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  1. Hi, I bought the Carbide Spec-Delta RGB and now I would like to buy more fans. The thing is that I want to buy the same model as the prebuilt ones but I could not find out what fans mount the case. I would also like to know if the ones that are prebuilt in the case are pwm or dc powered. There is attached a photo with the cabinet so you can see what model I am refering to. Thx.
  2. When I turn on my PC one of the fans will start making this rattling noise and move slower than the rest but if restart the pc the noise will go away. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? I tried cleaning it and reconnecting to the motherboard but no luck. Here is video of it:
  3. Does anyone know if the 2 fans included in the corsair 4000d airflow are RGB? on the website it just says "corsair 120mm airguide fans" but nothing about whether or not they're RGB
  4. Anyways, my old case and setup just had 6 rgb fans, which worked out nice for the Commander Pro (plus lighting node). But now I've got 9, possibly adding a 10th (all QL120 rgb fans). I've also got a pump but don't usually control it through iCUE, as it has its own software suite for advanced metrics and whatnot, but I'm curious if anyone actually plugs their D5 pump into it? Also, I don't need more than 4 temp probes. I don't intend to have any LED strips.. at least, I don't think. My GPU block and CPU block both have RGB, but it's EK so I can't plug those into the Commander, right ??? When I bought the Pro, the Core and Core XT did not exist, as far as I'm aware. But either way, here we are: is one Commander Pro enough to run all of this? If yes, how do you connect 9 or 10 fans to the 6 fan ports on the Pro? If no, which extra device is the best choice for my needs, pairing it with the Pro I already have? Finally, are there any Corsair products that come bundled with the Core or Core XT?
  5. Hey, I bought recently Corsair 5000D airflow case with 10 Ml120 elite RGB fans. I also have this new Corsair Capellix elite aio 360mm that comes with this commander core xt. Those fans comes with lightning node and i also bought one commander pro. Now the real question i need help with is that how do i connect and control all of those 10 fans in icue? I know that commander core xt can have 6 fans control and 6 rgb controlling, alright. Now i have 6 fans controlled. I still have 4 fans spare. How do i connect those 4 fans with rest of this system so i can see and control all of those 10 fans in one at icue? I dont want to connect any fan power cables into the mobo because i want to be able to controll all of my fans in icue. I hope someone could explain me one by one how to connect smoothly and safely. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have recently built a custom loop using a CORSAIR iCUE 5000X RGB TG White case, a CORSAIR Hydro X Series XC7 RGB CPU block and a Hydro X Pump. Within 4 months of light use, several of the blue channels in the LEDs incorporated into the fans supplied with the case have failed, leaving those LEDs a bright yellow hue and unable to produce white light. In addition, several of the LEDs within the pump unit have gone the same way, leaving a yellow hue on 1/3 of the pump's lighting ring. Finally, the CPU block which produced a nice clean white light when first installed is now producing a dimmer and distinctly dirtier white light. Is this a common problem across Corsair RGB products? They seem to have used a very poor quality choice of LEDs, which should last for thousands of hours. not a couple of hundred.
  7. Hello I really hope someone can help me out as I have been trying to figure this issue out for a few days now and nothing. I bought a SP120 RGB pro last week for my new Acer TC-1660-EB11 and connected it through the Lighting Node Pro. The Lighting Node Pro was connected through the provided SATA connection and i plugged the USB directly into the motherboard USB header. The fans spin and the lights work fine but I can't connect the fans or node to the ICue 4 software. I purchased a Commander Pro thinking the Node wasn't working and after installing it was dis appointed to see that ICue still won't detect the Commander or fans. Fixes i have tried are reinstalling, repairing, turning off the quick boot in windows and BIOS, uninstalling the drivers, downloaded USDBeview, playing with the device manager, restarting the box with the pin hole and unplugging/ replugging the SATA. Already sent a ticket to corsair but haven't received a response yet. Nothing has worked and i'm starting to get frustrated I figured spending the 80 dollars on a commander pro would help and am now in the same boat. Is there anything i have missed or any work arounds someone has figured out on here? Edit: also have tried installing ICue 3 with the lighting node but not the Commander Pro.
  8. Hi! I have the Corsair 680x, I decided to buy three LL120 white edition because I wanted to complete the RGB Fan Hub, so I have 3 "normal" LL120 (black, these comes with the case) and 3 white edition LL120. The "old" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "1, 2, 3", these are working and the RGB is ON. The "new" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "4, 5, 6", these are working BUT the RGB is OFF. I don't know why, all are "LL" model, it's a problem that the new are white ed.? just changes some specs like rpm, cfm... the quantity of leds are the same. I have iCUE (last version) and I put in options that I have LL fans and I have 6, but nothing changes... iCUE detect all fans, I can change the RPM, but I can't change the RGB, is off. Please, help me, try to give me a solution, I paid a lot for these fans and Im sending mails to Corsair Support like 5 days ago and I dont have any reply.
  9. Does mix matching the order of the pwm and rgb cables? Cause I kinda just plugged them all in randomly to test the lighting but most of them seem to be wobbly looking compared to my other ml120 fans that are in order.
  10. Hello there, After installing my new ICUE H100i Elite Capellix I noticed only the LED on the pump was lighting up. I thought that it was weird that the fans didn't light up but I went to the ICUE application hoping it was a setting I needed to adjust. After learning how to use the ICUE application, I did the "Lighting Wizard 4-Pin Setup" and to my surprise no fans were detected. Luckily I had another fan handy and tried to use it through the controller that came in the box with the H100i, and it worked! The fan was detected and I was able to use all the controls including the LED controls. So that leads me to believe that something is wrong with the LED's on the fan it came with. So to recap here is everything I tried: 1) Using a different fan 2) Uninstalling IQUE and reinstalling 3) Using an older version of ICUE 4) Plugging only one fan in at a time 5) Using a previous version of windows 6) Disabling ANYTHING that could be effecting/monitoring the fans 7) Switching around the order of which the fans are plugged into the controller To my knowledge I installed everything correctly considering the fact that I used the video on how to install it from Corsair's website. It's super frustrating and sad that I've had nothing but problems when it comes to Corsair's LEDs. I had a three pack of Corsair fans a few years ago and it was the worst thing ever. My PC is almost ready for a full rebuild and I was going to go full Corsair but if I can't get these LED lights to work I might as well but from elsewhere. There are a ton of good products out that the LED's actually work on them. The worst part about the whole thing is that I've been trying to fix it for hours now and I feel as if I've done everything humanly possible and it still fails to work properly. If anyone has a solution to this or has a faced a similar problem please help me! Also, something I forgot to mention... When in BIOS no fans that are plugged into the controller are detected. Just the pump shows up under BIOS but in the ICUE software I can see all fans that are plugged in. Could it be a problem with USB that's plugged into the motherboard from the controller itself? So confused and lost here, Ill add some pictures if that helps, thanks for reading if you made it this far!
  11. So, I recently bought a Corsair case, the Corsair 220t RGB (which is a great case) For my first build, after owning a gaming laptop. The case come with the LIGHTING NODE CORE with the 3 Corsair RGB Pro fans already plugged in. At first when i booted the system, the fan's LED did light up instantly or shortly after pressing the power button, but after a day the fan's LED no longer light up at startup, it needs to wait until i log into windows then it lights up. I tried several things like for example: Unpluging the usb cable from the Mobo, changing to the 2nd usb port, unpluging and repluging the sata power for the lighting node, i even did a bios update in case it was caused by something on the bios. I found another person on this forum that had the same problem, the only difference is he have the Lighting Node PRO (i have the Lighting Node core as stated before) the difference is that the one that he own, Have a mini usb port, which pluging it to the I/O with a mini usb to usb cable solved his problem. Mine doesn't have that so i'm still stuck here without a solution, if anyone has solved this problem or know any solution, please don't hesitate to help me. After all its not a major problem but, I'm still annoyed by it and i wanna solve it. Sorry if my grammar is bad, english is not my first language.
  12. I have three LL Series 120mm fans as well as two ML Series 120mm fans in my setup. I use a lighting node pro that is using both channels connected to two separate RGB fan hubs. One of the channels is for my LL series and the other for the ML series. Constantly on bootup whether I am using static lighting or some other effect, two of the LL fans do not synch correctly with the rest of the system. The de-synchronization varies where sometimes the fan will be half synched while the other half is static or a different color completely or the fan itself does not even illuminate. I have tried to repair the iCue software and force update the lighting node and although that may fix the problem initially it never is truly fixed the next time I boot up. I'm wondering if now it could be a hardware issue with the fans at this point as I believe I have tried everything.
  13. So I was in the middle of a game when my fans, which had been set to white, suddenly turned red. All my other corsair stuff like the keyboard, lighting strips and cooler stayed the same, it was just the fans that changed colour. At first I tried changing the static colour back to white but it was already on white, so I wasn't that surprised when nothing changed. However, when I changed to the other static colour pre-sets, I noticed some weird stuff. Pink/Magenta, white, yellow and of course red, all instantly turn red. Dark blue is definitely the right colour, but light blue is pretty... teal? Green is super weird because it is alternates between the correct colour and red. So after the pre-sets failed me I decided to mess with the colour wheel and that's when I realised any value of red gives waaaaay more red than it's supposed to. This means that basically anything in the top half of the colour wheel including the very centre, just gives some shade of red. Sometimes it goes red immediately and others it goes to the correct colour for less than a second and then goes red. It's not all 1 shade of red, it seems that it gives the right colour but with loads of red added to it. This is even the case on rainbow. There you get a rainbow with too much red that then flashes a bunch. I'm not sure what to do or what even happened. I've got "enable SDK" disabled which fixed my keyboard being red a few weeks ago but other than that I'm stumped. Help me out here please.
  14. I'm currently using corsair's SP120 RGB pro, 3 fans mounted at the bottom of the top radiator as intake. They can reach 1400 RPM max and the coolant temps can not go below 29 degree Celsius. I want to upgrade the fans to get better coolant temps, i've found a lot of choices on Corsair website: ML120 PRO RGB (1600 RPM) LL120 RGB White Edition (2200 RPM :bigeyes:) SP120 RGB Elite Performance (1500 RPM with AIRGUIDE TECHNOLOGY) Which one is better for coolant cooling? and why? GPU: MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X Pump: XD3 Only cooling the CPU, GPU is not water cooled
  15. Bonjour, J'aimerai savoir si ce montage est correct pour mettre 9 QL120 dans mon Lian Li O11. Je précise que les 3 du bas seront montés sur mon H150i Elite Capellix 360mm. Merci d'avance pour vos réponses !
  16. Hello, I am new to the forums here so I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but I'm seeking guidance and an answer to a question regarding icue sequencing throughout a theoretical build as follows: What I have: h150i cappelix with commander core included and it's 3 fans, 3 separate 140 mm QL fans , and a 3 pack of 120mm LL fans that includes a lighting node pro. My Question: what is the setup with the least number of connections necessary for all 9 fans to function in sequence with any profile? (How many cocore, co-pro, lighting node pro, RGB hubs, connections, etc at minimum are needed?) Thankyou
  17. Basically I have 6 LL fans and my issue is the two top mounted 140mm fans do not light up more than one colour each. My rear fan had been replaced as it was stuck on a static colour and with this new fan it works with many icue lighting modes but when I attempt to use it with the setting ARC for example, it won’t work with the 3 front mounted fans. I’m using a Commander Pro and an RGB Hub which both came with the 500D SE case and I’ve got all the cables in the right places which I’m positive are as I’ve switched them around into their designated places. I just need help at getting the fans to sync correctly, especially the two top mounted.
  18. Bonjour, J'ai récemment acheté un boitier Corsair le iCUE 220T, avec lequel j'ai reçu 3 ventilateurs pour la facade avant qui sont les SP120, j'ai également acheté le water cooling Corsair H100 platinium qui contient 2 ventilateurs LL120, je compte également m'acheter un troisième ventilateur LL120 pour le mettre à l'arrière du boitier. Cependant, je me pose la question, à savoir si je peux synchroniser et contrôler le RGB des 6 ventilateurs (par exemple tout mettre en blanc) avec le Hub Controller que Corsair fourni avec le boitier qui à 6 slots sachant que ceux de la facade sont des SP120 et les 3 autres des LL120. Merci de vos réponses !
  19. Hey so I'm upgrading my fans/rgb setup and so far I've gotten 6 Corsair ML-120 rgb fans and I am getting a Corsair H150i ELITE CAPELLIX AIO. With that AIO I saw that it comes with a commander core inside but I don't think its going to have enough space to fit the 9 total fans. It it possible for me to do this setup with just the commander core + 2 Lighting Node Cores that came with my fans or do I need to buy the commander node pro as well?
  20. Having an issue with all my fans. For some reason some of the fans display multiple colours even though I've set it to a single colour. Can't remember when this happened but was about 6 months ago. I thought maybe an update would solve it. Multiple updates later and still the same. It will work for so long then just start going weird. Has anyone else had this issue or know how to fix it? Cheers.
  21. Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, I tried searching through several threads but couldn't find any definitive information. The Problem: I have built my rig in the Cooler Master Master Case H500M which included two front mounted 200mm fans (MASTERFAN MF200R ARGB) which have individually addressable RGB Leds. I am very fond of these fans, but all the other fans I have (5 of them) are corsair ML140 pro rgb fans, which I am controlling with a lighting node pro with an attached hub. I would like to use the second channel of the lighting node pro to control the two 200mm fans on the front. I bought an adapter (The one here: https://www.amazon.com/EZDIY-FAB-Adapter-Corsair-Lighting-Commander/dp/B07XNZLZWM) so that I can connect the fans to the lighting node pro. For those unfamiliar, this case has an integrated led controller with a passthrough connector so that for example the motherboard can take direct control of the LED fans. I am connecting this passthrough connector to lighting node pro so that I can control both fans using only one channel. After setting this all up I went into the iCue software to try to configure the fans LED's and this is where the problems started. I knew going into this that I wouldn't be able to control the fan LED's "natively" but I figured I could just configure them as if they were e.g. LED strips, but when I tried that I just got odd flickering behavior, regardless of how I configured the LED strips. So I tried playing around with selecting different fans for the channel, and I found that by selecting SP RGB Series fans I could control 1 led per fan I put in the channel reliably (although blue and green colors are flipped, and I can't control each fan individually). Possible Solutions? Is there some way I could force iCue to accept more than 6 fans in a single channel of the lighting node pro? (My fans have 8 LED's and I have 2 of them, making 16 total) THE FAN LED's ARE NOT BEING POWERED OFF THE LIGHTING NODE PRO, I have them separately powered by the controller provided by Cooler Master, so I don't need to worry about drawing too much power. Is there some other software I could use to individually address the LED's? It seems that different products require different control schemes for their LED's (Perhaps Naively I assumed they would all work similarly, so except for order I thought I could just choose any product as standins for my fans, but that didn't work) Has anybody had any success controlling non-corsair fans with the lighting node pro or icue? I have a decent amount of programming experience, so I would be open to using the iCue SDK if it could solve this issue. I attempted to read up on the SDK and as far as I can tell the SDK can only be using for basically turning LED's off and on and setting different levels, but not actually configuring how they are addressed and configured, please correct me if I am wrong. Sorry if this is a bit rambling, I just wanted to make sure I had as much info here as I could provide. Let me know if any more information is needed. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  22. Just as the title says, I recently upgraded windows to the mopst recent Windows 2004 update and since then, my h100i fans and pump have been going crazy, flickering on and off. However the fans connected to my Corsair Commander Pro don't seem to be effected. So this seems to be an issue with compatibility with my h100i platinum se. Anyone else experiencing this? Looked at the history and in the past, windows updates have gave users issues with flickering before so Im guessing we all just have to hang tight and wait for a windows or corsair update to fix it?
  23. I decided to replace some of my 120mm fans with 140s and for some reason the lighting node won't recognize the 140s. Is there any issue with mixing the sizes? I had assumed it wouldn't matter at all as long as they were all QL fans.
  24. I'm currently finishing gathering information to order all the parts for my build. Goal: Use the following - iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT Liquid CPU Cooler - 9x iCUE QL120 RGB 120mm PWM White Fan - Corsair iCUE Commander PRO ? My intention is to replace the 3 fans that come with the iCUE H150i RGB Pro with 3 iCUE QL120 RGB fans. Meaning I will have 9x QL120 RGBS fans for the build which will come with 3 Lighting Node COREs. Question: How do I control all 9 fans? Through the 3 Lightning Node COREs? Do I need a Corsair iCUE Commander PRO?
  25. So recently i brougth a corsair 465x icue who came with 3 LL120 RGB and i also brougth a H100i RGB Platinum who cames with 2 ML120 so to complete the one space left on the computer i brougth one more ML120 but recently i discovered that you only can have one type of fans in the Lighting Node Core so finaly my question is there some way that i can control the light of this third ML120 or i will have to give him back to the shop?:[pouts:
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