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Found 9 results

  1. Recently I had an issue with my K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard and reached out to corsair support where they then instructed me to reinstall the firmware and provided me with a bin file. I followed their instructions exactly but now my keyboard won't power on and isn't detected. Reviewing the file name of their provided .bin file closer, I believe I was sent the firmware of the wrong model even though I provided my P/N and S/N as it was required when creating the ticket. Looking through old forum posts of users having the same problem, corsair staff stated installing the wrong firmware can brick your keyboard permanently. Now I'm worried my keyboard is now perma bricked and I'm at a loss of what to do since I use the keyboard & configured macros for my job. Anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?
  2. Hi, ICUE had a new update so I clicked the update button but its been hours now and its still stuck on (updating...) loading screen. What do I do? I'm worried that if I restart my computer the pump cooler might stop working and become bricked. I just got cooler this year in march. Is it fixable and can I restart my computer? Please let me know thanks.
  3. Hi Corsair team, I buy a corsair mice last week and I wrongly updated the last firmware :( Now I have issues with the double click. My question is: Which version of iCUE I need to install to downgrade the version of the firmware of the mice KATAR PRO and have the default one? Is there a factory reset? P/N: CH-930C011 S/N: 307321018900
  4. Olá comunidade! Venho relatar meu problema logo que adquiri os periféricos da Corsair. Estou tendo problemas para atualizar o firmware do meu headset Virtuoso SE (v. 0.17.149) e também do seu dongle USB (v. 0.16.80). Ambos os dispositivos, o software iCue (v. 4.18.209) está disponibilizando atualização de firmware para ambos os produtos, onde para o virtuoso a versão é o 5.3.70 e para dongle USB a versão é 5.5.102, porém os mesmo não conseguem fazer/finalizar a atualização normalmente (do nada a janela de atualização fecha e os dispositivos somem do iCue), que por algum motivo que desconheço. Estou a tempo tentando resolver, mas sem sucesso. Caso alguém possa me ajudar, agradeço!
  5. It obviously has flaws. SERIOUS flaws. It turn your left click into a double click with no way of disabling it. And the solution is usually to ask for an RMA. Just let us downgrade the firmware back to 3.11 in Icue and save the headaches.
  6. Hi! I updated the firmware of my water cooler to the latest version (1.01.32). Now i'm having some issues when i power my pc up. Before the update, the rgb lights of the pump appeared after 1 second, now it tooks 5 to 10 seconds to light up. Also, i'm having some kinda flushing noise that i didn't have before. I'm sure is related to this firmware. The thing is i need an older one or the one that came with the H100i. Does anyone has it? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. I need help with my Virtuoso SE headset! Since the update to iCUE 4 (now at 4.11.274) it cannot be updated anymore. Same for the dongle. Both are stuck at 0.17.149 (headset) and 0.16.80 (dongle) respectivly. When pressing the "Check for Updates" button, iCUE does not show up-to-date. But it also does not update the firmware. I also cannot force update because that button is greyed out. (See Attachments) I have tried different ports (no hub), soft reseting the headset, uninstalling iCUE completely/fully and uninstalling the devices in device manager. I have read a few threads, where either the dongle or the headset is at a 0.x.x version but not both. I also know from these threads that the latest firmware is somewhere in the 5.x.x range. I am pretty sure that this can only be fixed with a manual firmware update. I would greatly appreciate if some Corsair employee could send me the latest firmware as .zip or .bin. The P/N of the headset and dongle is CA-9011180.
  8. Hello! Today I bought the Ironclaw rgb Wireless and the mousemat MM700 Polaris. I put the dongle of the wireless mouse in the usb of the mousemat. And i connected the cable of the mouse in a usb port in my PC. It started working. I was already use ICUE for my keyboard so i opened the software and my mouse and mousemat were also added. I created my own profile for the ironclaw mouse, and the first hours it worked perfectly. But after a few hours, the settings will reset theirself. The changed buttons and colors are gone and back to factory defaults. So I checked up the internet and they gave as advice to pair the mouse in the settings of ICUE. When I click on this in the software settings, or also when I want to update the mouse firmware, it tells me to connect the USB cable directly. But the dongle is in my pc, and the mouse is also directly connected with the cable from mouse to PC. And the error still showes up that I have to connect the device to my PC with an USB cable. I tried to reset the mouse, I dont know if it worked well, but the error and the first problem about the factory default is still showing up.. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance. Kind regards
  9. Hi Guys, Some days ago i got the new version of ICUE and updated the firmware of my M65Pro, althogh i noticed some weird mouse movement both in game and windows (feel slippery) when ICUE is on and its back to normal when i uninstall it. I tried to rollback to CUE 2 and 1 but they dont accept the new firmware i using now. So i need a information about where to find a flash image to downgrade my firmware for keep using some of older versiosn of CUE, thanks.
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