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  1. I'm in desparate search for a new Void Pro Wireless USB Dongle. Mine is nearly broken and I'd need a new one soon. Can anyone help? Thanx, Michael
  2. Hey everyone, I have the problem that if I leave my USB dongle of my HS80 headphones plugged in while it boots up, my PC freezes in the screen where I can press F2 to get into the UEFI. Sometimes it boots windows after 2-3 minutes, but the OS also takes 2-3 minutes to start again instead of 6 seconds. If I remove the stick while booting, then it starts quickly from this point. (I saw this issue in other threats about Keyboard/Mice dongles an tried to troubleshoot like them, unfortunately nobody came to a solution that worked for me.. 😔) In addition, I can only use the headphones in iCUE in stereo. Unfortunately, the button on which I could switch to 7.1 cannot be pressed. (Its grayish) Troubleshooting so far: - iCUE is running on the newest version. - Drivers are running the newest version. - iCUE and Drivers clean install/reinstall - BIOS/UEFI is running on the newest version. - I tried many USB BIOS Settings nothing worked. - The Corsair Support wont answer me for two weeks now. My Hardware: - MB: Asus Maximus VII Ranger (Z97 Chip) - GC: Gainward Ghost RTX 3060 - RAM: 16GB HP - Processor: Intel i7-4790k - Corsair H100i Elite Capellix (AIO) - Corsair ST100 (Headset Stand) - Corsair HS80 RGB Wireless (Headset) - Corsair M65 RGB Elite (Mouse) I hope someone can help me, I'm desperate and have no more ideas what it could be.. Thanks in advance! Greetings Critical
  3. I don't know if anyone else experiences this, but I figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone has found any fixes for this issue. I live right in the middle of the flight path for airliners when they are preparing to land. It seems that every time they are getting ready to approach, which is almost every five to ten minutes it seems, my headphones just disconnect when in wireless mode, and reconnect a second later. When hard wired in, they work great. Seamless audio, no issues. Well apart for being a little small for my ears, but I can't fault them for my dumbo ears.
  4. Hello, I'm new here and I really created the account in order to find solution to my problem. So I actually love corsair's peripherals and for that reason all my peripherals are corsair labeled. So today my Corsair headset (Void Elite RGB) suddenly stopped working as expected. Although I can hear sounds like Windows Notifications, Spotify, Games, YouTube, I do NOT hear discord, I do NOT hear voice prompts (although they're enabled) and i can't hear my voice in VOICEMOD. All of this is so weird. I tried out some things like pair the dongle to my headset and reset my Void by pressing the MUTE button but nothing really happend and I did a clean re-installation of ICUE v4.28.177. Same issue is going on and on. Did anyone had the same issue? How did you fixed it? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everyone. I bought an ironclaw yesterday and was working fine until I tried to update the firmware when I installed iCue. After that my mouse stopped responding although it is on with rgb and everything and is charged. It is not showing up on iCUE or windows (on windows it is shown as "Game mouse" instead of Ironclaw rgb wireless that was in the beginning). I still get the dongle on iCUE though but every option is greyed out. I tried a fresh install of iCue, an older version of iCUe, a different PC but it makes no difference. I'd like to add that i tried connecting my mouse to my mobile and it worked fine via bluetooth :biggrin:. But on computer it doenst work wired or wireless. Imo something went wrong on the firmware update and the dongle upgraded and mouse got corrupted but i really have no clue how to fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. My PC has recently started turning off for no reason and then not wanting to post. I have narrowed it down to the dongle for the AX1200i. I have already done a full uninstall and reinstall of iCue - When I don't have the dongle plugged into the PSU it flashes red and green. - When I have the dongle plugged into the PSU with iCue installed, it flash red and green. - When I have the dongle plugged into the PSU and uninstall iCue it stays green. I'm running the following hardware on Windows 11 Pro fully updated to current releases/patches. iCue ver 4.26.110 - Dominator Platinum RGB 2x16GB Ram - AX1200i PSU - H150i Elite Capellix AIO - Strafe RGB MK.2 Keyboard - Two Xeneon 32QHD165 Monitors Any help is much appreciated to figure out why this is happening. Thank you.
  7. Hello! My K57 Wireless RGB keyboard stopped working wirelessly. I have iCUE installed and have attempted to update the firmware thinking that could be the issue. Unfortunately, the firmware is up-to-date and even forcing a firmware re-installation did not fix the issue. From what I can tell the dongle wont power up or be recognized by windows when plugged into any USB2.0/3.0 port in my PC. In iCUE the dongle firmware version shows a "?" and the dongle polling rate is greyed out. I even tried the method of resetting a wireless keyboard found on your support page. I did see the lighting on the board flash, however, the dongle issue remained. I am at a complete loss here, as I even un-installed every keyboard driver VIA Device Manager from within Windows 10. I restarted my computer knowing Windows would automatically fetch and re-install the device driver. As expected, windows did re-install the driver, but the dongle issue persists. I have owned this keyboard for about a year now and have never run into any issues using it on multiple computer systems. I paid $100.00USD for this keyboard on amazon brand new and there is no sense in having a wired up wireless keyboard. It is entirely redundant. Below I have attached a picture of a Screenshot of my iCUE software showing how the dongle cannot be recognized or is dead entirely. This has me baffled and I have reached out VIA the Support System. --- I have also responded to a previous thread in which the original poster and others are having the same issue I am facing. The thread however was at least a year old. So I am posting my own thread in hopes of receiving a faster response. Link to my reply in the other thread is here.
  8. Hi! I bought a Headset Gamer Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Carbon 7.1 Drivers 50mm that came with a dongle to connect. I want to buy a wireless mouse and keyboard, but i dont know if i can connect all in one dongle.
  9. i just updated the wireless dongle firmware to 5.4.99. but after the update and restarting, my laptop (lenovo s14-iil running on windows 10 home updated) isn't recognizing it upon restart automatically. I have to unplug and plug the dongle back for it to be recognized. note: i already did extensive troubleshooting (restarted multiple times, paired my keyboard back multiple times, etc., updated icue to the latest version) but it seems the problem is in the firmware itself not being compatible with the latest windows update. has anyone experienced this? if yes, is there a fix? to corsair tech team. Has anyone raised this problem? please assist to resolve immediately.
  10. I've lost my wireless receiver/dongle for ironclaw RGB wireless, I've already submitted a support ticket, is it possible to get a replacement?
  11. Hey all - like most people these days I am full time work from home and it'd be nice to be able to have my single headset paired to my work laptop (with dongle) as well as my home desktop (with separate dongle) so that I don't have to constantly move the dongle, etc. Is this possible? I know the slipstream dongle can pair multiple devices to it, but can a headset like Virtuoso SE be paired to two dongles? Thanks!
  12. I updated the firmware to v. 5.5.102 and it broke the pairing for my icue, when i click the pair button the menu will pop up showing what connections to use, the motherboard usb ports or the front/side usb ports, but when i click "next" to pair, the menu closes not allowing me to pair it. only started happening with this latest update, i tried a fresh install of icue and it did nothing the firmware stays the same where do i get a lower version of the firmware to install it? Exact same issue as this, probably put the answer to the post actually in the post so others do not need to put in a ticket.
  13. Mouse refuses to work wirelessly after boot up or a reboot on my laptop. Need to unplug the USB Wireless Reciever and plug it back in to get it to work. Both mouse and reciever are seen by ICUE. Tried mouse on desktop PC that also has ICUE installed and did not display the same issue and seemed to work normally. Tried resetting and re-pairing the mouse but thad also did not help. The issue seemed to start after a firmware update. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Did some more testing with the laptop. Mouse works fine in UEFI BIOS. However it does not function in Windows nor when I tried an Acronis Boot CD (Linux Based). The Acronis Boot CD however did register the mouse clicks, Windows does not. Removing and re-inserting the dongle fixes the issue until the next reboot. Windows 10 Pro version 21H1 OS Build 19043.1387, Dell G3 15 3500 Laptop, Intel UHD Graphics and GeForce RTX 2060
  14. About a year ago I bought the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO SE. So far I'm pretty happy with it. It was my first Slip-Stream device and I was impressed by its performance. So I upgraded my headset, after my old one died with a Corsait VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS XT. It was a little pricey but absolutly worth it. Now, that headset comes with these cool larger Slip-Stream Dongles. They allow multi connection to multiple devices. Sounds pretty cool so far. So I put the Dongle for my mouse back in its spot and synchronized mouse and headset. It worked great. HOWEVER, every time I boot my PC now, I need to unplug the Dongle and put it back in. Otherwise there won't be a connection. It's not a mouse or headest issue as the Dongle won't even light up (got a small indicator LED). I'm using a USB 3.0 Port so I don't see the issue. If anyone got an idea why that is, please let me know. After putting the Dongle back in, it works absolutly fine tho. Also the RGB-Lighting works just fine across keyboard (Corsair K70 MK2 Low Profile Rapidfire), mouse, Nexus and headset. The Nexus detects the devices as well so I am pretty sure that the connection itself works just fine! Thanks for the help!
  15. I've been generally pretty happy with my Void Pro over the last 3 years, but now that I'm using it on a laptop more, the 2-inch long dongle is becoming more of an issue, as it's prone to bending and perhaps breaking when things move around. It even got bent a little on my desktop. I'm really trying to cut down on the cords coming out of my laptop, so I'd rather not just put an adapter or longer USB cable with the huge dongle. What I really want is a smaller dongle, like the tiny ones that come with other headsets or wireless mouse/keyboards. Does such a thing exist for the Void Pro, either Corsair or 3rd Party? Thanks!
  16. Hello, after updating the iCue Software to v.4.13.223 the Wireless Receiver got an update to v. 5.4.99 whichafter it stopped connecting to the Headset(v.0.17.149). The Headset itself is working perfectly fine while in wired mode and connected via the USB cable. When I connect the Receiver to any USB Port it flashes Red for a while. The iCue Software recognizes the Receiver and displays version number 5.4.99. The force update option for the Receiver is clickable but does not do anything. When I set the Receiver to Playstation mode "USB Wireless Receiver Pairing" is not clickable. If set to Multipoint then "USB Wireless Receiver Pairing" is also not clickable. The Option to Pair additional devices is Clickable and Prompts a new window to open which descripes where to best connect the Wireless Receiver to. Confirming that prompt closes that window after which nothing happens again. Re-Installing the iCue Software did not change anything. I already contacted Support 3 days ago, but got no response yet. I hope there is a way to resolve this issue.
  17. After using the Virtuoso RGB SE on both the computer and PS5, there is an extreme loss of functionality that should have been able to be stored in the headphones: iCue. Will iCue ever be implemented to be stored inside the headphones and/or dongle so the settings can be used in the PS4/PS5/XBOX? Having a completely flat sound with so little bass and high-end treble makes these headphones unusable with PS5 for me, as important audio events in games are either completely missed or so diminished that they can be confused with other sounds. If this is not possible AT ALL, please make a new headphone product that supports hardware storage of settings, just like my Dark Core Pro SE does. Thank you
  18. I recently purchased x2 Dark Core Pro SE mice from a local retailer, both boxes were factory sealed. I have been able to get both mice working via USB and firmware updated through the most recent version of iCUE, but neither mouse will work via Slipstream wireless dongles, and neither detect the USB dongle. I have also tried both dongles on various other machines and neither will detect via the BIOS nor Windows. I can, however, connect both mice via Bluetooth- but then I get no sync capability via profiles in iCUE. I am very familiar with both PC hardware and software, and it appears both USB dongles are either bricked from the factory, or perhaps defective in the same production batch. From reviewing both the forums and also the internet in general, it appears I'm not the only one who has this issue. Had I known this before I purchased these two mice, I would have likely not have bought them. I've still got the receipt for both mice and both are covered via the local store's return policy- but before I do so, is there an easy way to rectify this situation, or is my only option returning them and exchanging for another product? I'm also heavily invested in Corsair's ecosystem with various other products with at least 3 machines... this is very disappointing from a customer's standpoint.
  19. Hola, he leído que se pueden conectar dos dispositivos con un único dongle, tengo cascos virtuosos y ratón dark core pro, pero soy incapaz de conectarlo con un único dongle, ¿alguien sabe como puedo hacerlo? un saludo y gracias.
  20. Bonjour , je rencontre un probleme avec le dongle de la dark core rgb pro sur Xbox serie X. Tout fonctionne tres bien sur gears 5 mais lorsque je lance forza horizon 4 , le jeu bloque juste apres la scene d'intro , il faut appuyer sur A de la manette mais rien a faire ca ne fonctionne pas , que la souris soie allumée ou éteinte. J'ai aussi le clavier K63 et la aucun probleme avec son dongle, j'ai tester d'autre dongle de divers équipement , aucun soucis non plus . C'est juste le dongle de la dark core rgb pro qui bloque . La seul solution qui fonctionne est de retirer le dongle de la dark core rgb pro , lancer forza , appuyer sur A apres la scene d'intro. Ensuite je peu remettre le dongle et tout fonctionne normalement ,mais au prochain allumage de la console , il faut de nouveau refaire cette manip , je precise que je n avais pas ce probleme sur la Xbox one X. J'ai effectuer tout un tas de réglage possible au niveau de la console, dans icue sur le pc , mais rien a faire, un amis m'a prété une souris sans fil no name et aucun probleme. Pour le moment je rencontre ce probleme uniquement sur forza mais j'ai peu de jeu pour tester. Merci par avance pour votre aide.
  21. hallo, seit einigen Tagen kann ich mein Virtuoso Headset nicht mehr über den USB Dongle verbinden, über das USB-C Kabel geht alles tadellos.:!: Was ich bisher ausprobiert habe: Dongle Firmware-Version Aktualisieren ICUE Software Aktualisieren Headset entfernen und neu einrichten Den Dongle zu Koppeln. Wenn ich das Headset in den Wireless modus schalte und der Dongle mit dem system verbuden ist, blinkt das Headset und das Dongle Rot, und nach einiger zeit hört das Dongle auf zu blinken.:(: Wenn ich das Dongle in mein System stecke meldet Windows, das dass Gerät fertig eingerichtet ist. In Icue ist bei den Geräteeinstellungen jedoch nur mein Ram, das über USB verbundene Headset und das "Virtuoso Dongle" zu sehen, bei dem man keine Einstellungen vornehmen kann.:confused: Wenn ich Versuche das Dongle zu Koppeln, wird diese Meldung angezeigt: "Stellen Sie sicher, dass der drahtlose USB-Empfänger in ihr System eingesteckt ist" diese Meldung steht einfach ewig da und es passiert nichts. Danke für die Hilfe schonmal im voraus. LG
  22. Moin alle miteinander. Ich besitze im Moment ein Void Pro Headset und möchte mir demnächst auch eine wireless Maus kaufen. Da ich meistens am Laptop bin - USB Slots sind ja immer rar, möchte ich fragen, ob ich beide Geräte über einen Dongle laufen lassen kann.
  23. I got this headset yesterday and it was working just fine. I shut down my computer and charged the headset with the provided cable over night. When I booted up this morning it would no longer connect wirelessly. Wired connection works fine. It won't pair with the dongle. iCUE shows an error with the dongle with no further information. I have tried this. I have un-installed and re-installed iCUE. I have tried installing older versions of iCUE. I have tried to force firmware update on the dongle. I have un-installed the device through USBDeview. I have removed the device through Windows. I removed it through the device manager. I have updated Windows. I have restarted my computer more times than I can count. The last thing I have yet to try it to drain the battery and try re-installing from there which I am doing now. It's a good thing I let it charge all night long. I have submitted a ticket to Corsair but I doubt I will be hearing back before the middle of next week. I am ready to send this back now. This is incredibly frustrating. Edit: Found this in the logs, don't know what to make of it.
  24. Me acaba de llegar un Corsair Dark core Pro SE, lo conecte a mi PC con el dongle y todo funcionaba correctamente, hasta que en iCUE me pidio actualización de firmware, asi que lo conecte por USB y actualicé, pero sopresa, al desconectarlo del USB Windows ya no reconocía el dongle usb, ni siquiera como dispovitivo desconocido, nada. Probe conectar el dongle en otro PC, pero no funciona, no es reconocido ni nada, simplemente como si no conectara nada, esta muerto, alguien sabe que hacer? estoy pensando en la devolución.
  25. I just got an Corsair Dark core Pro SE, connected it to my PC via wireless and everything worked correctly, until iCUE asked me for an firmware update, so I connected it by USB and started to update, when the update ended and disconected from USB, Windows did not recognized the usb dongle, not even as an unknown device, nothing. I tried connecting the dongle to another PC, but it does not work, its not recognized or anything, like there was nothing connected, its dead. Does anyone know what to do? iCUE3.30.97 Firmware version updated to 1.6.25 Dongle Frimware v.? (not detected)
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