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Found 9 results

  1. Im trying to connect my mouse ( Scimitar rgb elite) but when i do it i have the message D:/ CRP DISABLD and now the mouse its basically a brick. Please i need help i have been using my mouse with a lot of care for almost 2 years.
  2. My K70 RGB Rapidfire is stuck in bootloader mode. I had water spill over the keyboard and let it dry out for several days now, it should 100% be dry. But every time I connect the USB cable to my computer the "CRP Disabld" folder pops up with the "firmware.bin" inside it. The keyboard is not being recognized by iCue and the "hold down Esc" method for a soft reboot of the keyboard also does not work. According to other posts on this Forum I need to contact support and have them send me a working version of the "firmware.bin" file. Been there, done that, no reply after 50+ hours so now here is the forum post to get things moving, hopefully. Ticket ID: #2005766111
  3. Hi, My Harpoon RGB is showing up as a storage device called CRP DISABLD in windows explorer. I need the firmware file for the Harpoon RGB to fix this. Can somebody provide the file for me? Thank you!
  4. I once unplugged and plugged in my Strafe and it stopped working completely. When I plug it in, a window appeard with CRP DISABLD and firmware.bin inside the CRP DISABLD. The LEDs are not lighting up at all, I tried holding esc while plugging, esc + F1, esc + F1 + windows, etc. They didn't work. My friend told me to ask the guys at Corsair for the fixed firmware.bin file since mine got corrupted and needs to be replaced. 2001230901 - Here is my ticket number too. I'm hoping from this thread I could get a response faster than the e-mail I sent. I really want to fix and use my Strafe back. Thanks in forward.
  5. Hello. I sent a ticket to corsair support around 3 weeks ago asking for the K65 RGB LUX firmware. After waiting around 1 1/2 weeks, I got a response from corsair that had a ZIP file attached. In this ZIP file, there were 2 files; K65RGB_app133_RC.bin K65RGB_BLD012_App113RC.bin I also got provided the default copy/paste of instructions about getting the CRP_DISABLD drive open and whatnot, except in the instructions it mentioned placing a file with ISP in it's name into the CRP_DISABLD drive. You may notice that there's no file name above with ISP in it. Nevertheless, I tried both of the files. During both times, nothing happened. After putting a reply to my ticket, I waited around another 4 days for a response. What I got what my support person asking me to try another zip file, except it was the exact same zip file that I had already tried and failed with. I still tried it, to no avail. (Could I have been missing something that wasn't mentioned in the steps like power cycling my keyboard for a minute or holding down a button as I plug it back in?) After responding and waiting another 3 days, my support person said "it seems we have exhausted the troubleshooting steps for this product, we suggest doing an RMA/replacement. Proceed?", but to me it seems that there has been no troubleshooting done at all. One observation I have made is the fact that both of the files provided have 'app' at the end of them, which leads me to believe that these files are not the firmware files for manual updating but the firmware files used for updating with iCUE. Am I right in thinking that the support person has given me the wrong files, is there an unspoken step I missed when manually updating the firmware, or should I just move forward on the RMA/replacement?
  6. Recently unplugged my k65 keyboard (P/N: CH-9110010-UK) during an update because I thought the RGB was glitching, and this ruined the keyboard's firmware. Now there's a "CRP DISABLD" folder showing up, and from what I've gathered on the internet I need a replacement 'firmware.bin' file to get it working again. Unfortunately, my corsair ticket doesn't seem to be going anyway as I haven't had a response for about 22 hours after submitting it now. Despite searching the internet for at least a few hours, I haven't been able to find a replacement firmware.bin file. Does anyone know where I could find the firmware.bin file for my keyboard without having to wait another day or so for my support ticket to even get a response?
  7. Please help me! My keyboard doesn't work and when i plug it into the pc it gives me a file called "crd disabld" and even icue can't find the keyboard. I need help
  8. Today i turned on my PC and my mouse didnt work so i tried restarting my PC a couple times to no avail. I then noticed a drive popped up every time i plugged in the mouse called "CRP DISABLD (E:)" So i did some research and tried a couple of solutions but non worked. I kind of know what the problem is but no idea how to resolve it. Help is very appreciated :biggrin:
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