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Found 7 results

  1. Bonjour, Je me pose une question, je viens d'acheter un tapis de souris MM800 RGB, que j'aime beaucoup. Le seul point négatif est qu'au démarrage du PC, le RGB par défaut est en mode arc en ciel, pas très joli à mon goût... Y a-t-il un moyen de changer cela, pour avoir une couleur fixe, ou même qu'il soit éteint jusqu'au démarrage de icue? (Même problème avec le support de casque ST100). Merci par avance!
  2. Hi, I've connected my new M55 to iCUE 3.18.77 and I'd like to save a black lighting effect profile to the device as the default so it keeps that colour scheme even when iCUE is not running. I can't seem to find the buttons to load/store the profile to the device. Any help? Do I need an older version of the software to do that? If so, is there an official corsair link I could use? Thanks a lot! meph
  3. I have multiple profiles that have no app assigned so when i leave an assigned profile (such as going to the desktop) it will try to use one of the other profiles that is not default. which doesn't light up my RGB how i would like it to when I'm on the desktop I can think of 2 solutions off the top of my head: 1. Add a checkbox that makes a profile default on the same tab where you would enter the assigned application path. 2. Always prefer the topmost profile for default. Using iCUE 3.13.94 Another unrelated suggestion: Make it so we can sync actions/macros across profiles within the same folder (maybe even lighting to) (in a addition way, so they can have there own unique actions but have some shared actions aswell) (an easy way of doing this would be just to treat the folder as a profile and being able to add actions/macros/lighting to the folder that will be available in all its child profiles)
  4. I'm using the Void Pro RGB Wireless headset. According to iCUE it is on the latest firmware version: v0.15. I am using Windows 10 64-bit. My problem is that after turning the headset off, it remains enabled in the sound & playback settings (both playback and recording). Because the headset speakers and mic are set as the default devices, they hijack any audio input or output despite being turned off. Is this a bug? Is there a fix for it? Or am I doing something wrong with the default device settings? (I've set the headset to default device and default communications device)
  5. Hi, Just wondering if this is normal. (windows 10) When I turn off my void wireless headset, it says powering off etc, and it's not connected in CUE, however, windows still thinks it's connected and it still shows up in the playback devices. Normally, with my old wired usb headset, I would plug it in, and windows would automatically switch to the headset. Then when I unplugged the headset, it would disappear from the playback devices and the monitor speakers would kick back in. With the void, I turn them on, then have to enable them as default device, then when I turn them off, I have to go back into playback devices and set my speakers as the default. This is pretty damn annoying. Any way to change it so that it automatically picks the correct device?
  6. Bonjour, Tout d'abord veuillez m'excuser pour mes fautes de frappe. je m'adresse ici pour vous demander s'il y'a une possibiliter de changer la couleur par default de mon clavier et de mon tapis de souris(MM800) , car a chaque fois que j'allume mon ordi ou que je ferme Corsair Engine Utility , mon clavier change les LED en rouge et blanc et mon tapis de souris devien multicouleur . J'ai installer toute les dernierre version de micrologiciel des peripherique et aussi de CUE ... (que j'ai du faire avec un autre ordinateur car mon, logiciel deconecte le peripherique des que je veux faire une mise a jour micrologiciel) Je suis satisfait du clavier lui meme mais pas trop des logiciel fournis avec .... Merci Pilla Stefan
  7. Hi everyone! I was hoping to find some advice because I was unlucky everywhere else I looked. Every time I restart my computer, my keyboard boots with the red and white settings. I have deleted this profile from CUE and the only profile I have is the one I'd like to boot with. Once I log onto windows (and CUE starts automatically in the background) my profile activates. Is there any way to have my profile activate upon booting my computer so that the red and white settings are no longer existent during restart? I have CUE v2.11.115. Thank you all in advance!
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