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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, in my current system are four old RGB fans, from an rather unknown company, which are blowing their last breaths. So now I want six new Corsair RGB fans. The only thing I do really understand is the difference between thew QL and the LL. I'm only interested in the LL and wanted to ask, what do I really need with it? I'm really confused about the Nodes, the Commander Pro and so on.... So my question is: What do I really need for six Corsair LL120 RGB Fans?
  2. Hi, So i'm building my first PC and decided to go all out and build my dream PC and I need a little assistance. My case is a Lian-Li PC-O11D XL and it can support 10 120mm fans. I'm planning to buy 10 QL120 fans and I want to put 1 on the rear, 3 on my h150i PRO (top), 3 on the side and 3 on the bottom. I'm buying 3x QL120 triple packs so I will have 3 Lighting Node Cores and I purchased a Commander Pro. So now that I got the basic details out of the way, I have absolutely no idea how to set these all up and I was really hoping someone could give me a hand because I've never done this before, let alone BUILT a pc before. I saw another forum with someone asking for help with a 9 LL120+H150I PRO setup and someone drew them a diagram ( https://imgur.com/dMbVSoz ) and if I could get a visual aid like that it would be so helpful. Any advice and help is appreciated and sorry if this entire post sounds really stupid but it's out of pure desperation at this point. Thank you! :biggrin:
  3. Hi Guys, I got a new H100i Pro RGB installed on this whole new PC build with an i7 9700K (still running at stock). I was searching what are the best settings for the fan and pump on ICUE. I think I got everything installed correct as I have read. Pump is connected on the CPU fan header with it set at full speed. I got my cpu temp idling at 38C and go up to 60C-70C at full load. Currently both fans and pump are left at Quiet for their performance. What are your settings? Maybe fan settings would be too much as it would be different for each one of us. But regarding for the pump, where do guys have it set? I hope you guys can share your settings here. TIA
  4. Hi all I've got a question about setting up my H115i Pro and case fans. In my Corsair Air 540 I've got 2 front 140mm fans, the H115i Pro as top exhaust and a 140mm rear exhaust. The way I think of it is that the top front intake and rear exhaust are there to assist the H115i pro in cooling the CPU plus also cooling the VRM and RAM. And the bottom intake is primarily there to cool the GPU. My question is what the optimal fan setup is for powering and controlling all the fans. I was thinking: - H115i Pro fans connected to the cooler per the instructions and controlled by coolant temp. - Top intake and rear exhaust connected to the CPU_FAN and CPU_OPT slots on my motherboard to be controlled by CPU temperature. - Bottom intake to be connected to CHA_FAN slot on motherboard to be controlled by general system temp (or GPU temp specifically if the Asus software allows that). Questions: 1) Does that make sense? Should I be setting up the fans differently? 2) If I set the fans up like that do I plug in the 3-pin cable from the H115i Pro to the AIO_PUMP slot on my motherboard? I'm guessing I just leave it unplugged based on the answer below from the FAQ. Thanks Daniel
  5. Hey friends! Added an exhaust fan to my 570x case. Bought the matching SP120 RGB, (the ones that come with case) . It spins and is controllable through my MOBO bios but the color is either static grey or yellow/green (I'm really color blind sorry) and sometimes will flicker in no disernable pattern. I tried it plugged into the 4, 5 and 6 slot on the RBG controller hub thing that comes with case. Will it not work unless I buy 2 more? does the side of the RGB hub have to be filled? I so tried it on multiple fan connection on MOBO. I also just tried to plug it into a 3-1 connecter because I thought the 4 pins were maybe the problem, but still same problems. I think it might just be the fan? Thanks!
  6. Goodmorning everyone. I'm new in the forum. I'm converting to Corsair and I'm going to buy Obsiadian 1000D. Below I attach the fan diagram to which I thought. Could you report any errors or optimizations? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vA1XezR90SURXbjgVkY75hrbny3hO1sD/view?usp=sharing
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