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Found 9 results

  1. I'm on my third one of these mouses, I love it overall and can not find another mouse like it but the same thing keeps happening. The scroll wheel keeps breaking. I have used a total of 3 and i'm only at 1 year 8 months from date of first purchase, haven't you guys found a fix? This is ridiculous, I now will be on my fourth....
  2. Mein HS70 funktioniert seit heute Mittag (5.9.2020) nur auf einem Ohr. Anfangs war es einfach nur ein Wackelkontakt nun ist die eine Seite jedoch gar nicht mehr zu gebrauchen (Rechts). An der Software kann es nicht liegen da ich den Sound wenn es wenig Akku hat ebenfalls nur rechts höre. Neustarten und aufladen hat auch nichts gebracht. Zu erwähnen ist das ich das HS70 seit etwa 10 Monaten besitze und es nie für Probleme gesorgt hat. Vielen Dank für Hilfe
  3. Corsair K68 RGB (Cherry MX Red): Gekauft am 15. Juli 2019 Seit ungefähr 2 Monaten schreibt die Tastatur das i und r sehr oft doppelt. Ich habe bereits probiert im Windows die Tastatureinstellungen abzustimmen, das hat es nicht behoben. Dann habe ich iCUE geupdated und die Firmware aktualisiert, auch das hatte das Problem nicht behoben. Wenn ich eine andere Tastatur anschliesse gibt es keine Probleme. Des weiteren hat die Tastatur ein äusserst weiches Plastik und einige Tasten (z.B. STRG und NUM0) neigen Sie sich zur Seite. Bei aktionsreichen Spielen fliegen die Tasten furchtbar leicht raus. [ame] [/ame] Ich bin bereits gezwungen gewesen einzelne Tasten zu ersetzen weil so die Tastatur zum spielen absolut unbrauchbar ist. Meine Systemspecs habe ich bereits in meinem Profil hinterlegt.
  4. I brought a brand new Corsair H100i Pro RGB from a retail in Australia and after 4 weeks of use the pump failed and I contacted the retail where I brought it from and was asked to shipped the item back for RMA. I shipped the item back and a week later they sent the same cooler back but with a new pump head replaced and the water in the radiator was less full than how it was brand new. The return box was damaged and poorly packaged with loose screws and accessories insecurely rattling all over inside the box. Could someone advise if this is how Corsair honour their warranty?
  5. Hallo Leute! Leider hat sich bei meinem RAM (Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200MHz) ein Riegel verabschiedet. Ich habe diesen gebraucht gekauft. Meine Fragen hierzu: -Wie schauts da aus mit der Garantie/Gewährleistung bei Corsair, hat da jemand Erfahrungen? -Muss ich da beide Riegeln einschicken? Wär mega blöd, weil dann mein PC, den ich täglich brauche (nein, nicht nur für´s Zocken :laughing::laughing:), stillstehen würde. Danke im Voraus und mfg
  6. So just after a few weeks of owning this premium keyboard the space button started to pop off, i noticed hairline cracks and fixed it with some slight glue and thought it was over. Now after a few months every single one of the keys have this hairline crack in it, although they are not falling off yet. https://i.imgur.com/tQ5HNsh.jpg My previous keyboard was Logitech G510 which i had for 7 years and no issues! This is disgusting for a flagship keyboard product, i have contacted customer support and they wanted me to send the keyboard in. Since i need a keyboard to use my PC i declined. :!: I am extremely unhappy with this product and would advise everyone to stay far away from this. :mad:
  7. This issue is very weird and I think the keyboard is defective. This issue has not been a problem until now and I've had this keyboard since Christmas. Basically, the keyboard is pressing keys for no reason, even if they are not pressed. I've already checked if any keys are sticky/stuck, and there are none. The problem only has happened on the computer I'm on right now, but when I plugged it in and tested the issue on my laptop, nothing happened, and it worked fine. So I can't tell if its the keyboards issue, my PC's issue, or both. For example, if I go on a playlist on youtube, it skips all the songs and goes to the last one song, (for some reason) and it doesn't make sense. I don't even know what key it could be pressing to cause this. I've tried to check what keys it could be pressing by going into the iCue software and recording a macro and seeing if any buttons are pressed, and none are. Any questions I will try my best to reply. (I did not build the computer, so it might take me awhile to find the exact specs.)
  8. I love my new HS70 headset. But it really is doing its best to make me not like it. Discord regularily fails to recognize the microphone, I've had the EQ and 7.1 stop functioning more than once (only being fixed by reflashing firmware), and the mic talkback sometimes doesn't activate even when it is turned on. However, the biggest issue I face are the drivers constantly 'restarting' themselves. It seems to happen most often when attempting to use the microphone, mostly with Discord, sometimes in the Battle.net app as well. When viewing the current output/input in the sounds tab of Windows 10 settings, the name of the headset and mic flicker, reverting to my speakers then back and forth, the microphone switching to no input recognized. It's like the headphones are having a sezuire. It can never seem to have Discord and the mic active when launching a game, then every aspect of the headphone fails except for the talkback feature. The audio cue for the mic turning on plays repeatedly, the headset occassionally switches off and sometimes Windows and iCUE will fail to recognize that the adapter is even plugged in and the only way to fix this is to restart my computer. Does anyone have any similar problems to mine? Is this a driver problem? Software? My 5 year old computer hardware? Is the adapter faulty? I'd be happy to have it replaced, but I don't want to wait weeks for another product to have the same problem. Any advice would be helpful, and yes, I have tried reinstalling the drivers repeatedly. And I have used different USB ports for the adapter.
  9. Hi, this week my RMx650 PSU started to do electric explosions when switched on, in the past it didn't do that, maybe is it defective? Anyone had this problem? Thanks.
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