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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I just got a Dark Core Qi charging mouse with MM1000 mousepad. I noticed the Dark core had a Bluetooth / 2.4 Ghz Wifi switch at the bottom. Can someone explain the pros and cons of each mode? Im Planning on getting the Corsair lapboard with wireless K63 keyboard so i want to know which is the best mode when the mouse is about 2-3 meters away from the reciever/PC
  2. My Dark core RGB se shows paired in windows Bluetooth settings but doesn't connect. I tried uninstalling all drivers and then reinstalling all drivers but doesn't fix this issue. i also resetted my laptop and my mouse then also unable to connect. Also tried uninstalling Icue and then reinstalled still didn't fix this issue. The only way I can use is by using USB receiver or by wired. But I like to connect by Bluetooth only. Also, I can connect other devices like headphone via Bluetooth etc to my windows laptop but not dark core SE. Has anyone experienced an issue like this before? Also strangely I am to pair my dark core RGB se in other laptops but not mine. Please help me fix this issue! Thanks in advance Also, my laptop Bluetooth works fine but can't connect my mouse. Specs Alienware 17 R3 Intel i7 6700HQ 8 GB Ram Nvidia GTX 970M 3 GB Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
  3. Hi i have an issue with the corsair ICUE. I have a Dark Core SE and a MM1000. when i charge my mouse with the cable the icue pickup that my mouse is charging but when i put it on the mm1000 zone for charging my mouse the icue don't pickup that my mouse is charging however when i start my compurter and the icue hasn't lauched yet and i put my mouse on the spot the little light saying that my mouse is now charging lit up. What the heck is going on can someone help me ?
  4. Hello! So yesterday I received my new MM1000 Qi charging mousepad along with dark core rbg se, but after plugging the MM1000 into my pc the light indicator in the left corner of the pad is not lighting up and I'm not being able to charge my dark core via the wireless charging zone. However, when I plug dark core directly to MM1000 via USB, it does charge and work properly. Any advice why the leds wont light up and how I could get the MM1000 work would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi there, So i have the wireless K63 keyboard and just got the dark core se wireless mouse. Using them both (particularly the mouse) interferes at an unbelievably abysmal amount with wifi in my room to ALL of my devices. What can I do about this? I've tried changing the channel of my wifi from auto to channel 1 (found this to be the best), which made a bit of a difference but still wifi speeds are terrible in my room when the k63 and dark core se are turned on. Even with that, the following is the effects that using them has on my wifi: Wifi speed just now with neither keyboard or mouse on is circa 20mbps download. With just the keyboard on (on 2.4ghz), download drops to 10mbps with mouse on 2.4ghz, and keyboard on bluetooth, my wifi drops to 3.4 mbps!! like tf? I refuse to believe that I'm the only person with this problem? I don't have the option to run everything off ethernet, and I can't set my router to 5ghz as it doesnt have the option, right now the only options that I can think of is to just return both of them and buy a different wireless mouse and keyboard, or having to fork out even more for a 5ghz router? Anyone? If someone could help me out it would be really appreciated cause i'm really struggling here
  6. I just got a Dark Core SE and an k95 Platinum. iCUE is working really well, but I cant change my hardware profiles on my Dark Core. In iCUE, when my keyboard and one of its hardware profiles is selected, it has a tab that says 'Onboard Profiles'. but when my Dark core and one if its hardware profiles are selected, it doesn't show that tab. I can change my onboard keyboard profiles, and when I sign out of windows to the lock screen, the 3 onboard profiles work like the should. when I select one of my dark core onboard profiles and change its settings, (for example just change the color from rainbow to a static white) it seems to work, and the mouse and software show the new hardware profile, but when I close iCUE and sign out of windows, all 3 profiles are rainbow again and macros/keybindings don't save either. when I sign back in and reopen iCUE, it says the Hardware profile is a static white. What is happening? Can someone please help me? I hope this is all a user error from me being stupid, as that is easily fixable with your help but it might be an actual problem with the mouse. BTW:iCUE, Dark Core, and k95 Platinum firmwares are all up to date.
  7. So, today I received my Dark Core RGB SE in the mail today. I'm in love with this mouse. I'm also liking that is has Bluetooth functionality for on the go stuff. But I'm having an issue with DPI/pointer speeds between wired/2.4GHz and Bluetooth modes. So, if i have my DPI set to 800 in the software, and saved to the mouse, the cursor moves at a desired speed when plugged in. But when I unplug it and go to Bluetooth mode, it is extremely fast. And vice versa, if I have it set at a desired speed in Bluetooth mode, it is much slower than I'd like it when plugged in. P.S: The mouse is acting the same both in Wired and 2.4GHz modes.
  8. Hallo, bin neu im Forum. Nunja wenn ich meine Maus (Dark Core RGB SE) für mehr als ca 5 min über QI laden lasse reagiert die Maus danach nicht mehr und muss sie mehr mals neu starten bis sie wieder funktioniert. Erst dachte ich das ist iwie ein Schlafmodus aber den habe ich in iCUE abgestellt und hilft leider nichts. Ich benutzte die Maus über Funk (2,4GHz). Kann mir wer weiter helfen ansonsten muss die Maus zurück :[pouts: Danke im vorsaus HelsingVI
  9. Just got the mouse few days ago and compared to my other (brand name quality mouse) it seems to have hardware based acceleration? e.g. seems to reduce DPI when moving pixel to pixel slow and seems to increase DPI when I fling it real fast. Am I just imagining this or is there really acceleration built into it that you can't turn off? And yes windows acceleration (enhance pointer precision) is off.
  10. Hallo, ich habe die Corsair Dark Core RGB SE erst seit einigen Tagen und sie kaum benutzt aber seit heute funktioniert sie irgendwie nicht mehr. Wenn ich die auf die Ladefläche lege leuchtete sie für einige Sekunden und geht wieder aus. Der Akku ist voll (so wird es zumindest angezeigt). Ist sie wirklich schon kaputt oder mache ich nur was falsch ?
  11. So as it stands I cannot figure out how to configure my sniper button to be used as a crouch key. It simply presses and releases my crouch hotkey. (In this case "0".) I don't like using it as a DPI button but i want it to act the same way. (Press and release when no longer an action I want to do) I tried making it a keyboard event but it simply just pressed it once and wouldn't perform the press and hold to crouch then release to get up. If someone knows the configuration. Please let me know.
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