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  1. Let's talk about the daunting topic, overclocking 🕓 this subject is often talked about when people start building PC's. Did you decide to overclock your computer and if so, what did you find most difficult? For my seasoned overclockers, do you have any tips & tricks 🗒️ for first-timers? And for anyone that decided not to overclock their computer, what had turned you away from it 🤔?
  2. Hi! I just got a 7000x case and am starting a new build. Is there a recommended vertical GPU mount for this case? Thanks in advance!
  3. i recently built a new pc but and put a rm850 in it for the psu , i was able to snag a 4080 to put in it yesterday and now i'm worried about the cables i'm going to need , who can tell me if my psu is ok and what cables i'll need PSU: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RCKG95L?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details GPU: https://www.newegg.com/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-4080-gv-n4080gaming-oc-16gd/p/N82E16814932561?quicklink=true&fbclid=IwAR05pGNAtkGoo44vOK_xPB53u02HmgbFnT4DOTrw3L6gysrmrP6Fdrq6PYg
  4. Hi together, after a operating system downgrade (reinstall) from windows 11 pro to windows 10 pro (newest version 10. october 2022 including all updates) - my rgbs not working correctly. I have installed a commander pro which is control my rgb´s. At the first channel I have connected my xd5 pump - after the pump I have connected my gpu block and than I have connected my XC7 cpu block. At the second chanel I have connected a 6 port fan hub with 6 LL120 fans. After the downgrade my fan rgbs are still working but the rgbs from my pump, my gpu block and my cpu block are off. The pump itself works fine. I also have reinstalled the icue software (newest version: v4.28.177) and have configured my two rgb channels. For testing I have switched the rgb pump cable into the second channel of my commander pro and reconfigured the channel in iCue software (the rgbs are still off). If I put my Fan Hub into the first channel and reconfigure the channel in iCue software the fan leds works. Before downgrade to windows 10 everything works fine fo more than 12 months. Maybe anyone of you have a similar issue and can give me some tipps for troubleshooting? I really cant imagine why it works fine for more than 12 months and after a reinstall of my operating system there is a hardware issue - I hope there is an error in my configuration 😅 Many thanks in advance.
  5. Noticing your PC getting a little too hot after that intense gaming session? You may be in need of replacing your thermal paste and CORSAIR has got you covered with our new XTM70 Extreme Performance Thermal Paste! This thermal paste combines fantastic heat transfer and easy application to keep your high-end CPU, GPU, console, or other components reliably cool, during even the most intense tasks and overclocking. Here are a few quick highlights: XTM70 spreads evenly and cleanly due to its low viscosity, allowing it to fill into microscopic valleys and crevices on your processor’s surface which ensures peak thermal transfer between your Intel® or AMD® processor and your cold plate With 3g of non-electrically conductive paste, XTM70 helps support extreme CPU cooling and lower temperatures without drying or cracking Ideal for high-performance processors that can run very hot Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick comparison and FAQ down below: Q: Is an applicator kit included? A: Yup! The included applicator kit comes with a square stencil and spreader, so you can apply a smooth, uniform layer onto a cold plate without making a mess. Q: Are cleaning wipes included? A: Of course, wipe away old paste from your processor and AIO cold plate with three included cleaning wipes.
  6. Hi this is my first time posting on here i was wondering if anyone can help me I'm trying to figure out if the premium individually sleeved psu cables pro kit type 4 gen 4 work with the Corsair hx1500i (2022) i know where you connect the psu cables it says this on the psu designed for use with genuine corsair type 4 cable sets only
  7. Hello, please help, i wanted to install GPU ( MSI MECH rx6600xt ) in the case (Corsair 4000d airflow), and it just didn't fit... I tried to squeeze it in not to hard, but it just didn't get in... I removed first and second bracket, didn't work, second and third, same story, then all three still nothing. I think it's the metal bracket on GPU (too big) but i am not sure, my motherboard is MSI Z690A PRO DDR4 WIFI does it matter?
  8. So I just installed the ICUE update and now there are 2 GPU Temps. when I am playing on is showing like 70-80°C and the other one is around 90°C at load. Is that bad or what is this second temp?
  9. I have the Asus GPU plugin in CUE 4 but I cannot use it I presume because my Asus GPU is installed onto an EKWB waterblock with it's own LED's. I use the Asus motherboard plugin but would like to remove the Asus GPU plugin from showing in CUE 4. Is that possible?
  10. I just installed a Corsair Waterblock on my 3080Ti Fe and the temp is now locked to 65C where it was running at 80+C when on its stock cooler. This is in addition to the core clocks decreasing as soon as I enter into a game going from 1950MHz to less than 900MHz. Precision is not locking the temp to 65 and all the settings are the same. Is there anyone who has an idea why the card is not behaving properly? I have found that the card is thermal throttling even though the core is at 68C Hwinfo is reporting the highest temp on the card overall is 104C thus the throttling. I assume it is due to lack of cooling on VRMS but am unsure, any ideas other ideas or ways I could confirm my thoughts?
  11. After updating to the newest Aura, I now have a Asus GPU icon in my icue but I have a EVGA 2080 super ftw 3 gpu. NOT a asus.
  12. I use iCUE with a Commander Pro for fan control and the iCUE dashboard to monitor those fans and all the various temperatures of my rig, but mainly the temperatures of my CPU and GPU. I'm currently running a RTX 3090 with a hybrid cooling solution and my GPU temperatures are great, but I worry about my GDDR temperatures. Can iCUE be using to monitory the GDDR temperatures of my RTX 3090?
  13. Hi, I recently updated ICue and now I see that it is picking up my GPU as a device, however, the GPU does not update anything when changed in ICue, anyone else see this or get it working?
  14. So I know this is in the MB lighting section but.... as there is no GPU section that I can fine this was the closest thing to my point. So, we have asus MB lighting on the way to full release, with this there is only one major item left to integrate into the iCue ecosystem is the RGB lighting on GPUs, as a recall of what’s possible to control at this point via iCue vs what has lighting is as follows, starting with what’s iCue compatible; 1. ASUS Motherboards 2. Corsair Ram 3. Corsair AIOs 4. RGB fans compatible with either the lighting node or commander pro 5. RGB strips (controllable from either Corsair controllers or ASUS MB) 6. Corsair keyboards 7. Corsair mice 8. Corsair headsets 9. Corsair RGB accessories such as RGB mouse pads and the like And for things that aren’t controllable from iCue excluding things of the same item type as above in order of likely use; 1. GPUs (May be easy to just adapt the new asus plugin to also support ASUS GPU lighting, though it would be nice if others like EVGA or MSI where to be available at some point) 2. Sound cards with RGB lighting 3. RGB SSDs (yes I know.... I don’t get it either but....) 4. Monitors with Backsplash RGB 5. Things like Phillips hue lighting And as you can see out of the major things mentioned above you could make an entire system that would use one program to control everything with the exception of the GPU if it has lighting.... if we had that it would be truly possible
  15. So I recently was able to get ahold of a 3080 FE and I was hoping to adjust the RGB in iCUE. However, it doesn't appear where the other components are. I was originally using iCUE v3 upgrading it all the way up to 3.38.61 and tried using a bunch of older versions as well with no luck. I just upgraded to v4 hoping it would show up there. However, it hasn't. I have updated the graphics driver for the card and have the latest BIOS for my motherboard (an MSI Meg Unify x570). I am honestly not entirely sure what to try at this point. Does anyone have any ideas? This isn't super important but I would just really like it to work if it can be done. I was able to edit the RGB in EVGA Precision but I would rather be able to do it in iCUE as I prefer MSI Afterburner. My only thought at this point is possibly my motherboard isn't compatible? Or maybe there's a setting in my BIOS I have to fix? I'm honestly not sure.
  16. Finished building custom loop few days ago but noticed in benchmarks like Port Royal Stress Test, Metro Exodus and Gears 5 all giving lower average FPS. I don't get this as my now water cooled RTX 3090 (Zotac) is running perfectly fine on the temperature side of things, as it's 55-60 on load which sounds fine. Coolant temp is around 40 degrees on load... Anyone know what's going on?
  17. Hey, so I'm building a system for my girlfriend with the new RTX 30 series card, specifically the ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 3080 GAMING 10G. And my question is: Will it fit in the Corsair 220T case? I know that the clearance is 300mm and the card is 318mm, but from what I've seen with other long cards it should fit. Thanks for any replies! :sunglasse
  18. Hi, I have a 465x Case and an MSI RTX 2070 Super that I desperately want to vertically mount (it looks so cool) but I'm concerned about how close to the glass the GPU will be, I know the case supports vertical mounting but will it actually be safe for the card heat wise? My card already hits 75 degrees when gaming heavily.
  19. Hi, I'm a new commer in the world of custom watercooling, and I'm wondering, if the waterblock from this loop : https://www.corsair.com/fr/fr/custom-cooling-configurator?configCode=UfAXzg is compatible with my graphics card ? Asus ROG-STRIX-RTX2080S-A8G there is 3 choice when I give the reference but not the exact model one there is strix 2080 super / strix 2080 super OC / strix 2080 super Advanced each one give me the same waterblock : XG7 RGB 20-SERIES (2080 Strix) Thanks in advance !
  20. My question is if it is possible to remove the GPU bracket Becasue if I wanna have vertical GPU I don't wanna cut my back from my pc and don't want to pay more for the 90 degrade cables so. Is it possible to remove the whole you bracket? If you have a better solution tell more Thnx for helping out
  21. Hi, My Corsair One Pro (8700k/1080 config)'s GPU seems to be failing. Last night I was trying to play Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and Modern Warfare and when the GPU was under load the PC would crash in a bizarre way. Artifacting (solid colour the first two times third was blocks) then cut to black. Then no signal while the VRAM blower cooler ramps up to full speed. And doesn't recover unless force shutdown and rebooted. Then it's fine until its under load again, only started last night with AC but now it seems to be across the board. Leading me to think it's the GPU or PSU. Tried repairing windows incase there's any issue there, and DDU'ing the GPU driver and reinstalling the newest one. I've tried contacting support with no reply yet (but it's the weekend of course so probably won't until Monday). It's only 18 months old so it should fall under the manufacturers warranty at the very least (believe its 6 years UK/2 Europe?). Really just looking for other peoples experiences or advice, anyone had anything similar with these? Or ways to get in touch with Corsair? Tried a ticket, calling the support number and reddit with no luck. Thanks
  22. Hello, Everything in my build is iCue compatible except for the GPU. I was contemplating pulling my EVGA RTX 2080 ti XC Ultra apart and disabling the EVGA LED's and installing a Corsair LED strip in the card. I'm curious if anyone has ever disabled EVGA's crappy RGB and installed a LED strip in the shroud to light it up. Maybe not disable them as I can just shut them off, but I'd like anyone's feedback on adding a strip to it so I can sync it with everything else. I'd find it hard to believe if no one has done this :laughing:. Any feedback would be appreciated. EVGA's RGB is super antiquated compared to iCue and it's bugging the crap out of me! Thanks!
  23. Problem is in title; iCUE background processes/services (4 of them) keep the Nvidia dgpu active instead of letting Optimus switch to the Intel igpu, iCUE is disabled in startup so it shouldn't be running. Any advice to keep those services from running when the program isn't running? I have to either uninstall the software to keep the graphics switching behaviour working, or close those 4 processes multiple times (they restart a couple of times for some reason:mad:) every time when starting Windows. Behaviour is the same with multiple different versions of iCUE. Thanks. *Edit* 4 services, not 3.
  24. As the title says, there is a high-pitched, buzz coming from the right side of the unit whenever I run games. I have a 2560x1080 165hz monitor. I'm inclined to saying its coil whine, but I'm not sure as I'm no expert on these kinds of things. Any input would be hugely appreciated, should I request a replacement? Can I fix this? The unit is brand new <1 week old. Please ask any questions you may have! Here's a video of the noise I'm experiencing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/174yf3ejUm00QmhLzfYbs5vyMrC7Tehmi/view?usp=sharing under heavy load: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15tKTDyiGyo1bwmvWtGkin1mOVAxi-OUM/view?usp=sharing
  25. Hello, I bought a computer as it was built(missing a graphics card) off someone over a year ago and I didn't know to ask for the remaining uninstalled power supply cables. I don't think that these were something I was given and I don't want to trouble him to find them. I recently got a graphics card that takes 2 8pin PCIe cables. I have a Corsair RMx 850 power supply. Are these a set that would have come with the power supply?: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Premium-Individually-Sleeved-PCIe-Cables-%28Single-Connector%29-Type-4-Gen-4/p/CP-8920243 EDIT: Just realized through package contents that these appear to be just two 8 pin to 6+2 pin cables, not a full set, ergo exactly what I need. Still confused what the cable below is. Will probably order one of these. Is this just one 6+2 PCIe cable?: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Type-4-Sleeved-black-PCIe-cable-with-pigtail-connector-and-capacitors-for-Type-4-PSU/p/CP-8920143 Presumably I just need to buy 2 of the single cable. The pictures are confusing they seem to show 2 cables and only one end of the cable clearly. Does anyone know how long it is? Sorry if questions seem obvious. New to most of this.
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