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Found 16 results

  1. I have a Commander Core XT. I have all my fans connected to it. I have a fan curve that that uses 0 RMP mode for all said fans. When I lock my system my fans stop even if the CPU is under full load. Either iCue needs to be able to control the fans even with no user logged based on last cooling profile or a way to set a hardware profile needs to be made.
  2. Bonjour, J'aimerai savoir si ce montage est correct pour mettre 9 QL120 dans mon Lian Li O11. Je précise que les 3 du bas seront montés sur mon H150i Elite Capellix 360mm. Merci d'avance pour vos réponses !
  3. Hi everyone, I've turned on my first ever build and it seems to be working and sending me into the BIOS correctly :D :D :D :D. However I have a query before proceeding. I have a Corsair H150i RGB Pro XT installed as a side intake on my Lian Li 011D XL. As instructed by the manual it's connected to the CPU_FAN header and I'd like to keep it this way as according to DevBiker's Cooling post this will allow for a warning to occur if the pump does end up failing. My motherboard is Maximus XI Hero and on BIOS 1401 I understand that the Q-fan control must be disabled or should be set to constant 100% speed so that the pump operates correctly (or is this irrelevant with the Pro series??) My Q is, is it fine to change these fan settings before installing Windows? Sorry if this is a silly Q, just wanna make sure as I'm complete beginner with this. Thanks for any help!
  4. Corsair ICUE Software and Asus AI Suite I am just going to build a new PC using corsair Hydro X water cooling components including commander pro and an asus crosshair VIII mainboard. Last one comes with the Asus AI Suite including the component fan expert for the fan control. As I plan to control the fans by ICUE software I am wonderimg how this will work together. To my knowledge it seems to be not possible to separately deinstall fan expert but keeping the rest of AI Suite working? Is there any proposal how to get corsair ICUE and asus AI Suite work together in a non-conflicting way?
  5. Hello, I am looking for an optimal solution for the fan management. It is nothing new for me that neither option is ideal. BIOS fan management has limited funcionality, third party software has often problems with communication with motherboard which results in some limitations too. Commander Pro looks very promising for me, because it doesn't even communicate with fans via motherboard and the whole loop relies on Corsair's hardware and software (I've got LL120 fans). So, I consider buying Commander Pro, but I would like to ask about a presence of one function, which is important for me. In the link to thread below Corsair team states that they are working on posibility of a fan control in accordance to two temperature sources simultaneously. Is this function available already? Is it even still considered? https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=171225
  6. Hi I'm about to build a PC using the Lian Li O11d XL, and I want to have 6 Corsair QL RGB 120mm RGB fans, and 4 Corsair LL RGB 120mm fans - 10 RGB fans in total. I plan on getting the Corsair H100i RGB platinum. My question is if I can use a PWM splitter to control all the speeds of my fans and RGB in the iCue software. The setup would be kind of like the one in the picture. If that is not fully possible will I be able to control all 10 fans on my motherboard, ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-A, which has 8 4-pin fan headers and 2 usb 2.0 internal headers. I think I will need an internal usb hub, but some sort of pwm fan splitter for all 10 fans. I mainly don't want to get the Commander pro as I'm pretty sure I would need 2 which would be incredibly expensive.
  7. Hey, I recently got my first Corsair aio and I'm not sure when the fans should turn on with the iCue Zero rpm preset. My highest liquid temp was 49 C° without the fans turning on. If I set a custom fan curve with the fan rpm 0 at the lowest temps, it works as I'd expect. Is this a normal behavior for the factory setting? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Do not buy this product if you think it will work properly – it does not. With the latest iCue v3.28.70 and the two previous versions, latest firmware 1.0.4, the fans for the Hi50i Pro do not respond to speed control properly. I have experimented off and on for weeks trying to get iCue to correctly control the fan speed and it simply does not. - Create a custom fan profile with the sensor as the coolant temp. - Set the control as fixed RPM – it does not control the fans RPM – they go to a different RPM - Set the control as fixed % - it does not control the fans by % - they go to some other % - Create a custom profile with the sensor as the CPU temp - Set the control as fixed RPM – it does not control the fans RPM they go max RPM - Set the control as fixed % - it does not control the fans by % either – they go max % Try the same as above with custom fan control ramps (not fixed RPM nor %) - Create a custom fan profile with the sensor as the coolant temp or CPU temp - Set the ramp to max 50% - the fans are not controlled to a max of 50% they go to max speed (approx. 1600 rpm) See the attached screen shots. The fans are controlled somewhat properly only with the built in default fan speed profiles (quiet, balanced, etc.) with the water temp sensor. The fans are not controlled properly at all with the CPU temp sensor. Yes, I know that all the fan profiles are controlled by the last temp sensor selected. Don't even bring that up. That is a design flaw and that is also buggy anyway. I have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted, cleaned the registry and etc., etc., etc... Many, many tests show this is not a hardware problem, it is buggy software or firmware or a combination of both. (OK, maybe too much time available in quarantine.) Very disappointed in this product and cannot recommend it. I have lost patience. Without some resolution, I will post these results on Amazon, AMD’s forums, AnandTech, Ars Technica, Tom’s Hardware, Overclockers.net, and etc. Trying to get a resolution from Corsair is fruitless. :mad:
  9. Hello everyone! I'm from Brazil and I've bought a Commander Pro a year and a half ago, but that one started having problems controlling my fans. As you will see below, I'm only using Noctua fans. Most of them are of the 'Industrial PPC' variety (140mm are 2000RPM max and the one 120mm is 3000RPM max). After a few months of usage, maybe some hard shutdowns (due to power surges/rain/etc), the Commander Pro stops controlling some of the fans. I don't know why, but it still shows in iCue, however with 0RPM and just doesn't spin. I've tried removing the SATA power connector from the CP for a minute (with the system turned off), tried updating firmware (through iCue), updated iCue... Nothing solved the problem. Then my sister came back from the USA (travelling) and I bought another Commander Pro through Amazon (US) - thinking the first one might have fried - and after 1 month, same thing is happening again. I've already 'lost' two ports and now I'm having to control the front fans (intake) with a Noctua fan splitter. All the fans used and their orientation/specs are listed below. They're ALL PWM fans (4pin) and I have selected 4 pin in the Commander Pro settings in iCue. Is there anything else I can do to try and get those ports back? Once a port stops being able to control the fans, it never comes back, like it's gone for good. It detects the fan but it shows 0RPM and no fan profile change (even setting it to 100%) changes anything. Also, if I select Automatic in the Commander Pro, that fan disappears. The fans are working just fine, but the CP is giving me headaches. I have invested a lot in the iCue ecossystem (have 12 Corsair RGB light strips, 6 connected through each LED channel in the CP, Corsair RAM, K68 Keyboard, etc.) Please HELP! In Brazil, Commander Pros are relatively expensive and, even worse, not available for purchase at the moment. Should I try to open the device or take it to a technician do it? Even tho' I don't think it's a hardware problem...? SETUP: Ryzen 7 3800X ASUS Crosshair VII Hero (not WiFi) Noctua NH-D15 SE-AM4 (only using 1 140mm fan tho' - in the middle of the two heatsink 'towers') Fans: 2x 140mm NF-A14 Noctua Industrial PPC 3000RPM intake @ front 1x 140mm NF-A14 Noctua Industrial PPC 3000RPM @ NH-D15 (CPU cooler) 1x 120mm NF-F12 Noctua Industrial PPC 3000RPM exhaust @ back 1x 140mm Noctua NF-A15 (the cream/brown rounded one, 2nd fan that is included with NH-D15 CPU cooler) 1200RPM max exhaust @ top (back portion) PSU: Corsair RM850i 850W 80+ Gold Case: Corsair 400C Software versions: Commander Pro firmware v. 0.9.212 iCue version 3.25.60 P.S.: For those wondering, I've returned the first Commander Pro that showed problems to the company I've bought it from, since it was still under warranty. However, they just said: "Yep, it's broken/not working as you described. Here's your money back." because they didn't have it in stock at the time. That's when I bought the 2nd Commander Pro through Amazon US.
  10. Hey, I recently got a used Corsair CX750 non modular PSU because the current low end PSU is down. The seller gave me 6 months RMA warranty. System specs are up-to-date in my details. In normal PC usage, the PSU gets slightly warm. When I play games such as GTA V in very low settings, the PSU gets very hot. But the PC never shuts down itself. What can be the cause? Is this normal? Or the fan is malfunctioning?
  11. Hello! I recently installed the iCUE software and it's causing my fans on my H115i to constantly change in speed. It's like someone is reving a car engine, the RPM goes up and then immediately drops over and over. I've tried to change the profiles in the software, but it doesn't seem to be working. Could someone help give me instructions on how to either disable to fan control or to set the profiles properly?
  12. Pratul

    help on 1000D

    Hi, I am changing the case of my existing build and adding RGB fans as well Lighting to the setup. The components are all Corsair HD120 fans alingwith the Lighting Node expansion kit. Additionally I already have the K95 RGB keyboard & MM400 RGB mouse pad. My queries: 1. I have created a connection layout for the RGB fans & RGB lighting. Requesting for feedback on whether it is ok and suggestions for improvement are most welcome. 2. The water cooling is EKWB EK-240 kit but with 2 rads. What would be the best position to place the pump & reservoir in the cabinet. Thanks, Pratul CORSAIR D100 FAN & LIGHTING CONFIGURATION.pdf
  13. I own a HX 1200i PSU, a K95 Platinum RGB keyboard and M65 Pro RGB mouse. Prior to upgrading to iCue, I used Corsair Link & Cue 3 to control/manage my Corsair devices/peripherals. Under Corsair Link (prior to using iCue), I was able to control whether to run the PSU fan or have it spin up only if particular temperature threshold was reached. Under iCue, I have no such option and firing up Corsair Link yields a message "This device is being controlled by iCue" (the HX1200i). My question is - is this an oversight/bug or by design? PS. When I upgraded to iCue, I followed the instructions and ensured that I had the latest version of Corsair Link installed prior to the Cue-->iCue upgrade. PPS. The log file won't attach - error states "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing."
  14. Couple of questions regarding the H80i: When corsair link software reports the "temp" of the H80i, where is the temp sensor located in the loop? Is it measuring the temp of the pump motor, the temp of the copper block touching the cpu, or is it measuring the temp of the actual liquid? The reason I ask is simply for a better understanding of how the corsair closed loop systems work. I am intricately familiar with DIY water cooling, and have built several dating back over a decade. I have always been hesitant to use these closed loop kits, but this is one of the first units i have seen which actually might be worth looking into. (I Absolutely HATED the external SATA power connectors... good job on cleaning up the v2) Second, Is there any way to allow other hardware monitoring/fan control software to actually read the Temps and Fan RPMs from the H80i? I can get the RPM for the pump head itself to be seen by the bios/other software, and the reported RPM is half of actual (this is normal for pumps, i know), but no ability to read the Temp or Fan RPM outside of the Corsair Link Software... Why would I want to do this? The answer is simple. The Corsair Link software is pretty rudimentary to be honest. I will be posting more about this issue in the appropriate forum.
  15. I have a Commander Pro [fw 0.07.199] and Lighting Node Pro with 6 LL120 fans attached but for some reason I can't control the speed on fans 1 & 2; (3,4,5 & 6 are fine). I have checked and double-checked they are plugged in the correct order by unplugging one at a time and they spin down in the correct order. I also checked the lights go out in the right order too. One thing I have noticed is that the fans don't show in the correct order [compared to the official Corsair iCUE videos] in iCUE CoPro Performance stings though. Racking my brains, what am I doing wrong?...and I am assuming it is user error of some sort. http://henryfrost.com/corsair/only4fans.PNG Any ideas anyone? I appreciate iCUE is early access so there maybe issues but I've seen enough videos of it in action to believe this shouldn't be happening. :(:
  16. So in future, I'm planning to create a build with 6x LL series RGB fans and a commander pro as well as the RGB lighting strip extension kit. How would I connect this up to be able to control each fan individually (fan speed and RGB effects) and control each RGB strip individually and sync the RGB effects between everything? This build is also planning to have corsair RGB RAM and corsair water cooler (the new H115i Pro or the new H150i Pro). Could I sync the RGB effects of the fans and strips with the ram and cooler?
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