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Found 8 results

  1. I recently bought a Virtuoso XT headset and the experience has been a disaster. Especially with the the software. iCUE 4.29.203 is installed and im running Win 11 21H2. Yea, I cant upgrade Windows 11 since then the equalizer won't work at all. When the headset is connected via the cable, the equalizer works just fine but when I switch over to the wireless mode, it does not work anymore. If I got into the sound settings in Windows and enable Enhanced Audio for the wireless headset then the equalizer works. Also, I double checked, with the Virtuoso USB device in Sound Settings, the Enhanced Audio is off. Any idea how to solve this? I cannot have enhanced audio enabled as this causes random small lag spikes in the the game I play and I want to use the headset in the wireless mode.
  2. About 4 months after i got my HS70 Pro Wireless headset, I had noticed that the bass wasn't as high as before. I looked in ICUE and realized that the software equalizer was having no effect of the audio output. My windows is fully updated and I've tried several time to do a clean install, to no avail. What can be done to fix this?
  3. Hey guys. I recently bought a pair of corsair virtuoso se headphones. After a few days of using I have noticed a significant distortion problem i some circumstances. I'm using them mostly in wireless mode with usb dongle, but the problem is present also in wired mode. The problem appears only with these eq settings. Video that shows the problem and the piece of video where I discovered the problem below
  4. Hello everyone, I need good EQ (equalizer) settings for my Virtuoso Wireless SE Headset for gaming on Playstation 5 for example Call of Duty or Warzone. I tried different profiles and also searched here in the forum, but I couldn't find anything suitable. Please help! :[pouts:
  5. Hallo zusammen, ich benötige für mein Virtuoso Wireless SE Headset gute Einstellungen vom EQ (Equalizer) für Gaming auf der PS5 zum Beispiel Call of Duty und Warzone. Ich habe verschiedene Profil versucht und auch hier im Forum gesucht, doch ich habe nichts passendes gefunden. Ich bitte um hilfe! :[pouts:
  6. Hi there! I have come across the problem where if I switch profiles in iCUE, button on keyboard or mouse/in app, where the profile changes Corsair headphones equalizer settings, then the audio stops working on Discord, and sometime even crashes games!!! The fix is simply to reselect the audio device I want to use, and sometimes restart Voicemeeter engine (virtual audio mixer). I usually fix these problems by myself, but I really don't know where to start. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you! With regards, Alvin.
  7. Hi all. Posted this on the Reddit sub, but since no reaction there... giving it a go here. I have issues with my Virtuoso RGB in combination with iCue. At some point the equalizer stopped working. 7.1 as well actually, but I don't use that, so that's less of an issue, to me at least. I have read countless posts of people having the same issue, ranging all the way back to the Void Pro, so I am fairly sure this is not a headset issue. It's iCue. I have found ONE way to solve it (see below), but after reboot/disconnecting the headset (wireless connection, switch off to USB mode to put it away for the night), the problem is back. iCue version 3.31.81, headset fw 0.17.149, dongle fw 0.16.80, all the latest versions. Solutions I had tried: Reinstalling iCue after uninstalling with Revoinstaller, incl removing all the profiles and settings (I had a LOT of lighting profiles...), and reinstalling iCue: did nothing. Regular uninstall (not with Revo) obviously I tried before that, to no avail as well. I've tried all different things I found online, nothing. The solution I applied that finally fixed it: disconnect device, remove device from device manager (both mic and headphones), do not reboot, then reconnect, then reinstall iCue, it reinstalls the drivers and lo and behold, the eq works again! I was SO happy, I spent HOURS finding the solution. ... then I turned off my pc and headset after a night of gaming and rebooted today. Aaaaaaand it's back. Pretty pissed off at this point, but even more disappointed. The big problem I have with all this: Everything worked fine before I updated iCue to the latest version... I could roll back, but principally... why should I? This should work. Any support is welcome, both from users who have shared my woes, but definitely also from the Corsair mods/employees that lurk this sub. This is a VERY weird issue, and I'm willing to collaborate on it with you by sending some logs or whatever, but I'm more hoping that I just missed one magical solution that actually solves it. Permanently.
  8. Folks, So I just upgraded to the latest iCUE version (3.19.120) and I have noticed that the software no longer is able to work properly with my ST100. Here's the current status: Working I can hear audio with my stereo headsets just fine. Microphone works Not working (they worked prior to 3.19): EQ presents do not do anything. I have switched all the EQs that come with the software (FPS optimized, Bass Boost, etc.) and the audio does not change at all I no longer get audio prompts from iCUE when I turn on/off my mic, my surround sound, etc. I press the surround sound button to enable/disable it and nothing happens. I am not sure in which state my headphones are stuck, though windows reports an 8 channel audio device connected at all times troubleshooting tried so far Uninstalled software and cleaned registry Unplugged the ST100 Installed the latest iCUE version Rebooted machine Plugged in ST100. It gets detected, I get audio from it but symptoms described above persist System specs MSI Z390I Gaming edge AC Intel i7-9700K Windows 10 latest updates installed (up-to-date to Sept '19) Any idea or pointers to fix these issues is greatly appreciated
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