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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I`ve got a Corsair one Pro (Intel i7-7700K, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 ti) about 1 year ago, used especially for gaming. At the beginning, I watched only out of curiosity Corsair Link reports. I was very impressed by the quietness of the system during the games. As far as I remeber, at that time, GPU temperature values were in range of 50-60 degrees Celsius during gaming, and fan noise was very low. But used to it, I didn`t checked GPU temp because nothing suggested a change...no increased fan noise, no crashes, nothing at all. But few days ago, I`ve got some issues with my system (some malware or virus suspected) and I decided to reinstall Windows. Everything by the book, but didn`t expected what followed. Suddenly, immediately after I started to play the first game, the noise made by the fans was significantly increased. Of course, I suspected an overheat of GPU and indeed, from that moment I noticed that GPU range temperatures during gaming or various stress tests are between 75-85 Celsius degrees. The cooling system seems to work well, because almost instantly GPU temperature goes down from about 80 to 25-30 degrees, after I stop a GPU stress test or close a game. On idle, temp is 25-30 degrees, ambient temp about 21-23 degrees. So, all reasons to consider that OK. I decided to open case, I blew air for dust remove, even was not present, checked for any water leaks on cooling system (obvious that that wasn't a problem but I checked this too), I repasted both GPU and CPU (thermal paste on both appeared to be OK). Even so, after other 2 fresh Windows installations, because I continued to suspect some software issue, the described problem still persist. I just did a stress test with Uningine Heaven and I attached results. Peak temp for GPU was 82 deg.C So, I need help to understand...after all, 75-85 Celsius degrees under gaming on extreme graphic settings or stress tests is OK for Corsair One and all the problem is only in my mind, or is really an overheating issue? In that case, any suggestion, please? My Corsair specs: SKU CS-9000009-NA/RF CORSAIR ONE PRO Compact Gaming PC — Intel Core i7-7700K, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 16GB DDR4-2400, 480GB SSD, 2TB HDD Stress test table.pdf
  2. So I have the same buzzing/humm noise at idle like alot of other people have reported. But also any time I play a video from either SSD or HDD the noise gets noticeably worse, like an intermittent screeching/scratching type of noise. The noise will stop as soon as I stop/pause the video. It seems to be coming from the left side around the bottom. Is anyone else experiencing this? I know the noise at idle is not an isolated issue but I'm wondering if there is something else wrong with this unit... Hopefully corsair will get this all sorted out. i7-7700k 32G 1080
  3. Hallo zusammen, da ich momentan mit dem Gedanken liebäugel mir eine 2. GTX 1080 für mein System zuzulegen dieser Thread. Ich habe mir gerade gesleevete Kabel für mein Corsair RM650i gekauft und möchte nun an diesem noch eine 2. 1080 mit Strom befeuern. Die Frage ist nur, wie soll das gehen? Ich habe ein 650 Watt Netzteil damals mit gutem gewissen gekauft, um mir die Möglichkeit offen zu halten eine 2. GPU mit ausreichend Strom befeuern zu können. Nun stell ich fest, dass mein Netzteil nur 3x Anschlüsse für PCI-e-Strom besitzt, also 1x mal für CPU und 2x für GPU. Denke ich falsch oder ist für mich kein SLI unter einem 650 Watt (!!!) Netzteil möglich ? Andere Netzteilhersteller, wie z.B. beQuiet liefern in der Größenklasse an Netzteilen SLI-fähige Netzteile/Crossfire-fähige Netzteile für bis zu 3 Karten. Hat jemand eine funktionierende Lösung, die optisch zu verkraften ist ? PS: Mein RM650i ist derzeit über schwarz/weiß-gesleevte Kabel von Bitfenix angeschlossen. MfG J.Corrigeux
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