I noticed that my temps were higher than before I replaced the thermal paste so I went to check what's wrong. It is only by this time that I noticed the LED lights on the H100 controller are off the fans not working. After that, I tried the following: 1. Correctly replugged the 3pin connectors to the right slots 2. Removed all fans from H100 controller Both attempts didn't make the controller light up again. Do you think that this killed the H100?
  10. Bonjour, j'ai récemment reçus un WaterCooling h100i RGB platinium de chez corsair, je l'ai installer puis tester, il à l'air de marcher pour le peut que j'ai allumer mon PC, mais il fait un bruit de grésillement assez dérangent en mode équilibrer et en mode extrême, puis de temps en temps, quelques secondes en mode silencieux, je voudrais savoir si cela est normal on pas ??:sigh!: Voila une vidéo que j'ai faite : [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUeEsWzY39M[/ame] Edit: C'est la première fois que j'installe un WC donc j'ai rien toucher niveaux paramètre dans le BIOS ou dans ICUE Merci d'avance.
  11. Hallo und Guten Abend. ich habe eine H100i V2 im PC verbaut welche nun seit fast genau 23 Monaten ruhig und ohne Problem ihren Dienst versehen hat. Mein PC MSI Tomahawk x299 mit Intel I7 7800X. Heute nach dem hochfahren wurden die Lüfter extrem laut. Die Drehzahl ging rauf. Normaler weise höre ich die kaum. Dachte mir gleich das was nicht passt. Hab runtergefahren kurz gewartet noch mal hochgefahren und bin gleich ins BIOS. Lüfter haben wieder Gas gegeben. CPU Temp lag da schon bei 81C° und ist bis ich runterfahren konnte im Sekundentakt auf über 90C°. Die Wakü hat auch rot geleuchtet macht Sie sonst nicht. Schlauch war extrem heiß. Normaler weise habe ich nie Temp über 40. Ich Übertakte und spiel auch keine Games. Das scheinen mir Symptome einer defekten Pumpe zu sein. Was habe ich für Möglichkeiten das Ding zu reparieren? Und wie lange hab ich eigentlich Garantie auf das Teil? Für Tips ,Tricks, Anregungen oder Vorschläge wäre ich dankbar. Ich antworte nicht immer gleich aber ich antworte. Update 23.10.2019 Habs noch mal komplett geprüft Problem bleibt das Gleiche. Hab meinen Händler kontaktiert. Garantie greift, da das Teil aber leider nicht mehr verfügbar ist bekomme ich den Kauf erstattet. Hab mir schon den Nachfolger die H100i Pro bestellt. Kann mir jemand sagen ob und wie ich hier die Software tausch oder ob das überhaupt muss. Ist das Plug n Play und update?
  12. Hallo, Habe mir gerade eine Corsair h100x Wasserkühlung gekauft, gestern eingebaut, eingeschaltet und naja macht ein komisches Geräusch :( Also ca alle 5 Sekunden macht es so ein komisches "Knattern" (hört sich ein bisschen an wie der Zugriff auf eine alte HDD oder Diskette :P) das Geräusch dauert nur ca. 1-2 Sekunden! Wenn ich denn Rechner auf rechts lege ist das Geräusch weg?? Radiator ist oben montiert mit Original Lüftern! Die beiden Lüfter hängen am Mainboard auf dem Pump_Fan Anschluss und die Pumpe auf CPU_Fan, laut HWMonitor und Bios läuft die Pumpe auf 4200RPM?! Ist das Normal?! Oder soll ich Reklamieren?! (Kann wenns wäre ein Video on dem Geräusch machen)
  13. Hello, all, I recently purchased a new Corsair H115i pro. Loojs alright, but I´m rendering a video on Adobe Premiere with CPU at 98%. Watching on the software ICUE, I see a temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius, while watching on the CPUID software, I see 62 degrees celsius. Is it right or wrong ? Why this so big difference ? On ICUE, I set all fans and pump to extreme to this task, because CPU is at 100%. Normaly, CPU keeps around 40 degrees on idle. But I wanted to certify if it is normal. Recently I had to change an H100i because it came to the end. My CPU is an Intel i7 2600k overclocked to 4.6Ghz. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, I recently replaced my PSU and since doing so my fans attached to the H100 are running on full speed constantly and changing the speed by pressing the button on the water pump appears to make no difference to the speed. The H100 is several years old now so does this sound like a fault with the pump or can anyone suggest something else to try? Thank you
  15. Hi guys, Just put a new system together with parts rescued from previous builds. I have the Hydro H100i CPU cooler (the 1st gen one, not the V2) and I'm looking to monitor it via either iCue or LINK, not sure which is the right answer. I have the USB lead connected from the cooling block to a vacant USB header on the mobo. My first attempt was to install iCue 3.12.118. It seemed to install fine, but upon startup it said it couldn't find any devices to monitor. The "+" button in the dashboard revealed 4 entries, none of which was the Hydro device. 1 was 4 sticks of older Corsair RAM which I guess aren't monitorable. 1 was my mobo. The other 2 escape me. I have now uninstalled iCue. My second attempt was to install Corsair LINK 4. (v I saw some mentions in here of iCue and LINK needing to be installed with LINK passing control up to iCue when required so I thought I'd try that. That install failed. "Installation failed. Error code 0x80070652". So at this point I'm a little stumped and thought I would turn to you guys for any tips! Control Panel / Device Manager reveals no unrecognised devices, but there's also nothing jumping out and screaming "I am a CPU cooling device" in there either. I have no idea if it should be visible in here or not. Under "System Devices" there are 5 "Thermal Control Device" entries which could be it I guess, not really sure. Is there driver software I should have installed for this cooler? Its just occurred to me I should have looked for that. Any tips / pointers / advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, Sal
  16. Hello guys, i am new i the forum, so greetings! I would like to ask the original Corsair Hydro Series H100 (CWCH100) is compatible with the new AM4 socket? Soon planning to upgrade from my LGA 1155 and having this cooling system for 5 years now, but it's perfoming great inside the 650D case! Thanks!
  17. I noticed recently that my CPU temp is running higher than normal, much higher, like 15-20 degrees Celsius higher. In addition, I noticed that my pump speed is at around 3000-3200 RPM, as opposed to the normal 2800 RPM when on Performance settings, and it's at 2040RPM when on quiet, not that I can keep it at that speed because the computer will overheat in a matter of minutes.. The CPU is an AMD FX-8350, and even when idling is much hotter than normal, around 55C. I've had the cooler in there for about a year and have never seen it do this. I've cleaned the radiator and still no temperature improvement. One tube is very hot while the other is pretty cold. Any ideas?
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