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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all im new here, With the latest 2-3 versions of iCue, regardless if iCue software is running or not, I can see the h100i cooler flicker off then back on immediately. I can see the RBG lights flicker as well as hear the Windows chime it makes when a component is disconnected and then reconnected. This seems to only happen while a game is running. If just working in Windows, it doesnt seem to happen. Ive had this issue before and somehow fixed but don't know how as it just kinda fixed itself after re-installing iCue several times. This time however the problem is not going away. Help?
  2. I was able to reproduce this error with two different systems. When using a FreeSync monitor with an NVidia GPU running in GSync compatibility mode, the desktop starts flickering when you open up iCUE. No other program or software causes this issue. Once you close iCue or refocus to another application, the flickering stops. Weird.
  3. As the title states, unboxed my i180 today and was replacing a Corsairone elite with a 1080ti because of the same issue, seems that any monitor I put to more than 60 hz I have crazy screen flicker. (constant off/on) Seems to be less on the middle DP slot but I figured it was a good idea to just replace my previous Corsairone with a top of the line one but boy was I wrong. Still has screen flicker on the top and bottom DP slots but less in the mid slot? I'm using 3x 1.4 DP cables in fact I have basically bought every cable amazon has to offer trying to fix this. Is this a known issue? My main monitor are: Dell AW3418DW 3440x1440 Resolution 65-120hz flickers Acer XB271HU 2560 x 1440 60hz Acer XB271HU 2560 x 1440 60hz It happens much much more on the Corsair Elite 180TI but still on the i180 also. Should I return this to amazon? I love the machines but it makes doing anything on the computers unbearable. I have isolated the issue to the top DP slot. if anything is put to over 60hz the flickering goes crazy. Just a constant stream of off/on and it doesnt seem to matter whether I have Gsync ON or OFF.
  4. I have 3x LL120 fans and 4x LED strips, some reason when I boot up my PC the fans start flickering (only once windows loads, they work fine until the software kicks in) and won't update/accept changes from iCUE, however the LED strips work completely fine, the only way I can fix this is to repair the installation every time. I've tried resetting by emptying the profile to have nothing connected but it still doesn't work, has anyone else has a similar problem? They work great once I run the repair install. Here's a gif of what is happening, sorry not how to do good quality gifs. https://giphy.com/gifs/7JsLEmmYRIKlzp6BL8 To compare this is how the same effect looks without flickering. https://giphy.com/gifs/3PxOQ0ETmDNF4t7C40 I would really like to be able to get this working because it sucks having to repair every time I start my PC.
  5. Before I begin, I would like to say thanks in advance for any and all assistance. I recently purchased a Corsair Crystal 570X, six HD120 RGB fans (with controller), and a Lighting Node Pro. I am waiting for the final three HD120 fans to get here, so I decided to use the SP120 RGB fans included in the case until the HD120s arrive. My setup is as follows: LNP Port 1 --->RGB Controller(came with case)--->SP120 RGB x 3 LNP Port 2 --->RGB Controller(came with fans)--->HD120 RGB x 3 I am using C-Link, and the LNP is using firmware 0.2.65. The LEDs in the HD120s work as they are supposed to, but the SP120 LEDs do not. I searched through these forums, and I found other folks mention flickering SP120 RGB issues, but none of their symptom descriptions seems to match what I am experiencing. I downloaded SIV to better control the hardware, and to gather data that may be useful. So, on to the symptom: The SP120 fans flicker when connected to the LNP. They are on their own controller, and it doesn't matter which LNP port I plug them into - the result is the same. The flicker isn't caused my EMI, as it does not exhibit that type of symptom (rapid, rythmic flickering). This flicker is like that of an old neon light. The LEDs are off more than they are on, and when they do energize, it is brief, sporadic, and the flickering is not in sync between the fans. The colors I input into either SIV or C-Link are accurately displayed, but the LEDs just flicker. As a side note, there is no flickering when using the included button controller instead of the LNP. I have included screenshots of some of the SIV windows in the event they are helpful. Thanks! Breaker P.S. - The flicker is similar to .gif attached to this post.
  6. Hi i just got my first corsair product and i decided to get the corsair strafe RGB from recommendation from a friend. I'm really excited about it and i'm loving the light customization. I've noticed from the beginning of playing with the lights on rare occasion a seemingly random key will flicker off and then back on, or sometimes a random color that isn't involved on the key. It only occurs for a split second when it goes off/on but it concerns me. Is my product defective? I've ready online that it might be a firmware issue since its in beta? I notice this happening maybe once or twice every 20-30 minutes. Looking for any and all help because I am LOVING this keyboard otherwise and would really like it to be perfect. Thanks for any and all help
  7. Hello, I have been experiencing a lot of light flickering on my Corsair RGB Strafe/I] keyboard, it's not only a few keys but the whole keyboard. I don't know what can be the cause of this, I got it for about 4 months ago as an x-mas gift and I really don't hope that it's starting to wear out. I have also been having a lot of trouble with my Corsair MM800 Polaris mouse pad which is also only a few months old. The lights turns off by them self from time to time only to get turned on again after a few seconds, it's like it's disconnecting from the CUE cause when it turns on again it's back to the default setting (Rainbow spiral) but after a few more seconds it goes back to my custom settings. I would be really happy if this problem can be solved thus I don't really feel like getting new gear when I recently just got them. THX
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