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Found 5 results

  1. iCUE documentation says "Connect the pump tach cable to the CPU_FAN header of your motherboard". But the connector has 3-pins and the mother board only provides 4-pin connections. The Corsair article or video does not address this problem (https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049921791-How-to-Install-the-iCUE-Elite-Capellix-liquid-CPU-cooler-for-Intel-sockets ). The video shows a caption "Connect Pump tach Cable to CPU Fan Header on Motherboard". This solution seems promising but the iCUE connector blocks the suggested connection on my motherboard: https://www.howtogeek.com/273575/what-is-the-difference-between-three-and-four-pin-cpu-fans/ Similar 3-pin/4-pin CPU_FAN questions can be found online, but I'm not seeing one that I think is "definitive" for iCUE H150i. Why doesn't Corsair address this issue in documentation, or at least online? Or a single page that describes the Corsair 3-pin connectors when many motherboards only have 4-pin connections? Can anyone offer advice?
  2. Hi everyone I'm installing my H150i Pro XT and have seen that you can plug it into either the CPU_FAN header or the PUMP_FAN header. My Maximus Hero XI Mobo has both headers as shown here. What would be the difference between the two and is one more advisable than the other? I'm wondering specifically if there is a difference in how I would control the pump and fan speeds and how the BIOS recognises the hardware. Thanks
  3. Hey everybody. So I jut built my new PC, everything went fine until I get an error during boot. The error said "CPU Fan speed error detected". I've browsed this forum for a while and tried a number of suggested solutions, but nothing seems to work. My H100i v2 is installed per manual instructions, so the AIO pump is connected to the CPU_FAN header, which is set to run at 100% in BIOS, but I keep getting the error. Temperatures are with 46 - 58C (Max temp recorded while running Rainbow Six Siege), on idle it stays around 46-50C. Thing is, neither Corsair Link v4 or Corsair iCue detect the AIO, looking at Device Manager and Devices and Printers the water cooler is not listed in those either and it doesn't light up. The AIO was working properly in my previous build, which I disassembled last Thursday. Any help identifying and solving this issue is highly appreciated.
  4. Building af new rig (based on Corsair 500D RGB and Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master). According to the instructions I should connect the H100i RGB Platinium to the CPU_fan header. However, the H100i is made for a 3-pin fan connector and all fan headers on the board are 4-pins. What to do? I should mention that I would like to control alle fan headers by the Corsair Commander Pro which is able to control six fan headers. But as I can tell, I still needs to connect the pump on the H100i to the CPU_fan header. Regards KRS
  5. Hi guys So i have a weird problem here and i dunno what i did wrong as i followed every step in the manual and videos from youtube. pump 3pin is connected to the CPU_FAN header y cable is connected to the radiator fans Link cable is connected to the USB 2 header MOBO = Asus z97-a CPU = 4790k @4.5 @1.210v PSU = EVGA 750 g3 OS = Windows 10 pro 64bit im using the latest version of Corsair link the problem is: CPU_FAN detected on bios is only having 970 this is set to DC full speed on the bios questions: 1. why is the CPU_FAN's RPM dont pass 1000RPM 2. why is the CPU_FAN is showed on Corsair Link MB fan #2. what is that mb fan #2? it stays on 970+ RPM even under stressed. 3. is it ok that the CPU_FAN's RPM stay like that? i have attached some screenshots of Corsair link (i positioned the readings like it was inside the system) and SIV.
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