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Found 12 results

  1. After the upgrade from windows 8.1 to 10, the media keys (pause, skip, etc) had stopped working. It does seem to work with foobar2000, however after a short time, it stops working, regardless if it's foobar/vlc/itunes. I can no longer use them, like they're not registering. Looking into the CUE it is using the correct paths to the program.
  2. When I install iCUE and try to play music on Spotify, it glitches and rapidly skips through songs. It wasnt a problem until I installed iCUE. Ive tried reinstalling and restarting several times with no effect. How can I fix this?
  3. This issue is very weird and I think the keyboard is defective. This issue has not been a problem until now and I've had this keyboard since Christmas. Basically, the keyboard is pressing keys for no reason, even if they are not pressed. I've already checked if any keys are sticky/stuck, and there are none. The problem only has happened on the computer I'm on right now, but when I plugged it in and tested the issue on my laptop, nothing happened, and it worked fine. So I can't tell if its the keyboards issue, my PC's issue, or both. For example, if I go on a playlist on youtube, it skips all the songs and goes to the last one song, (for some reason) and it doesn't make sense. I don't even know what key it could be pressing to cause this. I've tried to check what keys it could be pressing by going into the iCue software and recording a macro and seeing if any buttons are pressed, and none are. Any questions I will try my best to reply. (I did not build the computer, so it might take me awhile to find the exact specs.)
  4. Occasionally I restart my computer. I know, shocker, but it happens. iCUE is supposed to start when the machine starts, but sometimes it will be unresponsive. So I do the age old #1 technical fix-it. I shut down iCue (usually have to force it with task manager as the tray icon interaction yields no results even when it allows me to click and select an option) and I turn it back on. Every single time it starts up this way (probably every time, but I only pay attention when it's not doing its job) it creates 3 or 4 new profiles and a new DPI setting which... why would it need to do that last one since the DPI setting has multiple options within in it... Moving on. I finally stopped it completely screwing my DPI settings by changing my preferred DPI to the first preset in the DPI list. Then I had to change it to the first preset in the stupid new DPI settings it kept installing. Now it installs yet another new DPI setting and makes that my default! The Profile setting itself it seems to be slightly less idiotic about since it just adds three or four that I will never use because I have my own custom profile instead but doesn't otherwise seem to change the default there. I've checked Google, it just pops up the entire thread list from the iCUE Profiles subforum. Technical Support doesn't seem to have a function for iCUE itself, just for various products (I have a refurbished 17-button light up mouse and an ancient headset that has a volume up/down and mute and no integration with iCUE, and an even older USB stick that's... somewhere, I'm sure). Nothing that would assist with the GUI functions and insistence to install new profiles as though this were the first time iCUE has ever been turned on in the history of this computer. I suppose I should be grateful it's not deleting my profiles or rewriting their settings.
  5. Basically, CUE literally stops working every other time i boot up my computer. It will not open. I have seen tons of other posts like mine. I have to use the install wizard and repair it every time. it gets really annoying, as its hard for me to play without my presets for the harpoon.
  6. I've been looking everywhere for someone else having this problem, however I haven't found anyone else who seems to report it. I've just bought my Scimitar Pro RGB and have installed CUE 2, and have it updated to the most recent version, and I've edited the "default" profile to my liking. I have changed the "Profile switch" button to be "Forward" and the "DPI Switch" button to be "Backward", as well as the lighting to all be one static color. For no apparent reason, after a few minutes of usage, the mouse completely deactivates and becomes unresponsive for a few seconds, and then reverts back to (what I think is) the profile Scimitar Pro HW 1. The key binds, lighting, and DPI all change. When I go back into CUE, it says that it is still on the default profile. Whenever I try switching to another profile and back again to go back to the default profile, the key binds revert back to what I want them to, however the lighting becomes messed up: everything but the "side zone" and the "DPI light" becomes stuck on rainbow. CUE says that they're back on the color I want, however no matter what I do, it's stuck on rainbow. This happens multiple times, and the only fix I have seen is restarting my computer. Is my mouse defective? Or could something else be causing this?
  7. I've had corsair keyboard for like 1 year and few months. basically I got the RMA for a keyboard recently because it was crashing my system all the time. Now I have this brand new keyboard and my problem is that the animations in CUE are extremely slow and laggy. the whole software is kind of slow and laggy.. like when you switch between profiles such as rainbow wave and rain, the animations for those 2 are super slow. anyone knows how to fix this ?
  8. within about the past week my numpad has decided it will not function properly. Symptoms: -ONLY the numerical keys and period (.) on the NumPad are not functional. [[the numlock,/,*,-,+,Enter Keys still work]] -when opening a new application (ie notepad, or a browser) WITHOUT typing anything the first field of text entry gets spammed with a single repeating number (i'm assuming this is a buffer issue from when i 'tried' to use the keys normal as a test prior to launching the application) but it does this every time i open a new program. this also seems to be happening on the desktop, but since there is no textfield to see, it just glitches the application preview when i hover over a program icon on the taskbar Tried: uninstalling drivers from device manager, uninstalling CUE (and reinsalling after a restart) Assumption: keyboard firmware currupt. tried updating it, not fixed. is there a link to older versions of K95 firmware available for download? the FAQ page doesn't list specif models for firmware downloads and the corsair website doesn't even offer firmware downloads. Thank you. related?: sometimes the 'fancy' lighting effects i setup on one of my profiles will decide to not work properly (unloads two of G-Key lighting i set and lights up two keys on the num pad that i never programmed) Should i return/replace/RMA? i like the keyboard, but it seems to have issues.. I WILL NOT keep this device without a working numpad.. :/ owned device for about a month, Win7 OS
  9. I'm not used to posting on forums, so I'll try to keep this professional. My K95 RGB Keyboard has worked flawlessly since I bought it a couple of years ago. The customization has been working fine up to now. I bought an "infamous" game called Homfront; The Revolution on Steam, whenever I load into this game, my keyboards red colour lighting shuts off. Then flicks back to a very hard on the eyes, white, red, and blue mess of keys in no particular order. (The ripple effect is also nonresponsive) I cannot turn down the brightness to zero and ignore it, I've tried making a copy of my default red profile and hotlinking it to turn itself on when the application (Homefront) starts up. But nothing works. There doesn't seem to be any other game on any of my gaming libraries (Steam, Battlenet, Origin) that have this problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Or is there something wrong with the game that's altering my keyboard? Thanks, Kasket007
  10. My Corsair void wireless keep going back to blinking red mode even when its over 50% battery pls help
  11. Hello guys, I got a K70 RGB keyboard couple months ago, and a few days ago the following glitch started happening: When I hit the letter 'J', all the other keys from the same row are also displayed on screen in a random order (e.g. When I hit 'J', the output is "ASD~ÇLJFKGH", including caps lock). A similar problem was reported on the thread #132046, but it didn't seem to be solved. Note1: I sent it to the warranty and they couldn't reproduce the issue, so they simply returned it. Note2: No liquids or any similar were spilled over the keyboard. Note3: No virus/malware were found. Note4: I have tested the keyboard in 3 different computers: -Computer 1 (My main): CUE installed and updated, the problem happened -Computer 2: No CUE installed, the problem happened -Computed 3: No CUE installed, 'J' key works perfectly ( I also used Teamviewer on this computer to connect to Computer1, and the problem did not happen) Short video showing the issue: [ame= ] [/ame] Any idea of whay may be causing this?
  12. Hello all. Recently I've been having a lot of issues with the corsair utility engine software. My keyboard is the corsair strafe RGB. I haven't had any problems when I bought the keyboard (few months ago) it only started appearing quite recently. Basically whenever the software is on, it freezes my entire system whenever I play some games. Sometimes it happens when I alt tab, sometimes it happens straight away when I launch the game. It's weird because I've never seen anything like that happen before.. Whenever it freezes, the game still keeps going but I get an immediate lag spike, as if my internet was less than 1mb of speed, and I'm unable to turn on or off any applications/software.. Like say for example, when the freeze happens I'm unable to turn on google chrome, because it'll just keep on loading. Same thing when turning computer off. It will always have "logging off" on the screen and it'll never turn off unless I hold the power button for 5 seconds. Not even caps lock,num lock or scroll lock will work, whenever i click any of those buttons the light doesn't lit up Honestly this is the weirdest glitch I've ever encountered. Anyone else experienced this ?
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