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  1. CORSAIR iCUE software brings CORSAIR LINK components into the fold, providing a new and exciting unified software experience for current and future CORSAIR products. For those that have already picked up CORSAIR hardware, check out our compatibility page HERE for the most up to date compatibility info. If your CORSAIR LINK device isn't listed, please make sure to upgrade to at least version of CORSAIR LINK before installing iCUE. iCUE Version 3.3.103 Keyboards: K55 RGB K63 K63 Wireless K65 LUX RGB K65 RGB K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE K66 K68 K68 RGB K70 LUX K70 RAPIDFIRE K70 RGB K70 LUX RGB K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE K70 RGB SE RAPIDFIRE K95 RGB PLATINUM K95 RGB STRAFE STRAFE RGB Mice: Dark Core RGB Dark Core RGB SE GLAIVE RGB HARPOON RGB KATAR M65 PRO RGB M65 RGB SABRE RGB SCIMITAR SCIMITAR PRO RGB Audio: HS70 Wireless HS60 Surround ST100 VOID SURROUND VOID USB VOID Wireless VOID PRO SURROUND VOID PRO USB VOID PRO Wireless Hydro Series Coolers: H80i GT H100i GTX H110i GTX H80i v2 H100i v2 H110i H115i H115i PRO H150i PRO Note: We're aware that certain coolers aren't applying cooling modes properly for some users. Power Supplies: AX760i AX860i AX1200i AX1500i HX750i HX850i HX1000i HX1200i RM650i RM750i RM850i RM1000i DRAM: VENGEANCE LED VENGEANCE RGB - Note: Lighting Link is not supported. VENGEANCE PRO RGB LINK Devices: Commander PRO Lighting Node PRO CORSAIR RGB Fans: SP RGB 120/140 HD RGB 120/140 ML RGB 120/140 LL RGB 120/140 Note: CORSAIR RGB fans will require either a Lighting Node PRO or Commander PRO in order to work with iCUE. CORSAIR iCUE-Compatible Cases: SPEC-OMEGA RGB Obsidian Series 1000D Crystal Series 280X (Lighting Node PRO w/2 LL RGB fans) Obsidian Series 500D SE (Commander PRO w/3 LL RGB fans)
  2. CORSAIR iCUE - Frequently Asked Questions 1.) What is iCUE? iCUE is our newest software that connects all your CORSAIR iCUE compatible products together in a single interface, giving you complete control of everything from RGB lighting and powerful macros to system monitoring and cooling control. 2.) What products does iCUE support? iCUE provides support for every peripheral in our last version of CUE (2.X) but also expands support DIY devices that used LINK. Our current iCUE compatibility page can be found here. You can also refer to this list we've compiled in this thread. 3.) Why is iCUE missing support of some of my devices? While we made every attempt to support as many products as possible, certain products had reached EOL (End of Life) and did not fit well into our new ecosystem. These products will not have support in iCUE: H100i H80i Commander Mini Cooling Node Lighting Node We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and hope that you can still enjoy the large number of products we currently are still supporting. 4.) I experienced a bug or I notice a feature is missing. How can I help report this? If you notice a bug or notice that a feature is missing that used to be in CUE or LINK, please post in the iCUE section of the CORSAIR User Forums. It is important to describe in as much detail as possible as well as exporting and attaching to your forum post the system info an logs. You can find the option to do this under settings. This will greatly help our developers in being able to research and apply a fix quickly. 5.) I've upgraded to iCUE from CUE 2.x and it's crashing at startup or my game with SDK support isn't working correctly. Help? If you run into either of these, it's possible the upgrade process didn't complete correctly. You can resolve this by trying the following: 1. Exit iCUE 2. Go into into AppData (C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local) and delete the CORSAIR folder inside it. 3. Restart iCUE, set up your lighting (especially lighting channels for Lighting Node PRO or Commander PRO). 4. Then start up Far Cry 5 and see if it works then. *Note: These instructions will wipe your iCUE profiles and settings. 7.) Where is RGB Share? We are currently revamping RGBShare so that we can improve the quality of profiles as well as the interface to provide an even greater experience. This will return in a few months as we work on the enhancements. 8.) What is DASHBOARD? Dashboard is an evolved version of the LINK feature that focuses on device information. Here you can use our newest modular interface to display any or all applicable device/system information. 9.) Where is the Standard and Advanced Modes of Lighting? We heard everyone loud and clear about the drawbacks of having different types of lighting per mode. Therefore in iCUE, we are now combining all of the lighting effects together. In addition to being able to use preset lighting effects with custom lighting effects, you can now actually select individual keys with preset lighting so you can have patterns like Visor play over a specific group of keys. This opens up an even greater number of patterns that you won’t find anywhere else! 10.) What is Lighting Link? Lighting Link is the ability to configure lighting patterns that play across all of our supported devices. For example, you can experience Visor go across the keyboard, headset, mousepad, mouse, strips and fans (with our Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro) and cooler. In addition, and unique to CUE, you can display simultaneous lighting patterns and get an incredible show of lighting effects playing together. Watch Visor go across your devices while having Rain on top of Spiral Rainbow, for example. Set lighting for each individual device but still see type lighting ripple play across everything. 11.) Where can I find more information on iCUE? You can find our entire collection of tutorial videos here. Check back often as we plan to produce tutorials on new and existing features in iCUE. Additional community guides/tutorials have been put together as well and can be found here. 12.) I have a specific question and can’t find it here in the FAQ. How can I get help? We are constantly monitoring the forums together so if you can’t find a solution to your question, feel free to post here in the forums and we will respond as quickly as we can. You may find certain threads locked. That is because we want to ensure people know those questions have been addressed and can use them for reference while searching. However, it is okay if you ask a question that may have been answered already. We are more than happy to help regardless!
  3. hello yesterday I bought the k70 lux rgb. It's all perfect, but when I put the shared rgb, I can not see or import user profiles. regards PS: I have already set the advanced mode, and I can import profiles from other people, but since the sharing rgb of cue2 I do not get anything, I can only use the downloaded ones and the default ones
  4. Lighting effect "Void replays observer" in the CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) Software 2.22.83,No effect is displayed on the K95 RGB platinum-cherry MX speed key。I will connect more CORSAIR RGB devices to test. "Void replays observer" will produce lighting effects on keyboards only when accessing ”Corsair VOID Wireless Gaming Dongles“. Does "Void replays observer" only support "Corsair VOID Wireless Gaming Dongles"? Because when you change the system's voice output device to the main board sound card (front / back), Corsair ST100, graphics card and other voice output, there is no lighting effect on the keyboard. In my memory, the "Void replays observer" lighting effect is not what it is now. It can support all the voice output devices in the computer system, so long as the computer has the sound to send out the keyboard, the corresponding lighting effects will appear. If the driver and CUE
  5. I just got a new Corsair K70 RGB mechanical keyboard. I downloaded the CUE2 software because I was excited to change the colors with the keyboard and I wanted to use a profile from Bitwit (Youtube guy), I downloaded it and I imported it to the CUE2 software. I made sure to have it set to advanced and added it, but nothing happened nothing changed with the keyboard's LEDs. I tired other profiles with similar styles that I liked, but no good there. I looked at the keyboard's settings, tried changing the LED color from red to blue no luck. I tried restarting my PC many many times, no luck. I tried reinstalling the software many times, no luck. I can't even change the colors myself in advanced or normal. I'm like really confused and frustrated so can anyone help?:mad:
  6. When I started off with CUE, I managed after putting in quite a bit of work to emulate the sense of a glowing ember underneath the main keys of the keyboard. I used some kind of "ripple" effects between the keys. The results were not that good though. The main issue with it was that the glowing was periodic which looked quite unnatural. Since the update to CUE2 I haven't managed to pull it off at all. What I want is to make each key randomly transition between different colors, be it between red, dark orange, bright orange, perhaps some yellow. Or different hues of the same color or ... And I want there to be some kind of ripple effect, i.e. if one key suddenly increases in "intensity" or heat or whatever you'd like to call it, adjacent keys should be partially affected too. Has anyone managed to pull this off in CUE? It would have been the best if it was possible to write scripts, be it Python, Ruby, JavaScript, C# etc where one can code the behaviour of selected lights, use random number generators and simulate the physics of glowing ember.
  7. Whenever I turn on my computer, my keyboard has a "saved" lighting that I used a while ago on a previous PC. Now whenever I turn my computer on, the K70 still defaults to this old color scheme unless I manually open CUE, where after a few moments, it resets itself and remembers it needs to be on the default profile I set it to. Is there a way to change the color scheme on the on-board memory to what I have the default profile to be within CUE and not some random color scheme I used long ago? I've tried checking CUE on windows startup and that does nothing, I have to manually go into CUE each time I start up the PC to change the lighting to its default profile.
  8. Recently i picked up a corsair k55 and i have some questions 1. is it possible to program individual keys to their own colors, if so, how? 2. whenever i start my pc, the k55 disconnects from cue, how do i fix this?
  9. I am having issues getting the media keys on the K70 working in the Spotify desktop app on Windows 10. Searching online I found that if you press alt+media key they work and this is working for me. But I don't want to have to do that key combo every time. How can I map the media keys to that combo? They don't appear when recording a macro and aren't an option when manually creating one either. Thanks.
  10. I have a question whcih I am having trouble finding an answer for in the Cue2 manual or in this forum: I want to export a profile, which refers to a Folder of other profiles (lots of use of the "Profile Switching" Action). But Its not clear to me how to save the whole bundle from one profile? It seems like it is NOT possible to "Export" a folder. Only individual profiles. I have my main Profile and I have a folder right underneath it. If I export the main profile, will it include its folder below?
  11. Some feedback on CUE2: 1. Please add the ability to create a FOLDER within the Actions and Lighting libraries so we can organize the actions/lighting effects. As is stands now ALL actions (for ALL profiles) are in one folder (one long confusing list) and they show up no matter what profile we are editing. 2. Please bring back Tool-tips so when we are hovering over a key, it will display what that key is designated to do. Right now we have to search the list on the left to find the key listed to see what that key does. 3. Please make the highlight bigger/brighter on the selected key. It's BARELY noticeable currently with a thin faded yellow-ish frame. 4. Bringing back right-click drop-down menus would not be bad either. The more I use CUE2, the more I like it. Hated it at first. Thanks!
  12. Hi I have a GLAIVE RGB mouse with the following problem, when in the CUE2 I set the "lighting effects" and I put the option "rainbow" the Cursor does a lag effect or lock, this does not happen when I put the option of "static color", but in the other option if it happens again, what could be the problem? Thank you
  13. Has anybody else experienced this issue? I've logged a ticket for help and had no reply. This is on Windows 10 Pro 1703 build 15063.540. CUE2 v2.15.83 and Link 4 v4.8.0.82 do not work together, with the latter installed CUE2 stops recognising my STRAFE RGB Silent keyboard but does see my M65 mouse. Remove Link 4 and everything works again. So I uninstalled Link 4 v4.8.0.82 and went back to v4.5.0.55 and it worked but was hit and miss as to whether or not it would display my CPU temps. I upgraded to Link 4 v4.7.0.77 and it all still worked together but was still hit and miss as to showing CPU temps. I've invested a fair amount of money in 6 HD120 RGB fans, a Lighting Node Pro and a Commander Pro [not to mention the cost of the keyboard and mouse] only to have nothing but issues with the software conflicts and I can get no answer from Corsair. If anyone has seen this issue and fixed it....please let me know what you did.
  14. :!: I need to record a macro that involves mouse movement so if I decide to do that then I currently need to press record then move my mouse to the game then record the macro. I need to figure out a way to press a button to start and stop recording the macro. Is there a way to this? If not then consider this a suggestion Corsair, please. :!:
  15. Hi All, I'm still working hard to get all my profiles converted/updated, I'll post a video and create another thread on here when it's all ready though so you won't be able to miss it! As for the purpose of this thread, I'd love to hear some feedback about if people want custom designed icons and backgrounds for all my profiles (update and in future) looking mainly to see if people will use them or not. Poll can be found here: (if you don't have twitter or don't want to use the poll feel free to comment below your thoughts on it as well, I'll read it all) example of icons: example of background (profile is LaserRaptor):
  16. I had avoided installing CUE 2 until now as I understood I would need to remake my profiles, actions (macros), etc... and I simply deferred taking the time to write all my config out so I could recode it all... but yesterday was the day to take the initial plunge. There really needs to be a solid import/convert function in CUE/2, even if it was just for the Actions/Macros. It would be a nice quality of life feature if CUE could export friendly lists of macro's; like which key's were bound to what Actions/macro's, and maybe even the colours mapped to the keys... especially since there are so many incompatibilities between the versions (another reason for a solid import/convert function in CUE/2), a feature like this could have saved me the efforts of having to manually capture all my configurations. Similarly, it would be great if the default view of the Keyboard Profile in CUE2 (where is shows you the keyboard and colour scheme) could show you your macro assignments on mouse over... kind of like putting all the layers together until you specifically click on either the Action, Performance, or Lighting Effect tabs to drill down to a specific layer. In general, I do appreciate what the new CUE2 has to offer, and would like to see some of the following inconsistencies (some are between versions) lined up: The Library function is not everywhere. The Action Library seems to be the most developed; it serves as a common place for both my K95 Keyboard and M65 Mouse Actions to pull from and push to. Makes sense it does not extend to the VOID USB. The Lighting Effect Library seems to only exist for my K95 Keyboard, so I found myself having to duplicate my Lighting Effects for my M65 mouse [*]After switching to Advanced Mode, my VOID USB is stuck in Basic Mode... I cannot apply my advanced lighting effect to the headset, nor can I draw from the Lighting Effect Library I setup for my K95 Keyboard [*]I found myself missing the keyboard "Key Groups" to define a selected range of keys [*]There doesn't seem to be a way to click-and-drag to select a range of keys. Having to press-and-hold Ctrl while I individually left-clicked every key I wanted to assign a Lighting Effect was tedious. [*]I miss the mouse-over/context menus to add/edit/etc Actions assigned to keys. The current implementation is visually appealing under the Actions list; however, but it assumes a 1:1 Action to Key assignment ratio, whereas I could assign the same Action to more than one key in the old CUE (if I wanted to) [*]I don't see an option to save a Profile to a device memory any more, am I missing it? Previously CUE could save a profile to the M65 Mouse and K95 Keyboard, and I always wished the VOID USB headset could retain a profile as well. [*]I wish there was a way to lock CUE2 to a Profile; maybe something like an edit mode where it would stick to the settings page you are working on. For example, it's annoying to alt-tab in/out of a game while creating/testing/tweaking a complex macro Action (for example) and return to find CUE has defaulted back to the Default Profile and lost my place where I was working. I can understand that CUE is simply trying to stay in sync with the profile being applied to the application, but it should be able to still do that behind the scenes while keeping me in the "editor" mode I'm working on. [*]There no longer seems to be a notification when switching between Profiles... were both the visual overlay and spoken prompt removed? [*]It looks like saving settings has been simplified and made specific to each profile... so how are these setting backed up... Actions and Lighting Effects in the Library that aren't on a profile? CUE2 settings? [*]Why not suggest the Profile's name as the exporting Profile's file name? I think CUE2 has a good base of functionality to choose from and is visually appealing; and hopefully while it continues to mature over time, some of inconsistencies are smoothed out and some "quality of life" features like I've listed above are implemented. These are my "first few hours" of use impressions/thoughts, and will likely have more to share as I continue to use CUE2 and bash in more of my Profiles. Most of my experience so far has been creating a good Default Profile to copy from to set my base/common Lighting Effects for each new game profile I create, and tested one copy that I linked to Grim Dawn (love the icon/background image capability!). I'll probably have a much better grasp of CUE2 after I get to LOTRO and code the dozens of macros/Actions that I created for the Warden class combo-skills. This will also give me a better understanding of how multiple profiles for the same game will work as the Warden has 3 stances/play-styles to flip between in game.
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