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Found 19 results

  1. For the last few weeks, seemingly at random, when I try and click-and-hold the left mouse button down it keeps unclicking and reclicking. This means when I try and drag-and-drop something it could release what I was dragging, click on whatever the cursor happens to be over at the time, and start dragging that instead as I move the mouse. It's incredibly frustrating for both games and work.
  2. Hi everybody, I need a solution to remap my mouse wheel up and down for other macro functions. I dont have any idea to do it. It looks that we can only give macro functions to click buttons? Does anyone have a solution for my issue? Thx for your help! My specs: Windows 10 (64 Bit) latest iCUE (3.37.140) GLAIVE RGB (firmware 3.14) Best regards shogolade
  3. So, since i restarted my PC earlier, my mouse has been getting detected by ICUE but isnt able to be changed colours. Using windows 10, latest ICUE and the mouse is in a 3.1 slot. Tried restarting and re plugging it, to no avail.
  4. So this has me stumped. I have a Corsair Glaive that was on 1.03, CUE 2.23.40 reported a firmware update. When running the update it failed @ 0% and the mouse would disappear from CUE. Closing and reopening CUE brought it back. I contacted support who had me soft reset the Glaive. Then place the mouse into bootloader mode and copy 1.03 across manually and reattempt the firmware update. This didn't work either. My friend dropped by with her PC, running CUE 2.15.83. The mouse updated to 1.04 no problems! So seems the issue might be my PC. My PC is a 8700K, MSI Z370 Gaming 5, Win 10 with a Corsair K95 Platinum also connected. The keyboard updates no problems. Just the mouse would not. Anyone come across something like this before? I also tried disabling USB legacy mode Disconnecting all other USB devices I didn't try disabling XHCI as I believe Skylake and up needs this enabled for USB to work at all. I also haven't tried disabling MSI fast boot, as that only affects USB devices during boot. Other than the firmware issue, the mouse works fine. I just don't want to have a problem, down the track where a firmware update is the fix.
  5. Hi all, just very brief: As mentioned in the title the back and forward button are not working properly with my GLAIVE RGB mouse. The back button does nothing, the forward button zooms in. I tried to assign proper macros to those buttons, without success. Anyone else had these issues? Specs: macOS Catalina 10.15.4 Corsair GLAIVE RGB (Firmware: 3.14) iCUE 3.22.74 settings: default
  6. This issue has been persisting for almost a week now. Whenever I have the CUE software open (Version 2.21.67) The forward and back buttons stop registering everywhere on my computer. But, when I close out of the software, the buttons regain their function. Is there any way this bug can be solved? Thanks :biggrin:
  7. Hallo, Ich habe mir die: Corsair k95 Corsair Glaive Corsair Void Pro Gekauft. Die Corsair glaive habe ich schon 3Mal zurückgegeben und der Schalter der Maus ist schon wieder defekt und weißt einen Doppelklick auf. Die Corsair k95 hab ich auch schon 1 mal zurückgegeben und schon wieder habe ich probleme mit den LEDS Das Corsair Void Pro rauscht bei einer Lautstärke über 50% Auf umtauschen habe ich keine lust mehr, deshalb wollte ich fragen ob es eine möglichkeit gibt sein Geld zurück zu bekommen. [Alle Produkte sind über die Internetseite von Corsair bestellt]
  8. Been having this issue from since I bought this mouse. When booting up from a cold boot all my hardware except for the Glaive is detected. My Glaive doesn't work until I plug it out and plug it back in again. I've tried several solutions such as; - disabling fast boot in BIOS - using other USB ports - uninstalling and reinstalling drivers - updating chipset drivers - reinstalling iCUE Now funny enough when I uninstalled iCUE from my system and did another cold boot the mouse was detected just fine! So correct me if I'm wrong but it's looking like an iCUE issue here. I'm running the latest version after an update today and the issue still persists! Am I alone with this problem or is there a fix? EDIT This issue has now been resolved. It was due to the PC not being plugged into a wall socket and receiving constant power. Previously it was plugged into a surge protecter power strip which was turned off every night, for some reason when powering on the mouse would not receive power upon boot. Now it is left plugged into a wall socket that is left switched on and the mouse now boots up with everything else.
  9. Hey guys, yesterday i got my corsair glaive rgb pro mouse and now i would like to make 2 macros. i dont really understand the iCUE Macro creation. So how can i make a macro on my right mouse button that my mouse makes a right click and like 1ms later directly a left click? and how can i make a macro on my mouse button 4 that toggles scrolling mouse wheel up? can i assign these macros to a specific game? Yours sincereley
  10. So i've recently bought a new mouse the corsair glaive. I like this mouse a lot but i have a little problem. In any game let's say overwatch i have my abilities registered to my side buttons. This i just applied because of my previous mouse where it was so fun to use. But with the corsair glaive i have a pretty big delay. sometimes when i press it it just does the thing that it has to do but at a certain point i press it, it waits like 2 to 3 seconds and then it does it and thats a pretty big problem u know. also when i press it when the ability is not ready it looks like the mouse saves it and when the ability is ready it just reminds itself that i pressed it before and does it automatically without me even wanting to press it. i hope one of u guys can fix this. a helping hand would be usefull
  11. I noticed this about a few days ago. Whenever I scroll down slowly or with soft weight on my mouse it won't register. I don't know if it got loose, but normally you can feel the bumps when scrolling but when I do it slowly or softly I don't feel the bumps and I can do like 10 scrolls and it'll only register 2 out of those 10 times. Whats probably the most irritating thing I'm getting from this, is that when im reading something online and scroll my eyes automatically adjust at the speed im scrolling, but its like someone is messing with my scroll and im eyes get all screwy trying to adjust.
  12. I am planning to buy Corsair Glaive on Amazon.de and before buying it, I would like to know if the double click issue (hardware side) has been resolved? After looking at this thread HERE, the last post (#958027) says that it should be fixed with the current lots.
  13. I've had this mouse for less than a year and the feet are already completely worn down. I can feel the bottom of the mouse scraping the mousepad. There's not much else I have to say unless you guys need any other information from me. I hope I can get it fixed somehow though, because this mouse is my lifeblood for video games. It's gone through a lot of LAN's and e-sports tournaments in the short time I've had it.
  14. Hi, I own Corsair Glaive and K70 with linked Type Lighting. I found that when I press the lower side button, the light circles start appearing from [Num -], and when I press upper side button - from [Num +] (which is placed below [Num -]). I think the starting point should be reversed.
  15. So, I've had my Corsair Glaive for quite some time now and it worked fine for some time (even though I had to return the first one because it came broken). However, a few weeks ago, all of a sudden, the side buttons stopped working. I tried to solve it in CUE (remapping) but it still didn't work. So I uninstalled CUE and it worked perfectly! Then, I installed CUE again, and the sidebuttons stopped working again. So I decided to uninstall CUE and wait for a new version of CUE. So, today I installed the newest version 2_21.67. And what happend? The buttons stopped working again! Am I doing something wrong? Is CUE having a software issue with the Glaive? I'm using my K95 Platinum together with the Glaive. Could this be the problem??
  16. Hello, I'm thinking of buying my first actual gaming mouse soon. I have chosen the Glaive, but have 1 little issue with it before purchasing. On every review that I've seen, the DPI lights are only the static blue color. It seems that there is no way to change this, but a comment I saw on a review said that there is a way to turn off the DPI lights. Can you disable the DPI lights, to prevent color clashing? Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  17. So in Black Ops III and also Bioshock I have this problem. The right mouse button seems to be "unregistering" too fast (by that I mean holding it down with the same force as the left one the game thinks I let go (and the weapon starts to go back to my hip) but after a split second the animation stops and returns to aiming position. This is kinda annoying. I've died a couple of times because of it. I believe it's a firmware issue since it started after an update. In Bioshock (you use right click to switch between shock and weapon mode) sometimes I right click and it goes to my weapon and right back to shock. Could this have anything to do with the "Enable Button Response Optimization" option? I've tried adjusting polling rate as well.
  18. I will say this as nicely as I can because I would hate for someone to have a legitimate reason for removing this post. I have been a long time customer. I had nothing but satisfaction with my previous mouse, so when it finally gave up the ghost last year, after a long long run, I had no question who I would go with for a replacement. Started looking into what was then currently available and couldn't find a direct replacement of my old model. After watching a few reviews, I went with the Glaive. I don't think I have to tell you what the issue is, because as your other posts have made clear, you're aware there is an issue. I spent a lot of money for this mouse, and if it just behaved the way it is supposed to, I wouldn't mind the money I spent because in every other way it's a great product. I will tell you, however, because I would like your company to seriously reprimand the person responsible--of course, it won't likely happen that way. What will likely happen is what almost always happens. Someone lower down the ladder will take the heat. It's software related they'll say, and some poor middle manager in software will get the blame, when in fact some purchaser went with a switch that perhaps shouldn't have been used and probably because a superior told them to do so. Or the switches turned up too sensitive, and someone approved it because to do otherwise would've cost too much money or embarrassed someone by missing a deadline. Or all of the above. But one thing is sure: You can tell how the interior politics run because the blame will almost always run toward those with lesser clout. Of course, now that it's in the wild, to admit it's the switch would mean a lot of money, so that won't be happening. Corporations need to learn that honesty will get more positive responses than the typical machinations, juggling, and somersaults in which they tend to engage. Your switch. Your maddening, work-stopping, much, much, much too sensitive switch. The problem that started within the first few weeks, that you tricked the hardware into behaving with an update, is back. Only now what hope have I got of returning the product for an exchange? An inferior switch was the source of the problem then, and with the continuing use has begun being more finicky once more. I've turned the polling down all the way, but still I'm having trouble getting any work done. I now have been forced to begin forcing my left finger down quickly and fully on the mouse button in an effort to avoid a double click. Sometimes this helps. Often it does not. In a year, with such continued use, how finicky will the switch be? And who will stand behind this product then? I click on a login attempt while trying to sort out a password issue, and it registers two attempts because it double-clicked. I click along my Windows taskbar to bring up another program, but after doing so, the second click strikes the program that I have full screen and the other program drops into the background again. I click something to drag in program, only to have it selected and applied. I have to undo repeatedly many things, and my productivity has slowed to a crawl. I've said all this to say, the money you took from me for this Glaive will be the last money you ever take from me. I have not been rude, belligerent, or threatening, so if this post voicing my complaint gets removed, I will simply have to ensure I post this elsewhere. What they say about customer service, you know, the thing about if you get it right, people typically say nothing, but if you get it wrong, they tell everyone? That's true. Now, to make sure that I get my money from this mouse, I am going to open it up and fix the switch that is faulty, just like others have posted elsewhere. And you will probably not hear from me again. But you lost a good customer, and that's the nicest thing I can think to say in response to the torment you've introduced to my life.:mad: Sure, I'm mad, but I won't stay mad. I will remember and I will spend my money in accordance with my views. This is not childishness. This is behaving like a mature person who refuses to support companies with bad QA who fail to spare those who keep them in business from things that will disrupt their lives in maddening ways.
  19. Hello, Today I bought my second mouse from Corsair because I was in need of an upgrade. I have really enjoyed the design and feel of the mouse but there is one thing worrying me. It is that at random high-speed flicks or mouse-lifts the mouse snaps to the bottom or to the top of the screen. It is indeed very weird and in situations like where you need those high-speed flicks or mouse lifts because you run out of space on your mousepad, it justs snap. These snaps can be the cause of a game-changing play. I have an ASUS ROG Sheath mousepad which has been working and feeling well with my other mouse as well. I have not returned the mouse yet but I doubt that it is because of that and I think that the issue is related to the mousepad calibration feature on the CUE. If there is any way to disable it I would like to see if that helps. I did calibrate it for my mousepad at the beginning before playing and I haven't tried it without it. I did the steps correctly as well but I noticed when doing the mousepad calibration that the same thing happened with the snapping. https://i.gyazo.com/66dc4e0c95ca9cfac9b49b9a78b464d2.mp4 Here you have a GIF of me trying to calibrate it. The mouse is up to date and I am running it on 400DPI.
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