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Found 5 results

  1. I own a Void Pro Wireless that I've come to love. I wanted to upgrade to the Void Elite Wireless (which I believed was better in every way since you know, it's supposed to be it's direct upgrade, a more recent version). My problem revolves around the surround system which feels much worse on the Void Elite compared to the Void Pro. With the old headset (Void Pro) : - This is what is displayed in iCUE when my old headset is connected. - This is what is displayed when I click on it. Now with the new headset (Void Elite) : - This is what is displayed in iCUE when my new headset is connected (notice how the name of the headset goes from "Void Pro Wireless" to "Void Elite Wireless"). - This is what is displayed when I click on it (notice how the name of the surround, as well as the icon, goes from "Dolby Surround" to "7.1".) So I thought "Wait, maybe I need to turn on Dolby surround in the Windows' sound tab". To my disbelief, it was never on with the old headset. It couldn't be since Windows asks me to download the Dolby app if I want to turn the Dolby surround on. So, I would like to know if there is a way to get the Dolby surround system (of the Void Pro) enabled on my new headset (Void Elite) instead of that new "7.1" and supposedly better surround ? It hurts me to realize that my girlfriend bought me a new headset and it's actually worse than the old one even though it's supposed to be an upgrade. EDIT : Just realized the Elite is actually worse than the Pro. Looks like there's no issue then, I just made a costy mistake. If any admin walks by, please delete this thread.
  2. After my most recent Windows 10 update and ICUE update my Dolby surround sound no longer works. I've been using the void pro's since they released and had the original void rgb's so i could definitely tell the difference immediately. the sound is extremely flat compared to my usual EQ settings. Turning it on and off makes no audible difference at all and im no longer hearing the beep as a prompt that is is turning on or off. I've restarted ICUE and my computer as well as run ICUE as an administrator to no avail. I have no idea whether it was the windows update or icue update that caused this problem but i'm wondering if anyone knows of any solutions? my current windows version is 1909 OS build 18363.900 and my ICUE version is 3.30.89 thanks for any help
  3. Hallo allerseits, ich habe mir heute das Void Pro Wireless zugelegt und finde den Klang auch ganz gut, leider funktioniert die Seitentaste für die Lautstärke nicht richtig. Ich kann damit die Soundprofile ändern und entscheiden ob ich Stereo oder Dolby-Kopfhörer hören will, doch damit leiser oder lauter zu machen geht nicht. Könnt ihr mir helfen? :sigh!: Ich habe gelesen, dass die Dolby Atmos Funktion auf Win10 nicht geht und bei mir steht auch permanent "deaktiviert", wenn ich rechtsklick auf den Lautstärke Button in der Taskleiste unten rechts mache. Kann man das beheben? Lg und Danke!
  4. I just switched to a Corsair void usb headset from a logitech g35 (that did not have this issue), and ever since the audio in my recordings has a terribly tinny echo / reverb that makes it impossible to listen to. My mic is the only thing in the entire recording uneffected. This only started happening since switching to the new headset. Every single thread i have seen online that has to do with this topic is always unanswered, and after researching for over an hour for a solution with no luck, i decided to make an account and post here because im desperate for help with this. The sound sounds perfectly fine in my headset, its just the recordings that sound god awful. Im normally very good with diagnosing computer issues and things of this nature but i have absolutely NO idea what to do here NOTE: the issue does go away when dolby surround is turned off in the Corsair headset. in my logitech tho, i can have it on and it is all good EDIT: I will return these headphones if this issue isnt fixed because this is getting ridiculous. Spent 2-3 days researching and wasting my time on this and its reaching a point where it isnt even worth it. The issue happens in both OBS Studio and OBS classic Here are my OBS Logs Classic: https://obsproject.com/forum/attachments/echo-txt.21786/ Studio: https://obsproject.com/forum/attachments/2016-12-07-16-49-21-txt.21806/
  5. I am trying to get Dolby Atmos to run on my Void wireless headset. One of the key things that is required is to enable spatial sound with in windows. Other headsets and headphones work. However the void wireless does not. z My questions are 1. Will Dolby Atmos come to CUE software in the future (because is AMAZING) 2. Is there a way to enable Spatial Sound for the Void Wireless? 3. If there are any wired void users have you tried this? If so did you have success?
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