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Found 6 results

  1. So, since i restarted my PC earlier, my mouse has been getting detected by ICUE but isnt able to be changed colours. Using windows 10, latest ICUE and the mouse is in a 3.1 slot. Tried restarting and re plugging it, to no avail.
  2. Hallo zusammen, ich habe daheim die Corsair GLAIVE RGB, aluminum. Mittlerweile ist das zweite austausch Gerät (nicht über Corsair Shop). Nach einer Nutzung von ca. 2-3 Monaten tritt bei dieser Maus das Klick Problem der linken Maustaste auf das diese trotz einmaligen Klicken und einmaligen Klickgeräusch die Maus einen mehrfachen Tastendruck auslöst teilweise doppelt teilweise 3-4 mal. Nun hat meine aktuell getauschte Maus das gleiche Problem erneut, jedes mal habe ich die Retour des Shops genutzt wo ich diese gekauft habe und habe eine neue Maus erhalten, aber anscheinend alle mit diesem Problem. Nun meine Frage: Was soll ich jetzt machen? Erneut Retour über den Shop und Gefahr laufen erneut so ein Modell zu erwischen? Oder kann ich das Ganze über die RMA von Crosair laufen lassen? Gibt es denn eine Serie die nicht das Problem hat? Ich hatte schon diverse Seiten im Internet dazu gefunden das dieses klick Problem kein Sonderfall ist. Ich danke Euch schon einmal für die Antworten. Grüße Monkey
  3. I have the Corsair Glaive When i hold the Left mouse boutton, the LMB Pressed and hold multiple times automatically. I exchanged my mice a couple days ago, and both mices had this problem The old mice had this problem wirh Right mouse boutton. I thinks its not a hardware problem, bcs both mouses had this problem since days 1... Sry for the english :laughing:
  4. Hi, yesterday I received my Corsair Glaive RGB mouse, and when I want to adjust my DPI, the software freeze, I tried to uninstall iCUE and erase the internal memory of the mouse but it still freeze when I choose my DPI, only when I do that .. And i can't adjust the DPI with the macro when iCUE running. That's why I come to ask for help here because I did not find anything on the other threads...
  5. So i figured out one thing what if the corsair mice's are intended to do double clicking.... when you hold the left click tightly it double clicks when released, same as when dragging a file it drops suddenly at a point...... But if you do it gently and softly i managed to accurately do the things normally and tested out many scenarios, and to my findings if you click the left button harder it tends to double click.. it might be a feature for corsair products? or can be customized on the next CUE software or newer firmware? or it could be just a faulty mouse.... other than that its impossible for it to be a faulty mouse since a-lot of people have been complaining about this problem consistently for their Corsair mouses.... correct me if i'm wrong. i would like to take on suggestions.
  6. Hey all, I downloaded iCue and then ordered the: K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (CH-9127114-NA) Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse (CH-9302011-NA) The Wireless Dark Core RGB Mouse (CH-9315211-NA) (does not support the Lighting Link Profiles, but you might like it better) MM800 RGB Polaris Gaming Mouse Pad (CH-9440021-NA) in order to supplement my: Fans: 6 (2-3packs) Corsair LL Series 120 RGB Dual Light Loop (CO-9050072-WW) Corsair Lighting Node Pro Here is the Youtube Video where I demonstrate the setup: Using Corsair iCue Software to Setup and Configure Multiple RGB Devices [ame= ] [/ame]
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