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Found 15 results

  1. So my Brother got an used Dark Core RGB quite a while ago and now gave it to me. But when i tried connecting it, it would only work wired. I tried a lot of things and found out that there is a firmware Update for the mouse. The big problem though is that for it to Update, it requieres a wireless USB-receiver, which we do not have due to it being bought used. How can i connect my Mouse using Bluetooth? (It does support Bluetooth connection) Do I need the Firmware Update for it to Work? How can i get it without the receiver?
  2. Trying to pair the mouse with a laptop without CUE installed. Doing following steps: 1. Turn off the mouse. 2. Set wireless mode switch to Bluetooth mode. 3. Hold top button aka Profile switch. 4. Turn the power switch on. Nothing happens then. I expect the 3 small LEDs to flash blue, but they don't, no matter how long I hold the Profile switch button. Actually none of LEDs are working. The mouse just seems to be dead unless I switch it back to 2.4GHz mode. Mouse is brand new, just updated firmware to v3.19 (not sure about minor version, can't check atm. Was 3.08 and went to 3.1X after). 2.4 GHz and USB work properly. Is it a defect or something?
  3. Recently purchased a Dark Core RGB (non-SE) only to find that the left mouse button has a squeaking issue. For whatever reason, that button only squeaks when I DO NOT palm grip the mouse. The squeaking has irritated me so much during the past week that I might just refund it. But before I do, just want to know, is there anything that I should try to stop that incredibly annoying sound to ever reach my ear drums again? Thanks.
  4. Hi Guys, So far it seems to me like the only way to turn off the Dark Core's RGB lights is by creating a static colour profile with RGB decimals of 0, 0, 0 (i.e. black)? I wouldve expected there to be a button in iCUE at least to simply turn off the RGB lights but I cant find anything. The only reason that I ask, is that I just want to make sure that i'm not needlessly draining the mouse's battery by the LEDs still maybe being on but just with their brightness turned down really low or whatever. Any help/advice appreciated.
  5. So in the week or so since starting using the Dark Core I've encountered a couple problems. (all of this over 2.4GHz, bluetooth has 0 CUE functionality) First, the mouse doesn't connect properly when its waking from sleep and loses my remapping and lighting profiles Second, when going over wireless for the last couple days, the back and forward buttons no longer work, which in my experience with corsair mice is a CUE issue. However when connected over USB, it connects properly with all profiles and keys working. I am using the latest version of CUE2
  6. I've got a Harpoon RGB to go with my K63. It's a mild annoyance that I need two dongles. My Bluetooth is oddly flaky with the Corsair products, so I use the dongles. I'd be willing to upgrade to a bigger, badder mouse if there's one that shares the K63 dongle. If not, then the gods did not deem it so. But I'd like to find out - if anyone knows. Thanks!
  7. Bonjour, bonsoir à tous. Je fais ce thread car j'ai des problèmes avec la souris Dark Core RGB, pas la SE, la basique. Ça fait 3 mois que j'ai cette souris, et honnêtement tous ces bugs commence à me saouler. :sigh!: Rien qu'à l'heure ou j'écrit, un des bugs que je vais décrire viens d'arriver. Donc, premier bug, celui qui vient de m'arriver : Le RGB de cette souris se désactive tout seul. Je débranche et rebranche la souris, l'éclairage RGB revient, et après 30 minutes d'utilisation, l'éclairage s'enlève automatiquement. Non elle n'est pas en mode veille car je peux déplacer mon curseur, je peux activer le mode sniper tout va bien. Alors, certes ce n'impact pas le fonctionnement de la souris, mais toute les 30 minutes rebrancher la souris, à force c'est énervant. Deuxième bug : Aléatoirement, la souris de met en mode veille toute seul sachant qu'il est désactiver dans iCUE. Mais quand je dit aléatoirement, c'est à dire que ça peut arriver un jour dans la semaine, ou même quand je joue. La souris décide quand elle se met en mode veille. Ça déjà, c'est un peu plus dérangeant. A tout moment, en pleine ranked, ma souris peut s’arrêter de fonctionner. Je doit la rebrancher pour qu'elle fonctionne, même si elle met un temps assez conséquent avant de remettre le bon profil avec le bonne éclairage RGB et les bon DPI. Troisième et dernier bug : Ce bug concerne la recharge. Il arrive que certains jour, lorsque j'était mon PC et que je mette ma souris en recharge, le lendemain, je regarde sa recharge, et elle n'a pas bouger d'un poil, c'est à dire que je doit attendre qu'elle se recharge pendant que je joue, et vraiment, je ne supporte pas de jouer en filaire, car le fil se bloc et m’empêche de faire des mouvement particulier. CONCLUSION J'aime beaucoup cette souris, mais vraiment, iCUE est remplis de bug et je ne sait pas comment régler ces problèmes qui persiste et vraiment, qui m'énervent vraiment. Donc si vous savez comment régler ces problèmes, je suis preneur, merci.
  8. Hello Corsair- users, so I recently bought the Corsair Dark Core RGB, been using it for about 1 - 2 weeks now. When I came home from work the other day I saw the painting of the "Sniper- button" is peeling off already....a couple days later the right mousebutton didn't feel as stiff as at the beginning. The pricetag of 99,99€ didn't stop me from buying it because I like to spend more money if it justifies the quality. Was wondering if anybody experiences lack of quality at Corsair ? It's the 4th product I'm buying from Corsair. On the Keyboard( K95 RGB Platinum Red Cherry Buttons) I bought, the holder of the handrest broke off and I got a 15% Coupon for a new Keyboard ? I mean I didn't intend to buy a new one...actually just wanted the old one replaced or repaired. Feeling kind of ripped off if I buy "expensive" gaming peripherals and the quality is that bad. regards vozz
  9. I just bought my new dark core without the qi charger 2 days ago on sale. iv set up my profiles and everything updated the firmware and has been fine while on wireless. when i first got it i plugged it in wired to charge but Icue gave an error so i switched to wireless and plugged in the dongle and every thing worked fine and the battery showed full so i i just used it wirelessly. now its showing very low bat so i plugged it in and unplugged the dongle and now it keeps cutting out and and doesn't let me do anything ICue keep giving errors but wont say why the battery/status box just says error. The way to fix this is to first unplug the mouse then turn it off in that order. if not in that order the mouse wont actually turn off and the lights stay on. plugging back in the dongle and switching to wireless mode i get no issue what so ever other than the low battery. Has anyone else had this issue or know of a work around? maybe i have a bunk mouse out the box or firmware issue? i re-flashed the firm ware but still same issue not sure what else to try at this point other than a return. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Hallo, ich habe leider das Problem das mein PC vollständig während des hochfahrens einfriert. Und zwar bei dem Boot Bildschirm. Ziehe ich das USB Kabel aus der Maus und resete den PC, startet der normal. Desweiteren habe ich zusätzlich das Problem das nach dem Hochfahren dann sporadisch der Mauszeiger nach einem Links Maus Tasten Klick für 2-3 Sekunden einfriert. Diese kann allerdings mir einem Maus Reset ( Linke + Rechte Maustaste gedrückt halten und einschalten, ohne USB Kabel anschluß) behoben werden. Probleme sind alle erst nach nach den neusten Updates entstanden. Nutze jetzt nur noch eine Software, iCue. Davor hatte ich 2 Software´s von Corsair zu laufen; iLink für meine H115i und eben noch eine für die Dark Core RGB (fällt mir gerade der Name nicht mehr ein).
  11. I just purchased my Dark Core and have had issues with updating the Firmware. Every time I would go to update, it would begin and then just sit at 0% until saying it failed seconds later. I followed the instructions that the prompt gave as well as watched the video tutorial on the corsair website (although that tutorial was from 6months ago). Struggling with the process I believe the mouse is somewhat bricked now. I can use it but the the colors do not flash anymore and the profile button does not register. How do I reset the mouse to factory default so that I may try to update again? I found the thread about holding the front & back buttons while powering it on set to 2.4ghz mode, but that doe not work.
  12. Hello, I feel like a real noob right now because I have been struggling with getting this setup. I have a K65 Lux board and a dark core RGB mouse, and basically all I want them to do is pulse lighting the same color. I have downloaded the icue software and cannot for the life of me figure out how to just get them to sync colors. I've read through a couple of pages on the forum and watched tutorials, and still cannot figure this out. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Hi all, today I received my Dark Core in the mail and even though I already knew iCUE isn't the most intuitive piece of software ever developed I didn't expect to be this lost. But from the beginning: I had iCUE installed already due to my Strafe RGB keyboard, but I never had it running in the background, simply because I think that 300+ MB of RAM usage are a little much for something like this. This wasn't a problem though because I could easily (once I figured out how) save the lighting profile onto the device. Foolish was I, did I think it would work the same way on the Dark Core, since the Tech Specs indicated 3 on-board memory profiles. My problem is I have absolutely no idea how to save any settings to the onboard storage of the mouse. Upon detection iCUE added 3 profiles to the list called "DARK CORE RGB HW 1-3". Obviously I'm under the impression "HW" stands for hardware so I fiddle around a bit with those but nothing is saved to the mouse. Once I exit iCUE the device goes back to rainbow mode and default key mappings. The Strafe has an option to "Save Static Lighting and Performance to Device" but this doesn't exist for the mouse, or I wasn't able to find it yet. I even cleared the onboard storage but to no avail. Now onto my other problem teased in the title: Switching between profiles. I would like my mouse and my keyboard to run different profiles. The Strafe should stay as is at all times, the Dark Core should be able to change settings between a gaming profile and a "default" profile with different key mappings. Problem is, I can only seem to change the profile for both simultaneously. Example: I click on the profile "DARK CORE RGB HW 1" and the keyboard goes black. WHY? Why do I have to add keyboad lighting to a MOUSE profile and can't seem to run them separately? Well I think that was all. Hopefully someone can help me find my way through this software. It's even more frustrating than trying to install a water loop in a 570X :D Software/Firmware versions (all up to date) iCUE: 3.4.95 Strafe: 2.05 Dark Core: 3.08 semi-related PS: why can I only put keyboard makros and no mouse makros on the hardware profiles of the mouse? xD
  14. So as it stands I cannot figure out how to configure my sniper button to be used as a crouch key. It simply presses and releases my crouch hotkey. (In this case "0".) I don't like using it as a DPI button but i want it to act the same way. (Press and release when no longer an action I want to do) I tried making it a keyboard event but it simply just pressed it once and wouldn't perform the press and hold to crouch then release to get up. If someone knows the configuration. Please let me know.
  15. Whenever i turn the mouse off, or put it to sleep, then turn it on or wake it, the mouse's DPI setting no longer work. It defaults to some crazy high setting, and the only way to get it working properly is to go into CUE, and adjust the DPI Sliders, and only then does it actually work as it's supposed to. Has anyone else experienced this, or is my luck that i run into a one-of problem? And yes. Firmware is up-to-date. v.0.33
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