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Found 4 results

  1. i've reinstalled windows as i got a new motherboard and cpu. this is narrowed down to my drivers that are for it, as if i disconnect the internet to my pc and use my headset there are no issues (this was when i reinstalled windows for the 3rd time trying to fix the issue), and as well, i decided to use a generic driver in device manager to see what it does (using 'software device' instead of 'audio endpoint' in the selection menu, see here: https://ibb.co/Z1fDz2L). before changing to this, after a random amount of time (a few seconds to an hour or two) audio would stop working, the headset would turn on fine and be detected in icue, however opening the little audio window and testing it by clicking on the audio knob would cause it to freeze instead of it playing any audio, as well some websites like youtube will freeze. this only stopped if i restarted windows, which would start again after said random amount of time. and after changing it my pc runs very slowly, and audio runs fine with it stuttering very bad every 30 seconds to a minute. i've found this corsair help guide and it did not work despite following every direction: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033489511-Fix-Corsair-headset-sound-issues-after-the-Windows-10-build-1903-update-or-an-iCUE-software-update as well, running with or without corsair icue doesn't have a difference in the matter of things as i still have issues with it. i've also tried to just reinstall the drivers and icue to no difference. im at a point where searching for my issue returns nothing and i have to buy a different headset, however i paid a pretty penny for this and don't want it to go to waste so early. if this is a firmware issue with the headset, i wont be able to fix it as the cable that came to charge and update it is damaged and won't function, i have other cords just like it (albeit not corsair brand) and they do not function when using them for updating the headset as icue is stuck at 0% and demands a corsair charging cable. also as well i've tried using front panel/back panel usb with no difference edit: it seems that the drivers have gone back to the previous state with the 'audio endpoint', however instead of it stopping randomly it will now restart. this happened once so far and currently writing this after it happened
  2. So icue in its infinite glory REFUSES to recognize my h150i. I've tried multiple cables, uninstalled and reinstalled icue including older stable versions. I've tried multiple usb ports and even RMA'd the cooler itself twice via corsair's recommendation and nothing is working. I'm running windows 10 pro. So I believe it's a driver issue. Windows wont recognize the device. I get the error: unknown USB device. (Device descriptor failed). But I cant find anywhere to download the right driver. And icue wont do anything to help. So any suggestions at this time would be GREATLY appreciated. The cooler is running. The fans too. The rgb is just going through the default rainbow cycle and I have 0 control over it.
  3. DOES A SOLUTION EXIST? If anyone has posted a solution that I missed, I would greatly appreciate a link. PROBLEM: In Device Manager we are supposed to see: [Corsair Composite Virtual Input Device] The device successfully installs with installation of CUE and macros work. After a reboot or other unknown system event, the device disappears. Macro keys and the pause break key do not work because of this failure. TEMPORARY WORKAROUND What has worked ONCE for me was: 1. Uninstall CUE 2. Disconnect Keyboard 2. Restart 3. Install CUE 4. Connect Keyboard 5. Observe Device Manager 6. Repeat until [Corsair Composite Virtual Input Device] is visible in Device Manager.
  4. I am currently using the Corsair M65 Vengeance FPS optical gaming mouse, and I've been having a problem with the drivers that are used to change the DPI and settings. Every time I start up my computer, all of the settings other than the DPI seem to not work; changing the report rate and checking/unchecking "Angle Snapping" have no effect; For instance, angle snapping will always be on after a fresh restart, whether it's checked or not, and whether it was on before shutting down my computer previously or not. If I test the surface quality after a restart, it will always give only one bar, regardless of what surface I'm using. (My mousepad usually registers as 3-4 bars) This means that every time I have to restart my computer (Which is around twice a day with this old hand-me-down I'm slowly working on replacing), I have to uninstall and reinstall the Corsair M65 Mouse Configurator, rework 2 settings profiles, and fidget with the settings until they work (For instance, turning off angle snapping means checking and unchecking the box around 4 or 5 times, then everything will become unresponsive for a moment and then it'll finally be off). Although I got this off of the Corsair website, it makes me wonder whether or not I am using out of date software, or if it just hasn't been updated by corsair in a long time, but no one else seems to have this problem. Screenshot of the program I am using: https://i.gyazo.com/27354cafcfdc0962f6ddc96242e24b19.png Thank you for taking the time to read this! -Isabella
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