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Found 4 results

  1. Good morning. On two systems, one with Asus Z370 Tuf Plus motherboard, the other with Asus z87-A, upgrading iCue from 3.17.94 to 3.25.60 has broken the RGB function of the Dark Core SE mouse. On both systems, the mouse still works, but the RGB lights are off and remain off no matter what settings you change in iCUE. Doing a firmware upgrade on the mouse (to version 3.36) had no effect on this issue. This mouse is used with the Asus Z370 system, but I did test on the older z87-A since it was available and it had identical behavior. On both systems, uninstalling iCUE 3.25.60 and then after rebooting, installing the older 3.17.94 has resolved the issue, and the RGB lighting on the Dark Core SE is again functioning normally. I hope this information may be of some use or save someone some frustration. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I just signed up, so I'm pretty much new here. I'm curious as to what the usual ETA on support tickets are. I've submitted two tickets, one of which is a troubleshooting ticket which I've abandoned since there seems to be no fix for the issue, and another ticket for an RMA. Neither have gotten a response yet. I'm not trying to rush anyone, I'm just curious how long the process usually takes. Recently, my Dark Core SE mouse failed a firmware update via iCue. I've experienced this one other time in the past, but all I had to do was unplug the mouse and plug it back in. This time, though, it stopped working entirely. I followed the steps to try and reset the mouse, but now it's not detected by Windows at all. I can see that the sensor inside the mouse is turning on, but since nothing else works I concluded that it doesn't mean much. Before anyone asks, resetting the mouse by pressing the forward and back buttons while turning the mouse on did not work. Hard resetting won't work either since it's not detected all all.
  3. Hey erstmal Danke im voraus, also meine ganze Peripherie ist aus Corsair war echt happy damit, nun bin ich aber enttäuscht, denn meine Maus die ich jetzt seit 6 Monaten hab ist jetzt tot. Zuerst ging sie immer nach 1 min in den Ruhestand obwohl ich 30 min eingestellt hab. Heute morgen ging sie dann noch kurz und dann hört sie auf zu leuchten und war einfacht tot. Was soll ich jetzt machen kann mir jemand helfen ? Hatte das schon wer ? Ist sie jetzt wirklich völlig hin ? Danke
  4. Hi, My (wired) dark core se randomly disconnects. I have to switch it off, disconnect the usb cable, then reconnect the usb cable and switch it back on so it starts working again. I run the latest firmware. It has been happening since day 1, but I thought I might eventually get fixed with a firmware upgrade. It has not. It is the only corsair peripheral (among a k95, void headset, void stand etc.) that randomly disconnects. RMA?
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