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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I am from Australia and just today setup my first ever custom watercooling loop. I used the Corsair XD3 pump/reservoir combo and it is making a loud grinding noise from the time I switched it on. Initially I thought that it is air bubbles and after bleeding the noise will subside. I bled the loop for close to 3 hours but the noise still persisted. I bit the bullet and started my PC. Using Commander Pro if I set the pump speed to 50% or less then the pump is quiet. If I raise it any more than 50% then the grinding noise comes back on. Also, if I rotate and hold my PC at a 60 degree angle the grinding noise reduces. At this point I have no idea what is wrong. I am suspecting its the pump itself and I may have to RMA it. Can anyone advice on the issue? You can hear the sound generated by the pump here: https://imgur.com/jydbyQq Kind Regards, Rajiv
  2. Hi everyone I'm having some potential issues regarding my PSU. It seems to be making some sort of grinding/clicking noise when under load. For example when I'm playing EVE Online it makes this weird sound after a short period of time. The sound seems to immediately disappear when I alt tab out of the game. I tried checking my other components since I at first thought the sound was coming from my GPU but after close inspection the sound is coming from my PSU. Does anyone know what could be causing this sound? The name and model of the PSU are: Corsair TX 650M. Other than the sound I am not experiencing any performance related issues. Video link to the sound recording: [ame] [/ame]
  3. I just bought the h100i about 2 weeks ago and have been loving it. But today I turn on my computer and it sounds horrible..... [ame] [/ame] Link I've determined its the pump (Ive used my hands to stop the fans and the sound does not change)...... I'm really trying to avoid a return and taking apart my entire computer. I noticed the pump is running at 2500rpm constant, even when Im just in windows.... could this be it? Or is this sound normal and I need to get use to it? -------------------------------- UPDATE: I took it out of my PC and water POURED out of the radiator JUST missing my rig. I am returning this and never touching another Corsair product again. This almost fried my $2000 rig. Unbelievable. Vids coming soon - Im just speechless at the moment. --------------------------------
  4. Hey guys. I need some help.. I have recently built my first gaming pc and everything was great. I have also changed the stock pump fans to noctua nf f12's a few days ago. Today I have started experiencing some issues with the cpu cooler pump. I wanted to play the witcher 1 and when i openend it up the pump started making high pitched, grinding noises. When i minimized the game, it stopped instantly. I assumed it was so because the pump started working harder when the game was booted. But then I booted witcher 3, a more challenging game and the noise was still there, but not high pitched. The two nf f12 fans are plugged into the h100i, so I was wondering if they could be interfering with the pump? Or is the pump itself faulty?
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