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Found 15 results

  1. I'm trying to connect 20 Corsair fans and would like to control them through icue. 19 Ql120 and 1 Ql140. I'm almost done with the build and ready to install windows but want to be sure I get the wiring right so I don't unintentionally burn something up. Right now i have two thermaltake commander 10 port pwn fan hubs that is sata powered that all my fans are connected to. I'm wondering if i can plug the 4 pin cable going from the thermaltake hub into the corsair commander pro? From looking into this thermaltake hub it sounds like only one fan is detected and the other 9 fans speed is the same as the master fan on the hub. Since it's sata powered i'm assuming it will be safe to plug into the Corsair commander pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Can i connect ml120 that comes with the h150i cooler and the sp120 elites to the same Lighting Node CORE? I just want to have rgb on both types of fans without buying a new lighting node.
  3. Hi! I have the Corsair 680x, I decided to buy three LL120 white edition because I wanted to complete the RGB Fan Hub, so I have 3 "normal" LL120 (black, these comes with the case) and 3 white edition LL120. The "old" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "1, 2, 3", these are working and the RGB is ON. The "new" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "4, 5, 6", these are working BUT the RGB is OFF. I don't know why, all are "LL" model, it's a problem that the new are white ed.? just changes some specs like rpm, cfm... the quantity of leds are the same. I have iCUE (last version) and I put in options that I have LL fans and I have 6, but nothing changes... iCUE detect all fans, I can change the RPM, but I can't change the RGB, is off. Please, help me, try to give me a solution, I paid a lot for these fans and Im sending mails to Corsair Support like 5 days ago and I dont have any reply.
  4. Grüße liebes Forum!Vielleicht könnt Ihr mir ja weiterhelfen.Nach erfolgloser Google-Suche, entschließe ich mich doch jetzt letzten Endes dazu einen eigenen Beitrag zu erstellen.Folgendes Problem habe ich zu Diskutieren:Ich besitze ein Corsair iCUE 465x RGB Gehäuse indem bereits 3x Corsair LL 120 RGB Lüfter vorinstalliert sind mit einem entsprechendem RGB-Hub. *(Bild 1)Wie auf dem beigefügten Bild zu sehen, sind 3 weitere Steckplätze vorhanden, somit ich exakt noch einmal 3 Corsair LL 120 RGB Lüfter verbauen und mit dem RGB-Hub steuern kann.Woraufhin ich mir über Ebay-Kleinanzeigen das 3er Pack mit 3x Corsair LL 120 RGB Lüfter inklusive RGB-Hub bestellt habe. *(Bild 2)Soweit so gut, dachte ich.Problem 1:Bis das Paket dann ankam und ich anfing die Lüfter zu verbauen, merkte ich das die Stecker die an entsprechender Stelle ans Mainboard kommen, nicht wie meine vorinstallierten Lüfter 4-Pin (PWM) Stecker haben, sondern lediglich einen normalen 3-Pin Stecker besitzen. Dazu habe ich bis jetzt keinen einzigen Beitrag gefunden wobei auf der Verpackung ausdrücklich der 4-Pin (PWM) Stecker beschrieben wird.An sich laufen die Lüfter, nur natürlich ohne PWM Signal.Problem 2:Da ich bereits an meinem Gehäuse einen vorinstallierten RGB-Hub (siehe *Bild1) besitze und er auch tadellos mit den vorinstallierten Lüfter funktioniert, habe ich mit den 3 weiteren Lüftern die restlichen Steckplätze gefüllt. Nun stellt sich heraus, das die 3 zusätzlichen Lüfter gar kein RGB oder sonstigen "Bling Bling" von sich abgeben auch nicht wenn ich die Steckplätze der Vorinstallierten Lüftern tausche. Bei nicht vollständigem einstecken des RGB Stecker in den RGB-Hub leuchtet ein Bruchteil einer Sekunde ein Teil des Lüfter in Rot auf und geht direkt wieder aus. Also kann man schon einmal ausschließen das die RGB-Spielerei des Lüfter's komplett Defekt sei. (Nehme ich jetzt zumindest mal so an)Den mitgelieferten RGB-Hub des zusätzlich erworbenen 3er Pack's kann ich nicht in Betrieb nehmen und Testen, da das Pack anscheinend nach meine Recherche nicht vollständig ist und sowohl als auch auf meinem Mainboard (Asus Rog Strix B450-F Gaming 2) kein nötiger JCORSAIR1 oder ähnlicher Anschlussplatz vorhanden ist.Sollte aber mit den bereits vorinstallierten RGB-Hub doch möglich sein die 3 Lüfter mit RGB zum laufen zu kriegen oder sind die restlichen 3 plätze nur dafür da das es symmetrisch aussieht? *Lach*Soweit nun dazu. Gibt es ähnliche Vorfälle oder habe ich umsonst für 3 Lüfter knappe 85€ ausgegeben, wobei ich mir wesentlich günstigere (z.b. BeQuiet) Lüfter holen hätte können da weder ein PWM Signal vorhanden ist noch die "Bling Bling" Spielerei zu bestaunen ist?Danke schonmal im Voraus an jeden einzelnen hilfreichen Beitrag zu diesem Thema!
  5. Hello everyone, Recently I started working on a fun, personal project to occupy my time by building my first PC. I've decided that this may be a relaxing way to "unwind" from my work, as I'm a Network Engineer and this seemed a bit less of a mental task and more physical one. That said, I've come to a sudden obstacle. I currently have a Corsair 5000D Airflow tower and saw on Corsair's website/tower review videos that it is possible to have up to 13 fans installed; 3x 120mm front, 3x 120mm side, 6x 120mm AIO CPU cooler push/pull configuration, and 1x 120mm rear). Call it overkill, but I am intrigued and would like to test this. The obstacle: wiring - HOW? Additionally, what other parts are needed, if necessary? I currently have a Commander Pro, a Commander CORE (included with the AIO), and 2x RGB lighting hubs (included with each 3pk of RGB fans), as well as the pre-installed PWM on the rear/backside of the Airflow 5000D. I have searched for hours trying to find some sort of video explanation or guide, but the only mention that I have located seems to require splitters. Is there no other way to make this work without the use of additional splitters? At the end of this all, ideally, I would prefer that the iCUE lighting function works with all the fan as well. I'm not too concerned with costs of additional equipment if needed, I just need to know what is necessary and how to do so. Just for safe measure, these are my current specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x 16-core CPU Cooler: Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Motherboard: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero ATX M4 Memory: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 128GB (4x32gb) DDR4-3200 CL16 Storage: Corsair MP600 PRO XT Gen4 PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD 1TB GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12GB FTW3 Ultra Gaming LE iCX3 Tower: Corsair 5000D Ariflow ATX Mid PSU: Corsair AXi 1600w 80+ Titanium Certified Fully Modular ATX OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Fans: 13x Corsair iCUE QL120mm I appreciate any help on this matter and look forward to hearing your responses. I'll be sure to upload photos once this build is complete. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, 1 year ago started to build my new rig, and choosed to complete all possible parts with Corsair’s brand tool, because I really love the quality and enjoy the Icue software. Now I’m replacing my 220T case with new 5000D airflow and got some doubt about fan configuration and rgblink. PC CONFIGURATION: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Asus TUF 3070 OC MB: Asus TUF X570 Plus Wifi RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 3600 2 x 8gb NVME: Sabrent PciE Gen.4 500mb PowSup: Sharkoon 750w (I know, corsair was better but recycled one from other pc J ) CASE: Corsair 5000D airflow black AIO: Corsair H100i RGB PRO XT FAN: 9 x Corsair SP120 RGB PRO PERIPHERALS: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 low profile Corsair MM800 mouse pad Corsair Scimitar PRO RGB Corsair ST100 RGB stand Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless black Monitor 1: MSI Optix MPG341CQR 34” Monitor 2: Samsung Odyssey G5 27” SETUP: 1) AIRFLOW: Not sure about fan configuration, but after a look to all posts around I will proceed with the following configuration: Is this configuration good or something wrong? Is 6 x intake and 3 x exhaust. May I need to replace the AIO with a 360 radiator? 2) RGB CONFIGURATION Got 9 x SP120 RGB PRO to link + AIO Pump from H100i RGB PRO XT. For RGB controls with ICUE have 2 x Lightning node and 1 Commander Pro. Is this correct? With Icue I will control all the fun separately ? 3) FUN POWER CONFIGURATION Is this good? I don’t remember if the head pump need only USB or need to be connected as other fan…… I’ll really appreciate you answer and your help!
  7. I have 10 LL120 fans in my case. And sometimes they randomly switch colors. They will be fine most of the time but suddenly they will start switching to random colors or just turn off. Sometimes they wil switcxh back to the colors they are suppost to be and they will switch again. Sometimes it seems just random what LED does what and sometimes its the same patern as they are supposed to be but in different colors or just some of the colors stay okay while others switch. It happens to the same 6 fans (i think it might be the controller but i dont know for shure) all the switches happen after +- 1 sec and after 3-5 switche they will turn normal for 5-30 second before going crazy again.
  8. I want to have an H100i RGB Platinum SE AIO (which comes with 2 LL120s) and 3 other ll120s. The commander pro costs so much, and I saw that the commander core had all that I needed, but I have heard that there is something about it being specific to the Cappelix coolers. Can I just use the Commander Core for the 5 LL120s and H100i, or do I need to use a commander pro with an rgb hub?
  9. Hallo bin neu hier, heute kam mein Pc und ich habe ihn sofort zusammengebaut. als ich dann bei den lüftern war sah ich 2 Kabel. Das eine wird am Fan Hub angeschlossen, aber was ist mit dem anderen? Kommt das ans Mainboard, wenn ja dann wo schließ ich die alle an? Habe ja keine 6 anschlüsse dafür... Das ist das erste mal das ich einen PC zusammenbaue daher kenn ich mich nicht so damit aus. Hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen Specs: - Corsair 680X - MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk - Geforce RTX 680x Gaming Trio X - AMD Ryzen 3700X - 3 LL Series RGB 140mm
  10. I have read some guides here about RGB lighting for my case and how to connect them. I was planing to go for a triple pack of QL120s and then get the Lighting Node Core with it. I am also going for an H115i Platinum and one extra single QL120. I have couple of questions: I will connect the four case fans to the LNC, but will the RGB for the AIO fans connect to this as well, or do you connect the RGB from those to the pump itself? A lot of people on here recommend the Command Pro, but I feel it would be a it waste to buy that for about $80 when I get the LNC with the fans and a DeepCool FH-10 fan hub costs me $20 where I live. I know the Command Pro gives temp and USB 2 as well, but I think I am fine with the two USB 2.0 ports on my mobo as well as one 3.1 gen 1 and one gen 2 port. I haven't read much about the DeepCool, but it sounds OK. Would this setup work fine? LNC for RGB and DeepCool for PWM to the mobo?
  11. Ich habe heute Nachmittag festgestellt, das nur noch 2 der 3 LL-120 RGB Lüfter meines 500d RGB SE leuchten... Heute früh, als ich ihn eingeschaltet hatte, kann ich definitiv sagen: es waren noch alle 3! Nach viel „Rumprobiererei“, Neustarten des PC‘s und der Software und sogar löschen der iCue Software habe ich keine Lösung erzieht :( Als ich dann aber an den Fan Hub dachte, etwas probierte und feststellte, dass nur der Lüfter nicht geht, der am Port 3 ist, stellt sich mir nun die Frage: Kann es sein, das das Ding nach nichtmal einem halben Jahr in Gebrauch kaputt ist? Die Software kann ich ja jetzt ausschließlich und etwas anderes fällt mir, leider, nicht ein! Vielen Dank schon Mal im Voraus für die Antworten! LG Kicki!
  12. Hello all! I recently bought 3 Corsair ll 140mm fans all from the same supplier On amazon. But after a day or two the top fan on start up sometimes will have 1-3 rgb leds working. This issue is wide spread to all fans I have and sometimes they all work. But if a fan is not using all the leds I unplug and replug sata power To my Corsair fan hub and the rgb works fine until the pc system is powered down for the night. Any advice better would be welcome! Thank you all!
  13. I'm looking to connect three ML140 fans to my setup with the fan hub that is supplied with the twin pack, and purchase a singular ML140 to add to the hub as it supports up to six fans. I would then add the fan hub to the JCorsair1 header on my MSI Z370 Gaming pro Carbon Motherboard by using the connector that came with my motherboard. Apparently from what I've read, the connecter that comes with the fan hub will not connect to the JCorsair1 header. You have to use the connector that the Motherboard supplies you with. I've seen from other people that they've had success with the HD140, LL140, and the SP140 variants using this exact process, but I haven't seen anything with the ML140 fans. The fan hub that is required to connect to the Jcorsair1 header looks exactly the same as the others, so am I right to assume that if I were to connect the fan hub to the Jcorsair1 header, I can control the ML140 fans by Mystic Light software? The reason being, I have multiple RGB components already controlled by Mystic Light, and I would LOVE to use the ML140 fans, but if they are not compatible, I may have to look elsewhere. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
  14. I am looking at buying a Crystal 570X RGB in White which comes with 3 sp120's a hub and a button controller What i would like to do is add a 3 pack of the LL120's that comes with a hub as well as a LIGHTING NODE PRO. My main question is will I be able to connect these 2 hubs (one containing 3 sp's and one containing 3 LL's) up to the 2 ports on the LNP and be able to control all of them through the pc's software. (I am aware that I will have to make a custom cable to connect the initial hub due to it being hardwired into the button controller i am just unsure if one LNP can support 2 different types of fan). I will also be getting a H100i Pro and that comes with 2 standard fans but I wasn't sure if those need to go into a hub or if they can just go into the mb
  15. Hi guys, i have been part picking for my next rig and really like the look of the corsair 460X RGB case however after much searching i cannot find any details regarding the included fan hub, i know its main purpose is for controlling the included SP120 RGB fans however i wanted to know if you can also control the fans speeds via the HUB? does it connect to the MOBO anywere and can i link it to the corsair link software? Thanks in advance for helping :)
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