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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there, I'd be grateful for any advice. I'm registered blind and starting a new build with the Crystal 680x. Although I've built systems before, the hardest part is working out all the product features and how things fit together especially when I don't have the benefit of being able to see diagrams in instruction manuals. I've listened to quite a few YouTube videos and read lots of reviews, but still have some questions. 1. I've bought the iCue Capillex H150i which features a 360mm radiator. As the only place to mount this is in the front of the case I was going to remove the existing 3 fans, mount the radiator and its two fans onto it and then fit the case's original 3 fans onto the top/bottom. Does that sound like the way to go? 2. Could someone please describe how I can remove the hinged side window to make things a bit easier when I lie the case on its side to fit the motherboard? 3. I feel a thumb screw with some kind of attachment on the back of the case just to the right of the expansion card slot covers. What is this and how is it used? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Hello there, This may seem a strange question but I would appreciate any guidance. I am registered blind and building a new system using the Crystal 680X. I've built systems before and the hardest part is getting to know a product without benefit of being able to see diagrams and instruction manuals. I've worked out most of the features of this case but cannot work out how I access an installed optical drive. There doesn't seem to be a slot at the front unless there's a way to access the drive that I'm missing? Can someone please describe how I do this? Or is the only option to use an external optical drive? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello there, I've now started my new system and wanted to check my plan for adding the 360mm radiator and ML fan at the front of the case was OK before I go any further. For those that don't know me I'm registered blind so doing this by feel and logic, and whereas I've built systems before the hardest part is getting to know a new product without benefit of being able to see the diagrams in instruction manuals. Given the glass front of the case, My plan was to have the mounting bracket at the front, then the 3 ML fans drawing air in and then the radiator on the inside closest to the motherboard. I was going to use the long screws provided with the H150i to hold the whole assembly together. Does this sound OK? It may sound silly as I can only see a little light but I wanted to have the fans visible through the front so the lights show up in the dark. Hoping someone can just confirm I'm on the right track before I go on. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello! In the near future I would like to change my case to a Crystal series 680x. The problem is that I have a H150i in my old setup and I am not sure if I'll be able to fit a new 3090 into the case while I have the AIO mounted on the front side. The case lists 330mm for GPU clearance, which should be enough, unless the radiator takes up the place. Anyone who has some exact numbers about this topic? Do I need a 240mm rad for this case if I want a 330mm GPU?
  5. Hey guys, so I'm doing my first ever build here in about twelve hours from now, and needless to say I'm a little intimidated. My knowledge of computers is mostly limited to what I've researched over the last two weeks pulling my build together. I've been trying to look through diagrams and whatnot to try and get an idea of how I need to set it up, but I didn't really find one that pertained exactly to my situation, and got totally lost when I saw the "PWM repeater" or whatever it was. I don't wanna accidentally plug stuff into the wrong place or overload the channel or anything like that. Can anyone help me get an idea of where I need to connect everything? I'll be using: Crystal Series 680X case 6x LL120 RGB fans (3 front intake, 2 bottom exhaust, 1 rear exhaust) H115i Platinum RGB AIO Cooler (top) 4 Pro LED Strips 1x Commander Pro 1x Lighting Node Pro I believe that's everything? I've also got the LS100 and two expansion kits but I understand those have their own external power source. I think i get the gist of it, fans go in the RGB fan hub, as well as the Commander Pro, LED strips go in the second channel? I don't know where the AIO goes or where I'm supposed to be inserting the Node Pro for all of this though, or whether all of this set up like this will sync up. Any help would be appreciated, I'm really looking forward to getting this together, I've got a friend who has some mild experience in this helping me out it together since he's got tools and an anti-static mat, but he's never worked with Corsair stuff and we're on a limited schedule, I'd hate to have him trying to figure it out for me. Thank you folks so much
  6. I’m about to assemble my build inside the crystal 680x. I have the H100i for CPU cooling and it is going to be mounted on top. The instructions with the H100i say the fans should be directed as to pull cool air from outside the case and across the radiator. It appears the glass on top would inhibit this air flow. Would the recommendation be that I remove the glass on top and just put the filter on top? Thanks! M
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