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Found 6 results

  1. Chaim87

    H80i and P9X79

    Hello! I am writing this thread because I couldn't find any information. After years of using the same air cooling system, I've finally decided to switch to a water cooling system, and I bought the H80i v2 from Corsair. Installation went fine and I plugged the USB to the USB pins and the CPU cable to the CPU_FAN pins. Once in Windows 10, the device appears in Device Manager, but with a yellow triangle, together with a Intel® C600/X79 series chipset Thermal Management Controller - 1D24. I think it is some sort of hardware/software incompatibility, as the whole instructions on mounting the cooling system were followed step by step. When I try to update the drivers, either from the iCUE folder or from online, I get for both entries the same error, "drivers found but not able to install". For this reason, neither Link nor iCUE display the H80i. I think that hardware speaking everything works, fans are both running, the cooling system displays a light on the logo and so on. More importantly, even under stress at 4.2 Ghz (standard 3.7) I get less than 50°C and almost no noise. Which is good, but. I've tried to switch off from the BIOS the standard Qfan controller from ASUS, and uninstalled AI Suite II, which came standard with the motherboard. Since both didn't change a thing, I set the BIOS back to default settings and reinstalled AI Suite II. I opened a ticket to Corsair and wrote a message on the Facebook page (yeah I know), I think it will require some time that I could spare with the experts hanging around this forum. :biggrin: Could you please help? I can share all system's info. Thank you! Chaim
  2. soo today i just bought this headset for 85$, and i cant even get it to work on "Bluetooth & other device" it shows as: "Corsair VOID PRO USB Gaming Headset Driver error" and when i try to update the driver from Device maneger i get an error that says: "Windows encountered a problem installing the drivers for your device Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install them. USB Audio Device One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time. If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit their website and check the support section for drivers." but iCUE can detect the headset and can even change the color what do i do? if i dont get this fixed soon then ill have no other option than return it and get a refund which is something i want to avoid
  3. After several sessions of attempting to troubleshoot various things about my games crashing under seemingly random intervals, I had ruled it quite a bit of what might be causing it, doing the easier tricks in the book and moving progressively onward. This eventually led me to boot up and play these games with my regular, desktop speakers set as the default audio device. 'Lo and behold, ever since I decided to not use my HS60 headset, these games have not crashed since, and there have been dozens of hours logged since the last crash. Which was surprisingly and often occurrence. So.. that means there is 'something' that is causing my games to crash relating to the headset I'm using. But what? It could be an audio driver (which I can only assume are all installed with the iCUE corsair device manager) conflicting with any default/basic windows drivers that Windows thought was a good idea to auto install for this device. This would be fine except.. I have auto driver install disabled. I have entirely removed any drivers pertaining to headsets (including iCUE) and completely reinstalled iCUE, and yet, the symptom persists. What am I missing, short of a windows reset? I am reluctant to believe that a reset or reinstall would even fix the problem. I highly doubt this is faulty hardware right? this feels like a driver crash, or a driver incompatibility. something else to note, is that when I try to change the sample/refresh rate of the audio quality on my headset, it is grayed out and can not be changed, since that was my go-to troubleshooting spot.
  4. Received it yesterday and have had no success in getting it working. I've plugged it into all my USB ports to no avail. I did, for all of 3 seconds, get it to actually work, but it hasn't again. It doesn't come up as a device in iCUE, and in my device manager in my control panel it comes up as 'Unknown USB Device (Device descriptor request failed)' with a driver error, which I have attempted to fix with uninstalling drivers and restarting, as well as trying to update the driver, but nothing has helped. Lost all hope and am ready to give up, any help is welcomed. Running Win10.
  5. Corsair One, 1080 (not Ti)... Installation of the 398.82 drivers was successful, and to my knowledge without issue. But on reboot the CORSAIR ONE Diagnostics informed me of an issue that was visible from Device Manager - everything displays without issue, but Device Manager shows an error that required stopping due to code 43. Several reboots, still the same so... I rolled back the driver to the previous - 398.36 - and rebooted. Device Manager lists the display adapter without issues.
  6. It is being detected in Devices and Printers, but it's in the "Unspecified" section. According to the Devices and Printers section, it has a driver error. Not entirely sure what to do?
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