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Found 13 results

  1. I just installed icue 4, the latest version as of 12/29/21 and it is causing my k55 rgb keyboard to disconnect and reconnect over and over with the windows device tones. I tried doing a complete clean uninstall following the corsair how to, then installed icue4 again and the same issue happens. The keyboard can not type while this is happening. The keyboard works like normal if I uninstall icue. I also tried different USB ports on the motherboard IO. I have a gigabyte b450 motherboard with a ryzen 5 1600. The keyboard also seems to work normally if I just quit icue.
  2. I know this has been posted countless times, but this seems to have been an issue for YEARS. I just bought a H115i Elite Capellix, theres some glitchiness I'm willing to overlook like the flickering corsair logo, but not being able to control anything connected to the Commander Core is driving me crazy. When I install iCue, I hear the USB connection sound. However, immediately upon starting iCUE it disconnects. It does not reconnect unless I restart and keep iCue from starting on start up. I've tried both USB headers and still the same result. Corsair has clearly made this too complicated for their muppet software devs. The cooler itself seems to be underperforming as well. I'm going to rip this thing out if I can't get a fix in a week or two. Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix x570-E Gaming
  3. Hi! So I recently contacted Corsair due to my problems with the iCUE and some other stuff. But they just told me to reinstall the software which obviously didn't help. So I decided to post the Email I sent them here, in case any of you would be to more help. Sorry if 'ts a lot of rambling, I was really tilted when I wrote this due to me losing lots of competitive games because of the problems I've been encountering. Hello! I've been a consumer of your products for around 5 years now. Right now, I'm using a Virtuoso headset, an Ironclaw Wireless mouse, a Strafe RGB keyboard, and an st100 headset stand. Sadly, I've had my share of problems with these products. First of all, I've had my Ironclaw Wireless mouse switched out two times in the span of one year. The first problem occurred a few months after my first purchase. I got up one morning, started my computer and used the mouse for about three seconds before the scroll wheel broke completely. It was completely useless. I'm not sure what happened, but the scrolling wheel seems to have detached in some way. The second Ironclaw mouse I got worked fine for about a week. Then every click became a double click. E.g. when I tried to mark a folder on my desktop, it instead opened it. I quickly gave it back to my reseller and got a new one. This one had the same problem, but the non-intentional double click occurred very rarely. So, I learned to live with it. But it doesn’t end there. The DPI down button the first mouse I got was flawed. Somehow you could make it click again after the first click by just pressing it down slightly more. This made it uncomfortable to use it was easy to trigger the “second click”. The mouse I’m currently using has the same problem. Also, the option button on my second Ironclaw was also flawed right out of the box. It only worked if you pressed it from a certain angle. But after about two days, it didn’t work at all. The option button on the mouse I’m currently using works fine. But I’ve had some problems with it like those I had with my second Ironclaw. Moving onto my headset. Every now and then it acts weird. Sometimes when I turn it on the sound is heavily distorted, or only coming from one speaker and I must turn it on and off a couple of times before it goes back to normal. The audio is also cutting while playing game. Not in the sense that it disappears completely. But the audio changes, like if I were changing EQ presets. Now to my biggest concern. The iCUE. If I were to make a list of all the problems, I've had with it your software, it'd probably take a few hours to read. So, I'll try to make it quick. The software sometimes suddenly stops working and all my devices disconnect from the iCUE. Which makes all my settings disappear for the time being. To solve this, I must go into the activity manager and turn it off completely. Then I must start the software again manually and wait for my gear to fully connect to the profiles I've made for them. This can take up to five minutes which heavily disrupts my gaming sessions. Sometimes my macros don’t work at all. The software and RGB settings work fine. But the macros don’t work. At all. The only solution I've found to this problem is to turn my pc on and off. I'll let you decide if that's something that should be okay. The settings I've made for my mouse on the iCUE stops working for about three seconds. This is absolutely devastating as I'm using customized macros and DPI. Recently I was in a competitive game when all my Corsair gear suddenly disconnects from the iCUE. They reconnect and then disconnect again and again until I restarted my pc. Once again, I'll let you be the judge if that's acceptable or not. End of a relatively short list compared to all the problems I’ve had. Now I really don't want to change brand as I've grown attached to your products. But if these problems don't get fixed, I might have no other choice as I just get more and more annoyed for every day that goes. The fact that I had to get three different mice just to find one that is decent enough to use is, at least in my opinion, unacceptable. Thank you.
  4. So, My Rig contains a k70 mk.2, MM800 RGB mouse mat, Glaive Mouse, ST100, Vengeance Pro RGB ram (2 are the dummy sticks), 5 LL 120 RGB fans, and 4 LED expansion strips. I have the fans and LED strips running off of a Commander Pro and LED lighting hub. The problem here is not setting up. Everything is wired correctly and works and lights up properly. Whole setup looks Unbelievable. My issue is what seems to be a completely and totally random disconnection of devices. When the disconnection happens, I loose control of the Mouse, the mouse mat turns off, and seconds later all of my devices in the case flicker to RGB rainbow, and reloads My default profile on all devices and everything is back connected again. Oddly enough, the k70 does not disconnect EVER, and the ST100 is sometimes the same though it does go out once in a while. It doesn't seem to be related to performance, as this actually happens more when idle than while under load in any way. thought it has happened several times while gaming which really gets annoying for both myself and my teammates. Again, this actually seems to happen randomly, as I've had it happen frequently in some cases, but at times it won't do it for almost a day or so, at least that I notice. I'm just curious if anyone else has this issue. I assume that this is most likely a Software issue, and have tried EVERYTHING on the hardware end to fix this issue with no luck. Just grasping at straws I guess
  5. i bought a Corsair wireless headset when ever i charge the headphones while gaming i hear a voice ''Charging battery'' and it doesn't stop saying it. i feel like when ever i charge my headphones it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting to charge the battery. i always charge with the original cable never tried a different one so my question here is, does anyone have the same issue? i googled the problem of my headphones before posting this i couldn't find any solution.
  6. I have a st100, a k70, a mm800, 3 ll120, one harpoon mouse and a h100i pro. My problem is that when I install Icue my pc disconnects some devices like my keyboard and all the other devices get freezed for 4 seconds, then everything gets back to normal but if I’m playing this is just fatal. Also sometimes when this occurs my pc just freezes and I have to restart it. I’ve installed windows 10 again and I consider to have a nice hardware and a good psu. X470 asus tuf motherboard, 2700x cpu, rx5700xt gpu, 32 gb of trident z ram, a 850w core reactor and a good ssd. All my drivers of any type are updated, including my peripherals and I have the last version of Icue. I don’t want remove Icue, I manage all my lighting and fan/pump speeds there. Please help me. I’ve had tried everything for 6 months and I’m still stuck. I'm just tired...
  7. Hi, It looks like iCue has difficulties to sync USB on different chipsets.:bigeyes: I started to experiance random resets of my keyboard, mouse, mouspad. It could work perfectly for 2 hours, and then reset these devices 2 times in a row. Sometimes it could reset and not get up afterwards. I realized that when I sent back my mousepad for a replacement. My keyboard and mouse were connected to USB 2.0 only for that period of time, and I didn't get any issues. Once I got the mousepad I connected it to a different USB port (3.0) and all started again. I was trying to find solution, googled that, nothing. Finally I decided to change USB ports and see what happens. I think I resolved this issue by connecting all 3 devices I have to same chipset on my motherboard. I use 3 x 3.0 USB now and I see no problem. When I was using 2 x 2.0 USB and 1 x 3.0 USB the iCue was reseting, connecting, disconnecting the devices. It was super annoying ingame as the game was freezing on the last key I pressed and obviously I couldn't move anywhere either. I am wondering if anyone else experienced the same issue, and I also want to provide that information for those who are struggling to find solution. Share Your experience. Would like to see how many people had the same problem.
  8. I've had this headset for a few weeks and it has started randomly disconnecting for some reason. I've checked if the 'disconnet for power saving' was on but it wasn't. Please, I need help because it annoys me a lot. Best regards, Sarcry
  9. Salut j'ai remarqué un certain problème et attention faut suivre. :nodding: je possède un h100i pro platinum et un volant logitech g920 et je remarque que si Icue est en mode minimisé donc pas ouvert, Et quand je branche mon volant, Icue fait un micro freeze et du coup les couleurs sur la pompe et les ventilos se figent et la pompe tourne en extrême et le son de déconnexion USB Windows apparait tout ça que pour 1sec mais il me le fait au moins 5-6 fois mais si Icue est ouvert bah ça le fait pas :bigeyes: J'ai testé en enlevant le logiciel logitech mais non c'est vraiment Icue... :(:: C'est bizarre avec ma souris razer ça ne le fait pas c'est uniquement avec le volant. et je crois que ça me le fait que depuis la MaJ récente d'icue (3.10.125). Avez-vous des idées ? :[pouts:
  10. Hi there, The macros on my K95 keyboard stopped working. The only two macros that work are the ones that open programs. When I do a reinstall or repair of the CUE 2 software, the keyboard works again. It's because "Corsair composite virtual input device" does not stay in Task Manager. I can hear it "unplug" so to say with the Windows sounds for USB unplugged. I have tried what is described in this thread, unfortunately I did not work: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=140717 Comes down to uninstalling Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) and CUE, then uninstalling all USB Input Devices, then reinstalling CUE without LGS. I have also tried deleting the CUE folder in C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Corsair My Device Manager: https://image.ibb.co/e14YBG/CUE_Broken_Keyboard_1.png I would greatly appreciate help as I highly depend on my 18 macro keys to keep me working fast. Thanks!
  11. My Void Pro disconnects when it is I'm more than an inch away from the dongle but will work as usual when it is off my head. Help me this is the second headset after getting it replaced from best buy once and it is still doing the same thing as the last. It has only been a month.
  12. My Sabre rgb, disconnects now and then while gaming or browsing, lights on it goes off, after 2-3 seconds it goes on and works just fine. What's the cause of it, it may be irritating while gaming. Thanks in advance.
  13. So I have had my sabre for about 6 months and recently I have started to have a problem where, while gaming, it will disconnect and reconnect making the leds change to default color until I hit the dpi buttons. This also makes the mouse stop working for a second which is quite annoying seeing as in fps games it will make me mes sup my aim and such. I have made sure my CUE is up to date and I updated my firmware for the mouse is up to date. I looked up the problem on google and it seemed that other who had problems in the past could fix it by turning off the option for their usb hub to save power by turning it off but that also has not helped. Is there anything else I can try or is this a problem with the wire possibly fraying?
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