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Found 21 results

  1. Hi All - When iCue is on, the DPI light on my mouse turns off after about 5 seconds after clicking/holding the sniper button (or changing DPI). What is weird is that after I set up my hardware lighting and close iCue - the DPI light stays on as expected instead of turning off after about 5 seconds. The mouse functionality is still fine though. So just curious if this is how iCue wants the light functionality to work. I've tried searching this topic but the only thread I found was from here: This is pretty much the same situation as mine, but I'm on iCue v. 4.32.129 now so rolling back to 4.27 is probably too far back. I've reset my mouse (unplugged it, hold down left and right click, plugged it back in) and I've also done a clean reinstall as written here: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE- It is also connected directly to my Windows 11 PC (not laptop) in a USB 3.0 port. Mouse Firmware v. 1.16.41 Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I got my Dark Core RGB Pro SE yesterday, and after messing around with the software and looking for hours on forums and YouTube, I cannot figure out how to successfully bind the two upper left buttons on my mouse. I managed to bind every other button (forward, back, scroll click, etc.) but these two will always change my DPI settings. Even if I have only one DPI profile activated, or all three with the same DPI level, they still change whenever I press one of those two buttons. The mouse really comes advertised with these buttons as customizable buttons. A little bit of a letdown so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, Everytime I switch profiles, it does not stay in the last dpi selected for that profile, it keeps at the position from the last dpi selected. For example in iCue I have two profiles, each one with different DPI settings (one for each postion that currently we have 3). So in my default profile I have set 3000, 3500, 4800, and in my game profile 2500, 3000, 1800. When I'm on my default profile I select position number 2(3500). And when I'm with my gaming profile I use position number 1(2500). After exiting the game I click to change my profile back to default, but the DPI stays in position number 1 and not 2 as previous selected for that profile. Is this possible to solve with a software update? Currently I have a IronClaw RGB mouse Thanks
  4. Hola, Acabo de comprar este ratón y tengo el iCUE firmware versión 3.14. Estoy intentando reasignar los botones que están situados bajo la rueda del ratón, para que no estén ligados al DPI switch y el Profile switch respectivamente. Soy incapaz de encontrar la manera de hacerlo y no encuentro información al respecto, ¿algún alma caritativa que me pueda ayudar a conseguir mi propósito? Mil gracias.
  5. I am attempting to remap the 'DPI Up' button to Page Up, and the 'DPI Down' button to Page Down. This works, but it also adjusts the DPI of the mouse. None of the lights are changing, like iCue isnt aware the mouse is changing the DPI. This even happens if I disable the buttons. ICue thinks its disabled, the mouse lights don't change, but the DPI increases. Is this supposed to be happening? How can I stop the 'DPI' buttons from changing the DPI settings?
  6. I recently wiped/reinstalled all my windows stuff including iCUE for my Ironclaw. All was well until yesterday... for some reason, the DPI UP and DPI DOWN buttons, which are currently remapped to "L CTRL" and "Keypad -" respectively decided to engage the mapped key, and also DPI UP and DOWN when pressed. :eek: You can imagine how well that went over in the middle of a competitive match. I've confirmed that I have all the latest iCUE software and that all the firmware is that latest (which I'm beginning to suspect that's the actual issue). Any fixes? thanks!
  7. So today I foolishly decided to explore the ICUE software. I decided to calibrate my mouse to see what it did. When I calibrated it, my sense seemed different and off. However, in the settings it was fine. When I went to go control my recoil in different games, it was terrible. I used to have a dot for a spray and now its wonky. It's nowhere near where I used to be. I have been tweaking the dpi, however it wont work and get back to where it was. Is there anyway I can hard reset the mouse to factory settings. I even uninstalled ICUE and to no avail it didnt go back to what it used to be. I clicked the button on the bottom which seemed like a hard reset but that also didnt do anything. It literally did nothing the mouse didn't seem to respond.
  8. Hi. Can someone tell me please what is the native DPI on M 65 RGB pro. I want to set DPI to it's native without any accelerators or enhancers and then fine tune it in the game. I know it's capable of 12000 but surely this is somehow multiplied. Thank you for any response.
  9. Hey guys, I have been having his issue for the last few weeks. Whenever I am playing a game and using my Ironclaw in 2.4 ghz mode it will randomly reset its DPI and the DPI indicator on the side will change color. Granted, I am only playing at 1,800 DPI and it resets to 1,500 but it is noticeable in games like League where a team fight happens and the mouse doesn't move quite to where I expect it to. I had iCUE open on the other monitor and it shows that it is still running my original 1,800 DPI, and a quick rest of the mouse fixes it. However, I don't want to stop mid-game 6 times to reset my mouse and I paid for the wireless version to use it wirelessly. Has anyone else encountered such an issue? Was it an update gone bad and I need to just wait?
  10. So I ran into an issue with my Ironclaw RGB Wireless where it would behave as if iCue weren't open and my Profile would switch to the Hardwired ones. I see many others have experienced this same issue which seems to have come with the update that took place between 12/5/19 and 12/11/19 this month. In iCue it listed a series of (1)s after the name In the middle of games the profile would switch along with DPI It would work again if I took out and reinserted the dongle or power cycled the mouse. Soft resets didn't work, and Corsair hasn't responded to my service request from a week ago now with the firmware to hard reset the mouse. This was frustrating as I couldn't last 10 minutes without the settings being lost and changing up in the middle of games I was playing. BUT the good news is that after I decided to go ahead and revert back to iCue version 3.21.88 last night, I haven't had a single issue since then. I'm currently in a Destiny 2 session for a little over 2 hours and haven't had any issue at all. I think this is the best that can be done until a new iCUE version comes out that addresses the issue. *********UPDATE********** So after playing for about 4-5 hours the problem eventually came back, I think this is the longest I've been able to play continuously without problems since the issue first arose last week. I'm going to keep messing around and see if I can figure this out.
  11. Greetings. I am frustrated. I can't figure out how to use the iCUE program, and I haven't found anything that helps. I recently bought three Corsair products, my first introductions to the company, and a nostalgic interest, since I used to sail a lot. the K55 keyboard, because I wanted to play with macros on the far left column of the keyboard, keys G1-G6. An Ironclaw wireless/wired mouse, because of the button layout and that it's wireless, and I've found that it's likely my most comfortable mouse. I like that. the third is just one of the large mouse pads. Not the best quality, but I like it. I have no idea what to make of the iCUE software used to configure the mouse and keyboard. The first thing that I noticed was that I cannot see what the mouse buttons are called until I begin to create an "action", and only when I'm in the process of assigning an action to a button. Objective 1: I want to set the two buttons that are located on the top of the mouse, behind the scroll wheel, to cycle through mouse designated profiles, mainly so that I can cycle through different groups of DPI levels, since there are only three DPI levels on the mouse. The "Profile up" and "Profile down" buttons on the mouse cycle through three different colored levels on the DPI indicator bars, regardless of how many profiles there are, but do not cycle through profiles. Attempts to bind the two buttons to cycle through profiles, which are their default, changes nothing. Objective 2: I want to create a macro for the front button of the mouse located to the left of the main left click button. I want the macro to spam the "E" keyboard button while I hold that mouse button down. When I make that macro and designate it to that button, it has a random effect, including the following: -The button activates the "E" keyboard button once. -The button chaotically spams the "E" keyboard button until I successfully close the iCUE program, even after I release the button. While it's chaotically spamming the button, whether in-game or out, Windows gives me the 'error' ping chaotically. I assume it does that because there are some macro activations that for whatever reason cannot be completed in some form or other. -The button does absolutely nothing. It doesn't even revert to its original "DPI up" cycle, forcing me to never increase my DPI setting from whatever it is, including when I test the DPI cycle down to my lowest setting, therefore restricting me to a world of low AF DPI until I close the iCUE program and restart it. I understand that there are options for the button to which I want to bind a macro to also activate the original/default action, but I don't have that box checked, nor have I tested it, because I don't want that to happen and I don't want to add more actions to an issue I still haven't solved. Objective 3: I want the "Sniper" DPI action to work. I bound the button located on the side of the mouse designated "Forward" to be a "Sniper" DPI clutch, but it doesn't do anything. Whether it's related to being on the same mouse profile or I don't have any other profile for it to call upon, or whether its option to be held or toggled is activated whichever way, it doesn't do anything. I'm familiar with Razer's Synapse program. I have four of their mice, and I have no issue with it or the mice, or even Razer's $240 keyboard. But, I really want to get into Corsair's products, because I've only heard good things about their products. However, I haven't heard anything about the software, and I now wish I at least searched for a review of the iCUE program. Because it's not easy to get familiar with it. At least, for me. I'm that Rainbow Six; Siege player who gets frustrated with anyone, on either team, being toxic. I understand the moment of an unintentional team kill, and don't seek revenge. I apologize to the enemy player who I unintentionally wall-bang. I have patience. But this iCUE program is beyond frustrating for me. I was successfully able to create a functioning macro to cycle through 2 profiles on the cheap K55 keyboard that I also purchased, binding on one profile the space bar to spam the space action while held, and on the other to type a series of Skyrim console command lines. The profile cycling bind doesn't seem to alter anything with the mouse, and I don't assume it would, but the answer to that question is going to be tested once I submit this post. Any helpful information would be greatly appreciated. I've forgotten what else I wanted to do, because I've been focusing on explaining my main concern, that of labeled Objective 1, above. That's my main concern right now.
  12. Hello guys. I just bought Corsair Ironclaw Wireless Mouse. Was using Logitech G502 I was searching one setting but cannot found the setting in iCUE. On my old mouse i was able to setup any setting to any DPI. For example; DPI 1 - 500 DPI - Color Red and one of the extra button is Volume Up. DPI 2 - 1000 DPI - Color Blue and same extra button is Volume Down this time. So whenever i pressed DPI Swich Button on my mouse it's swiching DPI and all of my settings. Did i miss something or this options are not avaliable on iCUE? Thanks.
  13. Hey guys. Hope someone can help me. I have a Scimitar and I'm facing this very annoying issue for a while. In the middle of the gameplay, my pointer freezes for a second, the lights change and the mouse loses its configuration. As if the icue stopped working for a second. I need to press the DPI change button at the top in order to go back to my preset. I've tried to reinstall the ICUE, update the ICUE, switch the USB port, clear the onboard storage, but nothing seems to work. I tried to find an answer everywhere with no success. Any clue what to do in order to fix it?
  14. I have a corsair harpoon mouse and there is one button to click behind the scroll wheel to change DPI, before this mouse I was using 800 DPI with fine use but now that I have the harpoon it doesn't tell me the increments of the DPI clicks and whether or not acceleration is on, which is very annoying as I don't use acceleration. Any help to see how much DPI each click does and how to turn on / off acceleration? Thanks.
  15. Hello I changed my dpi settings with the dpi slider of the icue software and now my dpi settings in the dpi tab are useless. I wan't to reset the storage and settings from my mouse and Computer, but reinstalling and removing the files from the computer or reinstalling the firmware of the mouse not worked. Can someone help me to clear up my mouse settings and use the dpi settings correctly ? PS:Sorry for my bad English i'm not from an English speaking Country
  16. So, today I received my Dark Core RGB SE in the mail today. I'm in love with this mouse. I'm also liking that is has Bluetooth functionality for on the go stuff. But I'm having an issue with DPI/pointer speeds between wired/2.4GHz and Bluetooth modes. So, if i have my DPI set to 800 in the software, and saved to the mouse, the cursor moves at a desired speed when plugged in. But when I unplug it and go to Bluetooth mode, it is extremely fast. And vice versa, if I have it set at a desired speed in Bluetooth mode, it is much slower than I'd like it when plugged in. P.S: The mouse is acting the same both in Wired and 2.4GHz modes.
  17. Bonjour ! J'ai un problème ultra embêtant avec ma M65 Pro, quand je vais dans iCUE (version 3.7.99 donc la dernière version) et que je clique sur DPI le logiciel se fige et il est impossible de faire quoi que ce soit. - J'ai désinstaller et réinstaller le logiciel iCUE. - J'ai forcé la mise à jour du micrologiciel (2.06). - J'ai effectué un reset de la souris en tenant tous les boutons avant de la rebranché. Bref, rien n'a changé ça plante toujours quand je clique sur DPI.. Quelqu'un peut-il m'aider s'il vous plait :(:
  18. For some reason I have like 50 copies of my default profile and I can't remove them
  19. Hello, Today I bought my second mouse from Corsair because I was in need of an upgrade. I have really enjoyed the design and feel of the mouse but there is one thing worrying me. It is that at random high-speed flicks or mouse-lifts the mouse snaps to the bottom or to the top of the screen. It is indeed very weird and in situations like where you need those high-speed flicks or mouse lifts because you run out of space on your mousepad, it justs snap. These snaps can be the cause of a game-changing play. I have an ASUS ROG Sheath mousepad which has been working and feeling well with my other mouse as well. I have not returned the mouse yet but I doubt that it is because of that and I think that the issue is related to the mousepad calibration feature on the CUE. If there is any way to disable it I would like to see if that helps. I did calibrate it for my mousepad at the beginning before playing and I haven't tried it without it. I did the steps correctly as well but I noticed when doing the mousepad calibration that the same thing happened with the snapping. https://i.gyazo.com/66dc4e0c95ca9cfac9b49b9a78b464d2.mp4 Here you have a GIF of me trying to calibrate it. The mouse is up to date and I am running it on 400DPI.
  20. So I just picked up a Scimitar Pro RGB the other day, and I haven't fully set it up yet but noticed that in the DPI settings, it has 5 DPI settings that it can switch through, but only 3 of them are enabled and I can't figure out how to enable the other two. I click the switch next to the two that are currently disabled, and it doesn't switch them on. How do I switch these on so I have all 5 DPI presets available to set and switch through rather than just the 3? I can provide a screenshot showing what I mean if needed when I get home later today.
  21. Whenever i turn the mouse off, or put it to sleep, then turn it on or wake it, the mouse's DPI setting no longer work. It defaults to some crazy high setting, and the only way to get it working properly is to go into CUE, and adjust the DPI Sliders, and only then does it actually work as it's supposed to. Has anyone else experienced this, or is my luck that i run into a one-of problem? And yes. Firmware is up-to-date. v.0.33
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