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  1. Hi I have newly built computer, I am seeing CPU temp fluctuating between 44c to 66c. the computer is not under any load so wondering. I am using an AIO cooler from Corsair which in previous builds has been fine (was using i9 9900) Intel 13900k Corsair h100i elite lcd (x2 120mm fans) When gaming I have seen CPU temps rise to 90c max - but mostly averaging around the 85C mark. I am running fans at full RPM right now and coolant temp is 33c and CPU package temp is 44c. when I run the fans in quiet mode the CPU temp averages 50c - 60c Should I update the cooler to include more and larger fans ? appreciate any help or guidance. Thanks.
  2. Let's talk about the daunting topic, overclocking 🕓 this subject is often talked about when people start building PC's. Did you decide to overclock your computer and if so, what did you find most difficult? For my seasoned overclockers, do you have any tips & tricks 🗒️ for first-timers? And for anyone that decided not to overclock their computer, what had turned you away from it 🤔?
  3. Hoping someone here can help a liquid-newb with a question: My new build is an i7-13700 with a 360mm H150i top-mounted in a NZXT H7 Flow. Everything went together fine and the system has been running perfectly. CoreTemp and iCUE show the CPU package temperature going up and down pretty rapidly when the system is under minor load (like downloading/installing a bunch of stuff). At idle the CPU hovers around 30-35C (coolant temp 27-30). But during these modest loads the CPU goes up and stays around 55-63C, while the liquid temperature stays at 30. The CPU is not overclocked right now. I know 60C is perfectly safe, but I'm wondering if I should be worried that it's hitting those temps when it's not really doing heavy lifting beyond downloading and installing a mountain of software. I cleaned off the stock thermal pad using Arctic cleaning solution and replaced it with Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut paste, and as far as I know the block is correctly installed on the CPU, but as I noted above this is my first time using an AIO. What do you all think? Thanks in advance!
  4. I am having an issue with ICUE not properly reading CPU usage, it hangs around 0 - 2% at all times while Task Manager reads proper. Also an issue with MSI Afterburner OS display to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Noticing your PC getting a little too hot after that intense gaming session? You may be in need of replacing your thermal paste and CORSAIR has got you covered with our new XTM70 Extreme Performance Thermal Paste! This thermal paste combines fantastic heat transfer and easy application to keep your high-end CPU, GPU, console, or other components reliably cool, during even the most intense tasks and overclocking. Here are a few quick highlights: XTM70 spreads evenly and cleanly due to its low viscosity, allowing it to fill into microscopic valleys and crevices on your processor’s surface which ensures peak thermal transfer between your Intel® or AMD® processor and your cold plate With 3g of non-electrically conductive paste, XTM70 helps support extreme CPU cooling and lower temperatures without drying or cracking Ideal for high-performance processors that can run very hot Click HERE for more information. We've put together a quick comparison and FAQ down below: Q: Is an applicator kit included? A: Yup! The included applicator kit comes with a square stencil and spreader, so you can apply a smooth, uniform layer onto a cold plate without making a mess. Q: Are cleaning wipes included? A: Of course, wipe away old paste from your processor and AIO cold plate with three included cleaning wipes.
  6. Hello guys I have Corsair One i164 and it's pretty new had it for like 2 year or so.. It was working great all that time until recently in the past few months.. I started getting a blue screen with the error code (WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR) as you can see in the picture When I get this the only solution would be a hard restart of the system.. It happens in a very irregular manner.. Sometimes I get it non stop every few minutes.. Sometimes I get it once a day.. Other times I go weeks without getting it Which makes me think, it's a software issue not a hardware otherwise my pc won't go a week long working fine I tried resetting BIOS to default settings which worked for few weeks but eventually I started getting the blue screen again, then yesterday I tried clearing the CMOS by pressing the button on the back for 25 seconds then got black screen saying hardware settings have been reset to default which means I did it right (I didn't get blue screen yesterday after doing that, it only happened a day after.. Today) I believe all these issues started after one windows update earlier this year.. I don't know which exactly but before that my pc was working great Also one thing to note.. I always update whatever I see in the windows updates section but I've never checked or updated any drivers manually.. So if they don't show up on the windows updates section then they're most likely outdated since I've never checked for any drivers manually.. I thought I should mention that if it's a possible reason Thank you
  7. Hey everyone, so i am using the recent release of ICue on my Acer Aspire TC-1660 and I continually get a lot of CPU usage coming from ICue, my fans run full speed constantly even if I set up a custom speed curve and my computer is super laggy and slow. As soon as I uninstall ICue it runs normally, it also runs fine with Signal RGB installed. Im running a Commander core XT with 2 SP120 RGB Elites, 2x Vengance RGB Pro SL 32Gb Ram sticks, and a K60 RGB Pro keyboard. I have tried doing an uninstall, repair, clean install and nothing works. I have uninstalled signal RGB to avoid any conflicts but think im going to have top go back to using SignalRGB. is this software just flawed why does nothing seem to work the way its suppose to especially considering this is the most recent update, im really not impressed with this software. the photo is of my dashboard and ICue 72% of my cpu and corsair is the only program running. Is there a quick fix for this or is it a common issue? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Started up my computer today and my temp sensor for my CPU stopped working. Noticed it when my nexus wasn't updating CPU temp, after some investigating the sensor is not showing up in iCue at all. Coincidentally my motherboard is also no longer showing up in iCue. Both of these things were present and working last night. HWInfo/Ryzen Master/Core Temp all show the CPU temp sensor if I open them up (I normally don't run them except for specific instances and then shut them down after). Nothing has changed on my system from last night when it was working at shutdown to this morning when I started my system. I have tried doing a repair of iCue, I have tried doing a reinstall of iCue. I have made sure Synapse is not running and does not run at startup. There isn't any reason I can think of why the CPU sensor would just vanish. iCue currently shows the sensor for Commander Pro, 3090, and Vengeance Pro but that's it.
  9. hello everyone i just got a new corsair rm850x white power supply. and need to ask a question about the ATX cable and the CPU cable. i am new to building after many years of a laptop. i see the ATX cable connects to my motherboard 24 pin. but at the PSU it has 2 separate connectors. do these have to both be plugged in or just one? also the 8 pin cpu which of the 8 pin connectors does it need to be plugged into or do i plug it into a free one? again i am new at these advanced PSUs. any help is appreciated. thanks everyone StormChaser
  10. Hello 👋 Hoping someone can shed some light on my problem I have been experiencing with the iCUE software. For the past month my computer has been experiencing lag in games and streaming. I had discovered very high cpu usage while running iCUE software. Even after a shut down the cpu would be pegged at 100% before running any programs. Uninstalling and reinstalling would sometimes seem to fix the problem but it would always start back up soon after. I could tell when it would be acting up because my idle temp would sit at 50c. After uninstalling the software the computer runs fine with an idle temp of 30c with 1-2% cpu usage after booting. I’m dissapointed I can not run the software that ties all my Corsair products together. This is a new build with minimal software installed mainly used for gaming. P.S. I have a feeling it could be problem with iCUE conflicting with some other monitoring software. The only other installed is MSI’s Dragon Center, Intel extreme tuning and MSI afterburner. Thanks in advance for and advice / help
  11. Hey hope someone from Corsair sees this cause this finally got me to create an account :o: first some information, I have been using icue for over 2 years now and hadn't really had any problems before.. normally my ICUE CPU load is 2,5% when idle and that is with the following connected. K95 PLATINUM DARK CORE SE VOID PRO WIRELESS MM800 RGB POLARIS ST100 RGB COMMANDER PRO LIGHTNING NODE PRO LS100 STARTER KIT 6 x LL120 FANS 4 X LED STRIPS 4 LONG LIGHT STRIPS AND 4 SHORT LIGHT STRIPS so with all that my normal idle ICUE CPU load is 2,5% when i plug the Nexus into my k95's usb hub my ICUE idle cpu load is 20% that is crazy! so from 2% to 20% i have tried plugging the hub cable from the K95 in usb 3.0 port usb 2.0 port usb 3.0 hub it's all the same... load on 20% if i take the nexus and plug it directly into my machine and not in the k95 hub then the usage drops from 20% to 11% so that's half of the raised load, still crazy but alot better, so it doesn't look like the K95 platinum hub can't handle it with the current load, maybe a firmware upgrade to the keyboard can fix this if not directly related to the nexus firmware or icue software. but right now i can't use it cause the CPU usage with it plugged in will never be that low so my machine can idle... it would be nice with a quick fix... it would be nice, as someone else said in another post that we could be able to control the refresh.. from 24 maybe all the way down to 1, that would work for most of my usage with it. my CPU is a Intel Core i5 8600K (running stock) i would love to provide more info and help if needed to get this fixed or else i would have to return it :( running K95 Plat firmware version 3.21.28 Nexus firmware version 2.2.5 icue 3.31.81 all other icue related stuff is also running the newest firmware.
  12. Hi there, Just finished installing the H100i RGB Platinum and everything seems to be working fine except for the RGB on the CPU cooler itself. I plugged in mini-usb cable to the CPU cooler and the other end into JUSB1, and connected the SATA power directly to 550w PSU. Additionally, the connected fans on the radiator are spinning fine along with the RGB for them working as well. Despite this, the RGB for CPU cooler itself is not turning on. Mind you, I have yet to even install windows on the PC so I have not tried to set it up with iCUE. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  13. The temp on my i7-7700k when in the BIOS is typically around 37°C and about 50°C when idling on my desktop, not too sure if these temps are too high. I first experienced a problem when trying to emulate a game and my PC crashed after about 2 hours of it running. I tried the game again while monitoring my CPU temps, and they were hitting 100°C or near that on all cores. I thought it might just be an issue with the game, but I got near identical temps when I tested Rise of the Tomb Raider (both games running in 1440p). I checked the water temp of my AIO when playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and it only slowly works its way up from its idle 27-28°C to the low 30s. The RPM of the pump and fan seemed normal the whole time, just the speed at which the water rises. This was with the stock thermal paste that comes pre-applied on the H115i. I changed out the thermal paste to see if something was wrong with that, or if I had poorly installed the AIO, yet I'm still getting the same results; my CPU temps immediately jump to the 90s under heavy load. Same thing happened when I tested prime95. When playing less intensive games my temps are still reaching the upper 70s and even into the 80s. I reset my BIOS to see if this changed anything, but my temps still remained the same as before. This seems way to hot for an AIO from what I've seen on the internet, so I'm not sure if this is a problem with my AIO or with the CPU itself.
  14. Hi! I have the H80i GT in my rig since 5 years cooling my 4790k. I just moved to a new household, transporting the computer carefully. However now I suddenly have problems with frequent Blue screens which I now know are because of CPU overheat. When I run the computer at idle the temps stay around 40-50 degrees C, much higher than Before. And when I runt games it goes up to 90-100 degrees and krasches. Corsair LINK says the pump is running at 3000rpm. When I feel the pump hoses one is really warm and the other is like room temp Cold. The radiator is not warm at all and the air flowing through it is not warmt either. What do you guys Think. Do I need to replace the cooler? Any Point in changing the cooling paste? Anything else? Suck to buy a new cooling unit if it doesnt solve the problem. Thanks Kristian
  15. Hi all, please bear with me as I am kind of computer illiterate and might not explain this properly. My brother just built my computer for me for Christmas. I am a game developer, so I needed a computer that can handle a LOT. And it does!(the specs are on my profile, but I don't know if they should be copied over to here) It renders and plays high-demand games with no issue at all. It's been running perfectly for about 3 weeks now. I went to use it today to write a word document, and I noticed my fans (water-cooled) were running quite loudly. I checked CPU usage and it was bouncing between 20 and 70% non-stop even with nothing open and no background processes. I shut down iCue for the heck of it, and lo and behold, it solved the spiking. I tried to reinstall iCue with the newest version, but I had the same spikes start happening, iCue kept freezing and saying "not responding" and at some point, my GPU usage fell to 0 and my screen blanked out for a second. As of right now, I no longer have iCue installed and it hasn't had performance issues since uninstalling it. I'd like to have it installed, and really there's no reason my CPU can't handle it. My CPU usage is staying at a fairly level 5% with chrome and discord open, and the fans are nice and quiet. The last time I had used it before this time it was running just fine, so I really have no clue what could be happening. Any help would be appreciated and I'm sorry if I sound like an idiot :[pouts:
  16. I recently purchased a Corsair One Elite, running the 8700K. I have also had an offer for a very very reasonably priced 9700K, so reasonably priced that I would be able to sell the 8700K, used and be in profit so I very intrestd in possibly switching out the 8700K to the 9700K, enjoying the slight speed increase and making a bit of money in the process. My issue is with motherboard comparability. Looking at CPU-Z it seems to show the motherboard as a 'Z370I CORSAIR ONE (MS-7B43)', which when googling comes up as the MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC, which states it should support the 9th gen processor in question however I would like to confirm before going ahead as the board is quite obviously running custom software / bios and seems to have the top VRM heatsink removed for space saving reasons. The bios version is 2.CA and dated as 06/25/2018. Is this a custom BIOS version for the corsair one? Would the Motherboard be compatible with the 9700K? Or is this a board specifically modified and locked for the one CPU?
  17. Hey guys, I'm wondering if any of you have found success with overclocking the i165. What I mean is if you've gotten significantly more performance out of it, because I tried and did not achieve more than some inconsistent 2% ish boosts in CPU speed and, perhaps, a few frames more per second from the GPU at the expense of a lot more fan noise (though still at full volume it wasn't a big deal - i just think that the tradeoff of silence for a few less frames is worth it). Jake
  18. Where the tubes connect to the pump - I noticed that the tubes are able to pivot from that location (i.e. move in a 45 degree angle). Is this the way it's supposed to be? I'd love a answer because I'm nervous about installing it - that, and I have to wait two days because this CPU cooler requires the original retention brackets.... Please advise.
  19. My problem is that i don't know if i should set the sensor to my h150i pro, CPU or graphicscard temp. Whatever i choose, setting the rpm mode to quiet it runs at 1500 rpm which is terrible loud. Now i am asking myself what custom curve should i use and where to get the temps from. Thank you.
  20. Hey, I just made my first water cooled build and I'm a bit worried about the CPU temperature on idle. config: Cooler: H115i pro installed on top, in pull configuration CPU: i7-8700K MB: Asus Z390-E gaming Ram: 2x32GB Case: Define R66 Front: 2 intake fans Back: 1 Exhaust (room temp around 20°) I haven't installed any IOS yet so I can't stress test it, but just checking the BIOS, the CPU runs at around 50-54° and I feel like it's already way high. I applied a normal amount of thermal paste and the pump should be installed properly. Again, I'm pretty noobish, so I'll take any info! Thanks!
  21. Hello. My simple question : Can i use with this Psu pins > for two cables for my morherboard Cpu plugs (2x 4+4pin EPS 12v) and leave one 8pin for GPU ? As i can see on the psu itself ,it says: ,,6+2 pin PCIE & 4+4 pin CPU”. Thanks!
  22. CorsairLink had this option to set fans at maximum when CPU reached certain temp. That option was useless, why? because I had to restart it manually when CPU temps dropped and it was really annoying. What I want from iCUE is to set fans at maximum if CPU temp reached 80 and it should go back to normal state when temp reaches below 80. I know radiator fans should be set according to Water pump temp but CPU temp is also important, if it reaches 80 I will know that something is wrong :!:. It could be a power virus or pump failure etc. Where is this feature? if this feature does not exist please add it, thanks :) --- Edit: Please also add Step-up and Step-down option. for example Step-up of 2 seconds means if CPU temp went 80 for more than 2 seconds, then set fans to max. and similarly Step-down of 2 seconds means if CPU temp was below 80 for more than 2 seconds go back to normal state.
  23. So Icue currently has a readout for your CPU load and temp, and gpu temp. Wouldn't it be nice if we had a per core load readout? Or here is a big one that I cant believe was missed, GPU core load! :eek: On the subject of Icue, can we get some custom brackets for the dashboard? Like I pull ALL my temps out from there brackets and It would be nice to have a bracket filled with Just Temps, and another filled with Fan RPM's another for Load's (GPU and CPU) and voltages. On a side note has anyone had an issue with Icue randomly stopping, disconnecting devices (In my case my M65 RGB and MM800 and some of my HD120's) and then reconnecting like nothing happen? No joke, when I plug my MM800 and M65 into 2 specific USB ports on the back of my Mobo that happen, interestingly I switched them to the 2 ports above those, and everything has been butter smooth...
  24. Unsure if I am missing something or just gone overkill, I installed a H100i V2 for the cpu - works fantastic then since my GPU gets 70-80 I bought a NZXT mount and installed another Hv100i V2 - yeah yeah probably overkill, but heres my problem the LINK software doesn't pick up that I have 2 separate H100i has anyone done something similar and if so how did you get around it I need to be able to set custom fan/pump for each cooler - is it possible? What am i missing - TIA
  25. Mein Problem ist das, sobald ich mein Mauspad(MM800) einstecke meine CPU Belastung von 3% auf 16% steigt. Wenn ich iCUE(neuste Version) clean neu installiere läuft alles gut aber sobald ich den PC dann neu starte fängt dasselbe Problem wieder an. Hoffe jemand kann mir weiterhelfen.
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