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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, everything good? I recently discovered why my headset has constant connection failures and also crackling sounds. I monitored it through my router and noticed that whenever someone uses the 2.4Ghz wifi network it starts to happen, when 5Ghz is used it doesn't happen. I tried to change the router channel but the problem persists. I tried to decrease the signal strength but the problem persists. Obviously it is not a failure in the headset, but an interference between technologies, and unfortunately I cannot disable the 2.4 Ghz wifi because my mom's cell phone connects only on that frequency. Could you help me find ways to get around this problem?
  2. I recently uninstalled all Corsair's drivers and ICUE software and reinstalled them. Now my headset is disconnecting and reconnecting every 5 minutes. I had to reinstall the driver's because of a crackling noise that kept happening when I was watching youtube. Do I need to RMA my headset?
  3. Hi there ! I've got the VOID pro RGB and it works pretty well except that sometimes, for no specific reason, some noise will make crackling sounds is the headset. The audio volume is not strong, and it does not happen all the time, so it seems it's not a hardware issue. It often goes away when I reboot the computer (Win 10 x64) but will always come back eventually. I can't update the firmware with Icue, as Icue says I've already have the latest firmware version (even if it is v. 0.01 and I think that's weird). Does anyone else have the same issue and/or an idea to fix it?
  4. Hey! I have been using the Void Pro Wireless headset for about a year now, but in the past couple months there has been crackling every so often in the audio. It's not consistent, but it happens enough and is disruptive enough that I notice it. All of my corsair stuff is up to date as well. Would it somehow be a driver that needs updating? When I bring the iCUE dashboard up it generally helps fix it a bit, but not all the time.
  5. The middle fan on my H150i Pro makes this buzzing / crackling noise and starts to appear only when its above 1450RPM. Other 2 fans are quiet even at 1600RPM. I know its only this middle fan making the noise because I managed to pinpoint it through iCue software by fiddling with each fan's RPM. I tried to loosen and tighten the screws but the noise is still very audible and is annoying. I think the fan's motor making this sound but I'm not sure. Any ideas or help is much appreciated. PS:This suddenly started to happen after 4months of usage. [ame] [/ame]
  6. Yeah same struggling with the 002 6C6BFDA1-F110-4AF1-A01A-0FB12D4B2B1E. My dolby 7.1 dongle randomly started crackling, wanted to submit a ticket to see if i can buy one/get it replaced. Can't create account or submit a ticket. :/
  7. Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. I built my very first PC a couple of years back, and it was powered by a Corsair RM650x. However, after about a year of using the PC, when I switched the extension block on, the Corsair PSU would make like a crackling/pop noise. And sometimes, flashes of light, as if the PSU was arching. I naively just carried on with things because I didn't have the time to do any investigating. However, inevitability, a few weeks later - my computer would not turn on. Since then, I have used the RMA service to receive a brand new RM650x from Corsair and I purchased a brand new surge protected Belkin extension block. However, about another year or so later, I am now starting to have the exact same problem all over again... The Belkin extension block is plugged into the wall, behind my desk (socket is hard to reach, so it is left always on), however the extension block itself has its own switch. This gets switched off every time I am finished using my PC. However, when I come back to use my PC the next time and switch the extension block back on, I get this crackling/popping noise coming from like the back of the PSU, and sometimes a little arch - like flash of light (exact same as last time). This only tends to happen when I switch the extension block off and then come back like a day or so later (can PSU's build up electric or something when turned off for a day? In the capacitors?) I'm sorry I don't have very good knowledge of electronics so any help you could give me would be massively appreciated. Regards, Oli.
  8. We recently purchased an HS70 SE headset and it's been making quiet, but obnoxious popping noises every once in a while in Discord. The sound doesn't seem to happen with any other application. It shouldn't be a hardware issue, because we already replaced the headset with another one via RMA. The popping is less noticeable on the new one, but still present. We've already updated everything to the newest version (multiple times...) but the issue persists. We've also tried disabling CUE entirely. Help!
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