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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, I'm having a small issue with my headset that is a little hard to describe, but I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed it or if it's just me. So basically, any game I'm playing, if I don't press anything, the audio is nice, clear, and loud. As soon as I touch something, like a different selection on a selection screen, the audio kind of... lowers for a bit? It's kind of like how windows lowers the volume of other programs while there's voice communication going on. Except I tried turning that off and I still have this issue. Everytime I press something, the audio suddenly gets lower, I wait about 2-3 seconds without pressing anything and then it suddenly gets louder again and back to normal. This only happens in USB mode, wired or wireless. I've tried reinstalling drivers but there's no change in anything. Please help?
  2. This has been happening and driving me crazy since I first started using the CUE software last December. OS: Windows 10 x64 (but on multiple machines, edit: including clean installs with only CUE software installed) CUE Version: All up to and including 2.15.83 Problem description: When the CUE software is not recently activated but running, if you press a key that triggers a "Launch Application" action (any of the pre-populated list or custom executable paths), the application will open, but it will not be focused. To further the problem, simply selecting the newly launched application from the taskbar or clicking on it's title bar does *NOT* grant keyboard focus to the application. You must mouse click within the application window in order to get keyboard focus. Reproduction: This is where it gets difficult, as it does not happen all of the time, but for me, it does seem to happen more than 90% of the time. There is no guaranteed reproduction method, but the following seems to trigger it. 1) Open the CUE window 2) Open any other application not using CUE software (I typically launch a web browser). Mouse-click in this application to ensure it has focus. 3) Press a key that CUE is set to launch an application (I typically use calculator built-in) Step 3 launches an application that is out of focus and requires unusual extra steps (clicking within the application even after clicking it to focus on the tasktbar) to gain full keyboard focus. If the CUE software is in focus, the newly launched application always launches with correct focus. If the desktop is focused, it is hit or miss which will get focus. If another application has focus, I'd say about 75-90% of the time the newly launched application does not gain proper focus. Additional information: Any time I get this issue, if I simply open the CUE software and close it, my chances of getting correct focus increase, but are still not consistent. Any help would be appreciated, but I'm assuming this will need a CUE patch in some regard.
  3. I just got this keyboard and upon using any media key (apart from the mute and volume knob) while on fullscreen (e.g. youtube video or game) it just changes the focus back to windows. On youtube videos I just see the windows taskbar pop on the bottom of the screen when I press said media keys. On games it's much more pronounced as it straight minimizes the game. The keys perform their function no problem, but this change of window focus didn't happen with any of my previous keyboards and I'm at a loss as to why it happens with this one.
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