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Found 13 results

  1. So I've owned the Glaive for almost 2 years now and it has worked fine. However, as soon as I tried to plug it into a different system it just doesn't work. It still works on the other system but on this one, the lights turn on and the mouse appears in device manager but it just wont work. The mouse doesn't appear in iCUE and the cursor won't appear. HELP.
  2. Just purchased a new Glaive RGB, and after plugging it in (first into K95 pass-through port, then tried other ports), the mouse input was extremely laggy and it tripped red triangle errors on both the K95 and Glaive within the iCue software. After reinstalling firmware on both devices, un-mounting then reinstalling the devices in windows, restarting the computer and iCue, and finally doing a full iCue uninstall and reinstall (including user data), I cannot seem to solve the problem. Both devices work fine without iCue running (keyboard inputs & mouse movement + clicking) but once booted into iCue, either both devices or only the Glaive report back "red triangle" errors. The K95 works fine on its own and has full iCue functionality, but if the Glaive is plugged in while iCue is running, it becomes laggy once more and presents an error message concerning corruption/non-existence of one or more parts of its internal memory. Pressing either prompt within this error message did not resolve the issue, nor did manually deleting the internal glaive profiles. If anyone has a solution to this problem other than sending it back (which I may have to), I would be very grateful. edit: Running on Windows 7 edit 2: The mouse works fine in iCue on a different Win7 computer also running a Corsair keyboard (Strafe), so it isn't hardware related I don't believe edit 3: Verified Win7, then reinstalled iCue. Noticed a second time received error message: This program might not have installed correctly Program: Unknown Program/Publisher Location: C:\Users\Myname~1\AppData\L...\InstallerGui.exe I am not sure if this is the true culprit, but it comes up after every iCue launch just after a reinstall or repair of iCue. Not too savvy on Windows, but if anyone knows how to fix this, all ears
  3. So, hallo, bräuchte jetzt auch mal eure Hilfe. Habe zwar im Forum schon den gleichen Thread gesehen, dieser war aber sehr alt und eine Lösung gab‘s nicht. Also: Seit einiger Zeit gehen teilweise die Seitentasten der Glaive RGB nicht mehr, z.B. nach einem Neustart des PC‘s. Erst dachte ich, dass es sich um einen Hardwarefehler handeln muss, denn sie gingen nicht mehr in Games, sowohl als auch im Browser. Anderen USB-Anschluss ausprobiert usw. hat alles nichts geholfen bis ich die Utility Engine mal deinstalliert habe. Und siehe da, die Tasten gingen wieder. Soweit so gut, Utility Engine erneut installiert, nach wenigen Stunden gingen die Tasten wieder nicht.. also was tun, lass ich die Utility Engine eben deinstalliert, allerdings ist dann ja das Profil gelöscht, die RGB Beleuchtung fürn Ar*** und irgendwie fehlt eben was. Am Laptop habe ich genau das gleiche Problem, die Maus hat einige Tage wunderbar funktioniert, plötzlich fing es schon wieder an und ja, hat da jemand eine Lösung parat, die Glaive RGB ist eine absolut geile Maus, die Software ist aber einfach nur schlecht umgesetzt. Bevor die Utility grundlegend überarbeitet wurde gab es diese Probleme nicht, kamen mit einem Update.
  4. I've had this mouse for a couple months now, overall I really enjoy using this mouse, however in very weird waves this mouse will do double clicks. Now at first I just figured it was a bug in the software and updated it. Nope still did nothing, looked online here on the forums and there wasn't anything that actually helped anyone(that i could find). This problem has been persisting for quite a while now and i've just had to deal with it since the store I purchased it from said they cant do anything for me. I'm borderline to the point of purchasing a new mouse so figured I may as well have one final shot to see if anyone on these forums has any useful information that could help me as my experience with customer support hasn't exactly been good so far.
  5. So i figured out one thing what if the corsair mice's are intended to do double clicking.... when you hold the left click tightly it double clicks when released, same as when dragging a file it drops suddenly at a point...... But if you do it gently and softly i managed to accurately do the things normally and tested out many scenarios, and to my findings if you click the left button harder it tends to double click.. it might be a feature for corsair products? or can be customized on the next CUE software or newer firmware? or it could be just a faulty mouse.... other than that its impossible for it to be a faulty mouse since a-lot of people have been complaining about this problem consistently for their Corsair mouses.... correct me if i'm wrong. i would like to take on suggestions.
  6. Hello, I'm thinking of buying my first actual gaming mouse soon. I have chosen the Glaive, but have 1 little issue with it before purchasing. On every review that I've seen, the DPI lights are only the static blue color. It seems that there is no way to change this, but a comment I saw on a review said that there is a way to turn off the DPI lights. Can you disable the DPI lights, to prevent color clashing? Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
  7. So in Black Ops III and also Bioshock I have this problem. The right mouse button seems to be "unregistering" too fast (by that I mean holding it down with the same force as the left one the game thinks I let go (and the weapon starts to go back to my hip) but after a split second the animation stops and returns to aiming position. This is kinda annoying. I've died a couple of times because of it. I believe it's a firmware issue since it started after an update. In Bioshock (you use right click to switch between shock and weapon mode) sometimes I right click and it goes to my weapon and right back to shock. Could this have anything to do with the "Enable Button Response Optimization" option? I've tried adjusting polling rate as well.
  8. So I've got all corsair products for keyboard, mouse and headset. (K95 plat, glaive, void pro). Loving them to bits. Had them since January. CUE has been effortless and amazing. Until these past couple weeks. For some reason, Push To Talk will stop working in the middle of games. I'm using Mouse Button 4 on the Glaive. I continuously have to close CUE in order to get ptt to work again. I don't have to rebind anything, it just works once it's closed. Now I want to use CUE cos the stock RGB settings on my keyboard is a spiraling disco party, and I'd prefer to not have that. It's just getting really annoying to close cue and reopen ever 15 minutes. Does anyone know what's going on? or any fixes? *Edit* yes CUE is up to date, and yes i have reinstalled
  9. Seit ich die CUE 2 geupdatet habe, funktionieren meine Seitentasten (5,6) nicht mehr. Wenn ich die CUE 2 deinstalliere gehen sie natürlich wieder. Hat jemand eine Idee was man da tun kann?
  10. Bought my new Corsair Glaive RGB today. Tried to plug it in, doesn't get recognized in CUE and doesn't even let the cursor move. I think the USB is shot [bRAND NEW MOUSE] but I'm not sure if I missed anything. Please send help.
  11. Hi I have a GLAIVE RGB mouse with the following problem, when in the CUE2 I set the "lighting effects" and I put the option "rainbow" the Cursor does a lag effect or lock, this does not happen when I put the option of "static color", but in the other option if it happens again, what could be the problem? Thank you
  12. All my RGB Profiles now support the Glaive RGB [ame] [/ame]
  13. I've tried to install the latest version of CUE (from not having it at all), and it will not download no matter what I do. I delete the old installer, restart, download a new one, run it as admin; and it still will not install. It gets to 59% every single time, and my computer freezes. I have to force shut down, and try again. I just got a new Glaive mouse and it works fine, but I need to change my dpi and I can't do that without the new software. I've done a system restore, and still it won't install. I've gone through a million different forums and reddit posts but I can't figure out how to fix this.
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