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Found 3 results

  1. Recently, my h100i which I have been using for just about a month now has been randomly disconnecting and reconnecting causing the leds to flash and causes my keyboard to spam a key every so often. I have tried to set the fan control for the aio to voltage and set it to 100% and that has not worked. Any suggestions are welcome.
  2. My corsair void pro headset and my corsair m800 polaris mousemat keep randomly disconnecting, this happens very frequently and used to be solved by restarting my computer but doesnt anymore. Ive tried reinstalling Icue, tried deleting all the drivers, tried pretty much everything and nothing seems to work. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated as it is now more restrictive than ever
  3. TL;DR: XC7 CPU block rgb suddenly started behaving erratically seemingly out of nowhere, instant lighting does not display colors correctly (Green illuminates as red for 95% of the LEDS), lighting animations cause strobing/flickering. I've done a fresh install of both windows and Icue, made sure all drivers and firmware are up to date, etc. I haven't messed with any of my cables and such before this started happening, so I'm thinking an Icue update might of messed something up along the way? Hey all, I'm writing here today because i've had a full hydrox loop set up for about 4 months now, and everything's been going great. Temperatures look good, the leak testing went well, i'm very happy with my system! However, about a week or so ago the RGB on my XC7 CPU block began to glitch and behave erratically, this was particularly obvious with animated lighting effects. This happens even with some of the colors under instant lighting only part of the block will change color, while the rest remains lit with an unexpected color. For example when I set the instant lighting to Green (particularly bright green, the darker shade works just fine for some reason), it seems only one LED changes to bright green while the other 15 LEDs in the CPU block are illuminated red for some reason. the same happens with the Red setting under instant lighting, one LED is red while the other 15 are blue. I've noticed that when i first boot my system up the default hardware profile for all my lighting devices is rainbow wave, and during the initial boot up the animation plays smoothly with no flickering, jittering, or lag UNTIL i log in to my desktop and it loads my default profile. When I manually set it to rainbow wave in the iCue software it starts flicking erratically and unpleasantly. I should note that the rest of my system's LEDs are behaving normally which consist of: 6 LL 120 fans, D5 Pump, and XG7 GPU block which are all connected to a CP and I have 4 lighting strips connected to a LNP as well. The rest of my components are illuminating fine and without issue. I should also add that I recently (this was after the problem began) got a new SSD to migrate my OS to and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to do a fresh/clean install of windows, in hopes that a fresh install might fix this issue if it were a software issue. That apparently did not work even after having to install Icue again to the latest version. I'm wondering if this could potentially be a software issue, and is it a widespread/known issue? I'm really hoping it's not a hardware issue because it would suck to have to take my loop apart (even partially) just to RMA and replace a block for one with working RGB. It sounds silly, but I paid for all its features to work and I really want to get this fixed. I have no submitted a support ticket as I was hoping this could be an easy fix :). Here are links to the videos showing how the CPU block behaves before the Icue software kicks in and after: INITIAL BOOT [ame= ] [/ame] POST ICue starting up [ame= ] [/ame]
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